A WYSIWYG HTML editor written in VB.NET
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Since CodePlex is closing its doors, this reposistory will be the primary mirror of HTML-IDEx.

What is it?

HTML-IDEx is a very-much outdated WYSIWYG HTML editor written in VB.NET. It was originally conceived in 2010.

Where can I find the old stuff?

The original Codeplex repository was hosted at https://htmlidex.codeplex.com.

The full zipped copy of the original repository can found found here.

Original Description

HTML-IDEx is meant to be an open-source lightweight WYSIWYG HTML editor in which the user can see what they are doing in realtime. Comparable to my other project, Brandons HTML IDE, I'm hoping this to be a huge success.

Currently there are 14 versions of HTML-IDEx, all are available on the Downloads page!

Feel free to download the source code and edit it as you need. This program is written in vb.net (4.0 framework). And once you have completed a version, submit it here : http://htmlidex.codeplex.com/SourceControl/UploadPatch.aspx and I'll review it, and it may even be accepted as an official version!

Original Contributors

I don't quite remember who the primary contributors were, but Codeplex lists the following members of the HTML-IDEx project:

  • brandonio21
  • extofer
  • Inoodat
  • Nemesis4895
  • SSamaz