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This program aims to create a constant RSS feed on my third monitor
This will provide me with constant news updates
If you have any suggestions or want to help
contact me at`
This program abides by the rules of presentation for
shown here on
This program also abides by the Unix Philosophy
You may use this code, or any features of 22this code
in your own work, as long as you link my page
and the BSD licensing, which can be copied directly
*BSD licensed*
More info can be read here
What is an RSS feed?
RSS stands for R S S
They can be used to import news or other sources and have a customised
news feed at your will, this reader was created to be my, the owners, customised
news feed. It will be displayed on a raspberry pi on a small monitor i have on
my desk.
An article in an RSS feed is one news piece or one object of data.
An example of this is
Can AI take over the world?
Stephen Hawkings seems to think so, according to his newest study. "
RSS feeds have multiple attributes, these are the ones i have used in this program.
TITLE - The title of the RSS article, this is normally the very first thing
you'll see, as it'll allow you to name the article it's currently working on
Using the BBC example above, this would be the title "Can AI take over the world?"
The feed title, which is "BBC NEWS" can also be considered a title,
but it isn't a title of the article, it's a title of the feed.
Description -  The description of the RSS article, this tends to either be
the whole news story of just the general gist of it, depending on what the
RSS feed owner has decided on.
An example of an RSS description is the
"Stephen Hawkings seems to think so, according to his newest study. "
in the BBC example.
Date - The date is the published date of the RSS article, when it was published.
An example of this is the 17/09/2015 in the BBC example
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