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The Missing Amazon Glacier Cost-Estimator Calculator
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The Missing Amazon Glacier Cost-Estimator Calculator

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An unofficial, hacked-together cost-estimator for Amazon's new, archival storage service, Glacier.

The calculator is hosted here.


Amazon hasn't yet provided us with a cost calculator for Glacier, and figuring out how their pricing model translates to real-world use isn't exactly straightforward.

Sometimes the best way to understand something complicated is to interact with it.

This tool helps elucidate the relationship between cost, data retention periods, and recovery scenarios. (See disclaimer below.)


This version was created by brandt
Based on original work by liangzan


Built with AngularJS
Theme by orderedlist


This tool was built on quite a few assumptions and estimations. I can't attest to its accuracy. It's neither endorsed nor affiliated with Amazon AWS. The rates are referenced from the Glacier pricing page and Glacier FAQ.

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