MongoDB Session Storage for Connect Middleware
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MongoDB Session Storage for Connect Middleware

This module is an addon for Connect Middleware that adds a new Session Storage device.


npm install connect-session-mongo


The standard usage, is to just pass an instantiated MongoStore instance to the session plugin.

var connect = require('connect'),
    MongoStore = require('connect-session-mongo');

var app = connect.createServer();

    app.use(connect.session({ store: new MongoStore() }));

You can also pass several options to the constructor to tweak your session store:

  • db - The name of the db to use, defaults to: connect-sessions
  • ip - The IP address of the server to connect to, defaults to:
  • port - The Port to connect to, defaults to: 27017
  • collection - The collection to save its data to, defaults to: sessions
  • server - A custom mongo Server instance (this overides db, ip & port)
  • url - A url to use for Db.connect style database connections (this overrides db, ip, port & server)
  • timeout - Number of seconds before an idle session is removed (optional)
  • username - Username to authenticate to the database server as (optional)
  • password - Password for the given user to authenticate to the database server (optional)

An optional callback function(err, connectedDb) can also be passed to the constructor after the options.

var CustomServer = new Server(123.456.789.1, 12345, { auto_reconnect: true }, {});
app.use(connect.session({ store: new MongoStore({ server: CustomServer }) }));
app.use(connect.session({url: process.env.MONGO_URL}, function(err,db) {if (err) {throw err;}}));


Licensed the BSD license.

Based on these classes