A Chromecast homescreen for my apartment
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This is just a little experimentation with Chromecast development.
618Cast Preview


The purpose of this small app is to provide the residents of apartment 618 with something meaningful to look at as their TV idles in their living room. Thus, the weather is displayed (to encourage us to stay indoors) and a task list is displayed.


The installation of this app is pretty simple. If you have Node/MongoDB installed, everything should work out of the box. Just run the following to make sure you have all the dependencies.

npm install

Then, you will need to customize the location for the weather display. In order to do this, type your address into this page and then insert the latitude and longitude coords into the "cast.html" file.


Once it is all setup, you should be able to launch the service using

node server.js

which will by default launch the 618Cast application on port 9097. You can then navigate to this address in your webbrowser and click on the click me button in order to launch the app on your chromecast.

Configuring the Chromecast

Of course, configuring the Chromecast requires a few extra steps as well. The following must be done:

  1. Sign up for an account at the Cast SDK Developer Console
  2. Register your application using the node server's URL and port
  3. Register your chromecast using its serial number
  4. Wait a bit
  5. Change the "APPID" in index.html to reflect the App ID provided by the developer console.
  6. You should be good to go!