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A Rust implementation of wallepy. Define wallpapers as a list of URLs which wallers will keep track of and randomly select a wallpaper to download and set.


  • Rust

For Linux Users,

  • feh


wallers will select either a locally downloaded image or a URL to set as the wallpaper. If wallers chooses a remote URL which hasn't already been downloaded, it will download the image and set the wallpaper. Images are only downloaded once.

Thus, there are two ways to influence the wallpapers that wallers chooses from:

  1. Insert a remote URL into the URL list
  2. Insert an image into the images folder

URL List

By default, the URL list is found at $(HOME)/.config/wallers/urls.txt and is comprised of newline delineated URLs. As an example,


Download Format

Downloaded images are written directly to disk and given a filename corresponding to the hash of their URL. This allows images to only be downloaded once.


For all users, two options are pertinent: --urlfile and --imagedir, which specify where the URL list can be found and where downloaded images should be stored, respectively.

For Windows users, --force32bit might be useful if operation without the flag changes the wallpaper to all black.

For Linux users, the wallpaper is set using feh. Thus, --fehpath can be used to specify the location of the feh executable if it is not in $PATH.