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A personal identity manager and aggregator written in Rails 3.1. A running demo is available at

Warning: Currently in development status and prone to constant change!

Currently implemented modules for data aggregation:

  • Blog via Atom feed
  • Facts via JSON API
  • GitHub via RSS feed
  • GoodReads via XML API
  • Twitter via RSS feed


  1. Clone this repository.

    git clone

  2. From the new directory, bundle the project's dependencies with bundle install --path ..

  3. Raise the database schema with rake db:schema:load (and remember to specify RAILS_ENV for the environment you want to deploy to).

  4. Generate a new secret token initialier with rake secret_deploy.

  5. Copy config/app.rb.example to config/app.rb and customize its contents.

  6. Customize the views in app/views with your own information.

  7. Update from all configured modules (e.g. Goodreads, Twitter, etc.) with rake update (again, specify RAILS_ENV).

  8. Start WebBrick with rails s (with a RAILS_ENV) and go to localhost:3000, or deploy on a production Rails server like Phusion Passenger or Thin.


Production is set to use Dalli. Install Memcache via a package manager, or on Heroku:

heroku addons:add memcache


Dorian uses Whenever for Cron configuration. Install the whenever Gem on your system, then use it from the project directory to produce the lines that should go in your Crontab:

gem install whenever