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Working on Heroku

The use of config/app.rb makes working on Heroku a little more difficult due to the platform's readonly file system (everything that is to be deployed should be inside the Git repository directly).

I get around this using a production branch where app.rb is committed. This branch is pushed to Heroku but obviously never to GitHub.

git checkout -b production
cp config/app.rb.example config/app.rb
<edit app.rb>
git commit config/app.rb

When making a change to the Rails app, checkout master, commit the changes, then rebase the production branch to master.

git checkout master
git commit
git checkout production
git rebase master

Deploy production to Heroku as described on Stack Overflow:

git push heroku production:master

Multiple Environments

It's often useful to have both a staging and production Heroku app, and if you do, it's very convenient to link a local branch to each of these remote applications. This process is described in Heroku's docs.

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