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Research into rewrite-rule completion in miniKanren
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This project contains source for reports and code researching the use of term rewriting algorithms and considerations (e.g. Knuth-Bendix) in miniKanren.


The reports in this project are literate programming documents in org-mode format (i.e. .org files). The org-mode files are exported and/or tangled to LaTeX, Markdown, source language files (e.g. Scheme, Python, etc.) by the =Makefile= in src/org. Likewise, the relevant Emacs dependencies can be installed by the Makefile (or Cask directly).

Code embedded in the org-mode files can also be executed or run interactively within org-mode by way of org-babel. (Some setup may be required.)

Exported results are created in their respective project directories (e.g. LaTeX in src/tex, Scheme code in src/scm, etc.) The GitHub releases page for this project hosts fully compiled results (e.g. generated figures, datasets, PDFs, and binaries).

Racket Dependencies

This project depends on miniKanren, which can be installed for Racket with the following:

$ raco pkg install minikanren
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