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This repository is a Homebrew tap for formulae that didn't quite fit in. In this case, mostly GUI and self-updating apps.

Think of it as an island of misfit toys, but instead of toys it's beer metaphors. And we don't mind if our beer is a little sour.

Tap it:

brew tap brandt/skunked

Then just install as usual with: brew install <formula>

If a formula name conflicts, then use: brew install brandt/skunked/<formula>

To untap it: brew untap brandt/skunked

Also checkout adamv's homebrew-alt which contains a wealth of unofficial formulae.

About Taps

The Homebrew project is focused on maintaining the quality of their core formula list and are quite selective about the formulae they accept.

Sometimes that means a desirable formula gets left out.

That's where Taps come in. They allow you to extend Homebrew's formula list without the pain of merging forks.

Here are a few of the most notable taps:

Depending on formulas in other taps

It's easy depend on formulas between taps.

Just include the tap path in the formula name.

For example:

depends_on "brandt/skunked/textmate"


brew help, man brew, or the Homebrew wiki.