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When running tests: Undefined method `async' for nil:NilClass #13

luizfonseca opened this Issue Mar 24, 2013 · 2 comments

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Hi Brandon,

I'm running a test that checks if the last "to:" from the ActionMailer is what I expect, but all tests fail with this error:

undefined method `async' for nil:NilClass

Ok, solved because in my case, I have to register it before the action:, 2)

Glad you got it worked out. Honestly, i'm not sure using register is the best idea, since it's meant to be more of an internal API. But it sounds like your'e doing more integration style testing, which I would make sure the SuckerPunch.config block is being run, then you wouldn't have to use register. I will also be building out more testing utilities soon, so keep an eye out because that might make your testing a little easier.

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