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A fun hack that gets Slackbot to force your teammates to work out!
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A fun hack that gets Slackbot to force your teammates to work out!


  1. Clone the repo and navigate into the directory in your terminal.

    $ git clone

  2. In the Slack API Page, register yourself an auth token for your team. You should see this. Take note of the token, e.g. xoxp-2751727432-4028172038-5281317294-3c46b1. This is your SLACK_USER_TOKEN_STRING

  3. In the Slackbot Remote control Page. Register an integration by clicking Add Configuration & then you should see this. Make sure you grab just the token out of the url, e.g. AizJbQ24l38ai4DlQD9yFELb. This is your SLACK_URL_TOKEN_STRING

  4. Save your SLACK_USER_TOKEN_STRING and SLACK_URL_TOKEN_STRING as environmental variables in your terminal.



    If you need help with this, try adapting the first 5 steps of the guide to edit your .bash_profile

  5. Set up channel and customize configurations

    Open default.json and set teamDomain (ex: ctrlla) channelName (ex: general) and channelId (ex: B22D35YMS). Save the file as config.json in the same directory. Set any other configurations as you like.

    If you don't know the channel Id, fetch it using

    $ python channelname

  6. If you haven't set up pip for python, go in your terminal and run. $ sudo easy_install pip

  7. While in the project directory, run

    $ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

    $ python

Run the script to start the workouts and hit ctrl+c to stop the script. Hope you have fun with it!

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