[Defunct] Spotify server and HTML5 client for use on the Xbox One
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While we all sit and wait for the Spotify team to make play.spotify.com work in IE on the XboxOne, you can empower yourself now and run Spotify-Server yourself. There is NO setup required as long as you have Node.js and NPM already installed.

I enjoy music in my living room and use the XboxOne as a media platform for my television and gaming needs, however, I am also a Premium subscriber to Spotify. Why shouldn't I be able to stream the music I pay for on the device of my choosing? Spotify-Server includes an HTML5 interface complete with playlist view, track streaming, and search capabilities.

This is a prototype that I wrote for myself, so I'm sure it's full of awesome bugs and incomplete in some areas, but it seems functional.

NOTE: You need to use your Spotify Username/Password to login, I have not implemented the Facebook login into the UI/Server

Quick Start

See the Quick Start Guide



$ npm install spotify-server
$ cd node_modules/spotify-server

Once everything installs correctly:

$ node spotify-server.js

From your XboxOne goto URL:



  • Debian: Requires that you 'apt-get remove gyp' for complete installation
  • OSX: Requires Xcode (now available for free in the App Store)


Copyright (c) 2013 Brandt Abbott. Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for further details.