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A PHP web-scraper that parses and geocodes traffic events (hazards & collisions, mostly) from the Austin-Travis County Traffic Report Page (

Installation & Usage

  • Add your database's information and Google Maps API key in the configuration file,

  • There is a PHP install script, install_sql_table.php, that will create an SQL table which will be used to hold the geocoded traffic events. If you prefer to DIY, there's also an SQL file, create_table.sql.

  • Run the scraper, scrape_traffic.php. Last time I checked, the Traffic Reports Page updates every five minutes. So I set up a cron job to run that often. Don't go insane checking it every millisecond.


  • The reports break down traffic events into several categories. While the page does give explanations for some of them, I managed to get descriptions from the APD to fill in the holes. These are included in crash_codes.txt.

  • The traffic reports page spits out traffic event locations in strange ways. Most often, it outputs intersections, i.e., "Cesar Chavez/IH-35". Look forward to dealing with nonstandard abbreviations, slang, typos, etc. The scraper has a very basic chain of string replacements to make everything more Google Maps-friendly, but it's far from perfect.

  • I have 2.5 years of Traffic Events logged that I am in the process of cleaning up, re-parsing, etc. It's a total backburner project right now, but if enough people show interest in it, I can put up the raw SQL dump. Warning: It's ugly as hell!