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Charlotte Light Rail


  • master: The production branch, tagged by release.
  • development: When you fork this project, you should branch off of this branch and work your magic. (Then send us a PR)
  • android: Working React Native project on Android! Running, but still some work to do. You may want to work off this one as well.
  • v1.0: First production version on iOS.


We're excited to open source this project. This is by the community, for the community. We're looking for contributors. If you're interested and/or have any questions, please reach out to us at or tweet us @teamlunaco.

If you find any dead code or anything that can be improved, please submit a PR (There's definitely some dead code). New features? Submit a PR. And if you want to help with Android, that'd be great. In fact, here's a list. Pick one. Dive in!

What's Next?

  • Make Mapbox Distance Matrix API calls more efficient. (See Issue #4.)
  • Add new light rail extension stations and schedules for the March 16, 2018 opening.
  • Support Android.
  • Consider reintroducing CodePush and analytics (e.g., Firebase).

Getting Started

First-time React Native Setup

If this is your first time running a React Native project on this machine, following the "Getting Started" instructions in the React Native docs here. No need to do the react-native init AwesomeProject part since this project has already been initialized.


You will need to get your own Mapbox API Key. Place it in env.json before you start.

Project Setup

  • git clone
  • cd charlotte-lightrail
  • git fetch
  • git checkout development
  • yarn install
  • A Simulator must be open in order to run the app. If you're on a Mac and have Xcode installed: open /Applications/
  • yarn start

Note: If you get an error where assets or components are pointing to a /node_modules directory, you may need to manually start the packager with npm start -- --reset-cache.


Currently, only Components in src/components have jest tests.

  • Run Tests: yarn test or yarn test:watch
  • Code Coverage: yarn test:coverage

Currently Using


  • @mdwagner: A big thank you for your very good work refactoring and improving this project.