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Quick Start Guide

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  1. Install Node.js
  2. In order for everything to work correctly, you need the following for your OS:
    • On Unix:
      • python (v2.7 recommended, v3.x.x is not supported)
      • make
      • A proper C/C++ compiler toolchain, like GCC
    • On Windows:
      • Python (v2.7.3 recommended, v3.x.x is not supported)
    • Windows XP/Vista/7:
      • Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 (Express version works well)
      • For 64-bit builds of node and native modules you will also need the Windows 7 64-bit SDK
      • If the install fails, try uninstalling any C++ 2010 x64&x86 Redistributable that you have installed first.
      • If you get errors that the 64-bit compilers are not installed you may also need the compiler update for the Windows SDK 7.1
    • Windows 7/8: Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2012 for Windows Desktop (Express version works well).
    • On OSX:
      • Xcode (from the app store)
  3. npm install spotify-server
  4. cd node_modules/spotify-server
  5. node spotify-server.js
  6. From your Xbox One, goto: http://your-server-ip:3000
  7. Login with your Spotify username and password.
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