A Graphite dashboard for the command line.
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A Graphite dashboard viewable without ever leaving the command line. Configuration and concept very similar to Tasseo.

Install via Rubygems:

gem install casseo

Or if you're really concerned about Rubygems' speed, clone the reposistory and create a standalone version (Ruby 1.9 satisfies all of Casseo's dependencies):

git clone https://github.com/brandur/casseo.git
cd casseo
rake standalone
mv casseo ~/bin/


Casseo expects to be able to find your Graphite credentials at ~/.casseorc:

echo '{ graphite_auth: "graphite:my_secret_api_key", graphite_url: "https://graphite.example.com:8080" }' > ~/.casseorc
chmod 600 ~/.casseorc

Other allowed configuration options are:

  • compressed_chart: whether to include a space between chart symbols (default: false); see also c shortcut
  • dashboard_default: name of the dashboard to load if none is specified (default: home)
  • decimal_precision: floating point precision to show (default: 1); see also p shortcut
  • interval: Graphite update interval in seconds (default: 2)
  • period_default: default period of data to show (default: 5 minutes)


Dashboards are configured via simple Ruby in a manner reminiscent of Tasseo. All *.rb files in ~/.casseo/dashboards or in any of its subdirectories are loaded automatically. Dashboards are assigned names so that they can be referenced and opened like so:

casseo home

An example dashboard (save to ~/.casseo/dashboards/home.rb):

Casseo::Dashboard.define(:api) do |d|
  d.metric "custom.api.production.requests.per-sec", display: "req/sec"
  d.metric "custom.api.production.requests.500.per-min", display: "req 500/min"
  d.metric "custom.api.production.requests.502.per-min", display: "req 502/min"
  d.metric "custom.api.production.requests.503.per-min", display: "req 503/min"
  d.metric "custom.api.production.requests.504.per-min", display: "req 504/min"
  d.metric "custom.api.production.requests.user-errors.per-min", display: "req user err/min"
  d.metric "custom.api.production.requests.latency.avg", display: "req latency"

Get a list of all known dashboards:

casseo --list

Casseo also takes a file as its first parameter:

casseo ~/.casseo/dashboards/home.rb

Key Bindings

For now, there are no options on key bindings. Here's what you get:

  • c toggle compressed chart
  • j page down
  • k page up
  • m toggle max value column
  • p show more floating point precision
  • q quit
  • 1 5 minute range
  • 2 60 minute range
  • 3 3 hour range
  • 4 24 hour range
  • 5 7 day range