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The repo for my book, How to get any job you want
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What is this?

This is the GitHub repo for my book on careers. The book was converted into HTML using Pandoc. The HTML is rendered into a HTML Card on Ghost on my blog,

It's a 34,000 word book on everything you could ever want to know about employability skills. You can read the entire book, online, for free on my blog:

Read it here

Where can I read this?

On my blog:

Read it here

If you are privacy focussed, my blog doesn't track you. No Google Analytics,no ad-networks. My comments sytem even allows anonymous commenting.

Another way to read the book is to download the HTML file and view it yourself.

Can I get a PDF?

Sure. Just sign up to my email list. You'll get the PDF with fancy table of contents.

There's a mistake in your book! Or I want to add something.

If you want to add things to the book, you have 2 options:

  • Submit an issue (or a merge request if you want to add the content yourself)
  • Comment on my blog / posting of the book

If you change something, your name will go into the acknowledgements section of the book. The e-book will be updated faster than the physical book. Everytime I update the physical book, I have to get a new ISBN number which costs $$$. I will let you know when the next physical edition is released :)


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