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PappiSnap! Chrome Extension for Full Page PDF Web Snap with Paparazzi!
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* brandonjp - 201104230227

a very simple Chrome extension for Mac only that snaps the current webpage using the Mac app Paparazzi!

PappiSnap! Instantly and easily create a PDF, PNG, JPG or TIF of the full webpage in your current tab.  One click on the PappiSnap! icon sends the current url to the Mac-only Paparazzi! app by Nate Weaver -  NOTE: This extension (obviously) only works on Macs with Paparazzi!.app installed.

You most definitely need to download Paparazzi! before using my extension.  Do that here:  

I have no affiliation with the Paparazzi app, other than I might be quoted on Twitter for saying that I love it.  I even used the Paparazzi icon without permission.

Paparazzi! is copyright 2004–2009 Nate Weaver (Wevah). Based on original work by Johan Sørensen.

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