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ICS Calendar Display

The goal of this software is to create a customizable 10-foot style user interface to display the contents of one or more iCal files.

The calendar has the ability to highlight or darken certain events or calendars, and which events are displayed is customizable. Refer to the Configuration section for more details.



This software utilizes AJAX to load the output of a PHP script. For security reasons, browsers will not allow AJAX requests across domains, or from a local file. Because of this, you will need to either serve the display on the same domain as the rest of the software or configure CORS appropriately on your server.

PHP 5.3.9 or higher is required on the server to run this software.

Composer is required to install necessary development dependencies, but not required when using a prepackaged release.

Getting Started

  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Drop this directory onto your web server.
  3. Follow the configuration instructions below.


This repository contains an example configuration file, config.example.php. This file must be renamed to config.php in order to be read properly.

The software provides the following options:


  • $number_of_events - Set to the maximum total number of events to display. Set this to -1 for no limit.
  • $days_back - Set to the number of days in the past to display events. Set this to -1 for no limit.
  • $days_forward - Set to the number of days in the future (including today) to display events. Set this to -1 for no limit
  • $skip_keyword - Any event with this string located anywhere in its description will not be displayed. To use no string, use false.

Time Zone

  • $timezone_override - If you are unable to modify your PHP instance's configured time zone, you can use this option to set the time zone events are displayed in, e.g. "America/Detroit". Set to false to disable.


  • $highlight_today - Set to true to highlight events that occur today. Set to false otherwise.
  • $highlight_calendars - Add each calendar you wish to always highlight. For example, use array("cal1", "cal2") to highlight calendar sources named "cal1" and "cal2". To highlight no calendars, use false.
  • $highlight_keyword - Any event with this string located anywhere in its description will be highlighted. To use no string, use false.
  • $darken_past - Set to true to darken events that have passed. Set to false otherwise.
  • $darken_calendars - Same as $highlight_calendars, except darkened.
  • $darken_keyword - Same as $highlight_keyword, except darkened.

Error Reporting

  • $show_ical_errors - Setting this to true will display an error if one or more iCal sources cannot be read or parsed. Set to false to suppress this message.

Reload time

  • By default, data is reloaded from the ICS files every 60 seconds. This is set in the interval variable within the calendar.js file. Please note that this interval should not be set too low, as calendar reloads are relatively expensive.


  • The background image is bg.jpg and can be replaced by any image. By default, the background will tile in both directions. Other styles can be modified in the style.css file.


This project relies on the ics-parser library.


Displays iCal format calendar sources in a 10-foot style UI




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