Server side wrapper for implementing the Shopify Api in Meteor.js
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Server side wrapper for implementing the Shopify Api in Meteor


This a very simple implementation for using the Shopify API in Meteor. Currently, it only includes fetching of customers and orders. When I add new functionality in my project, I will update the repo here.

Pull requests are welcome if you want to extend the API implementation or provide test coverage.


  1. Drop this file in /server folder
  2. Edit the apiKey and secret variables
  3. See client.js for an implementation example


  1. Out of the box authorization.
  2. Set the return URL in your partner account to your success url in the client.js file
  3. Supports params as on options object called from the client

TODO: Better error handling in client.js

TODO: Support more of the Shopify API

TODO: Add test coverage