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HBO GO Channel for Plex

This is the first build and is work in progress. I need needs help testing and fixing bugs.

I have only been able to test AT&T and Comcast providers personally but other in the plex forum
have tested with others.

For help or more information find us on the HBOGO thread on the forum

Known Problems or needs more work
- Doesn't seem to login successfully every time or the check if already logged in only
  sometimes works.  Find a better login check?

- All providers need testing. I have only been able to test AT&T and Comcast

- Video window crop is different on Windows and Mac.

- Add HBO Landing Pages

- HBO limits the amount of streams a user can have making testing hard because the limit
  seems to come up fast. Whats the limit? not sure
  - Then Plex will crash while starting and stopping video testing then we need to login
    again which messes up the limit and you will need to wait til HBO expires the streams...

- Add search

- Add URL Service

- Need to be able to use ${url} in javascript so we can combine to one site config file.