ASP.NET buildpack deployed on top of Mono and XSP.
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Mono Heroku Buildpack

This is a Heroku buildpack for Mono that will run ASP.NET applications (and other frameworks too).

It serves files using XSP.


Example usage:

$ heroku create --stack cedar --buildpack
$ git push heroku master

The buildpack will detect your app as Mono if it has the file global.asax in the root or at one directory depth.

Pre-compiling Binaries

Ignore the lines below. For now, building the binaries is a tedious manual process, but a solution will be along shortly.

$ export AWS_ACCOUNT_ID=xxx AWS_SECRET=yyy S3_BUCKET=zzz
$ support/package_mono 2.10.8
$ support/package_xsp 2.10.2