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@@ -19,14 +19,13 @@ I/O Doctor is built on [Sinatra](, Twitter Bootstrap 2.
-* Finish JavaScript for adding <del>Endpoints, Methods,</del> Parameters
-* Ability to reorder nodes
-* Add validation on form fields
-* When a method in the menu is clicked, make sure the parent endpoint is visible
* Highlight selected Endpoint in the menu
+* Wire up the Method links in the menu
+* Add validation on form fields
* Refactor JavaScript
+* Ability to reorder nodes
+* <del>Finish JavaScript for adding Endpoints, Methods, Parameters</del>
* <del>Finish JavaScript for removing Endpoint, Methods, Parameters</del>
* <del>Update form formatting to reflect the hierarchy (endpoint -> methods -> parameters)</del>
* <del>Add code to show/hide methods for an endpoint, and parameters for a method</del>

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