A Go-based static site generator that compiles brandur.org.
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sorg Build Status

A Go-based build script that compiles my personal website. This is the site's second incarnation, with the original being a Ruby/Sintra stack (sorg = "static org").

The site deploys automatically from its CI build in Travis as changes are committed to the master branch.


git clone https://github.com/brandur/sorg.git


Install Go 1.9+, set up and run blackswan, then:

go get -u github.com/ddollar/forego

cp .env.sample .env

# Used to run the test suite.
createdb sorg-test

# Compile Go executables.
make install

# Run an initial build of the site, look for build output in public/.
forego run make build

# Watch for changes in Go files and/or content and recompile and rebuild when
# one occurs.
forego start

The project can be deployed to s3 using:

pip install awscli

export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=...
export S3_BUCKET=...
make deploy

Cached photos can be fetched using:

make photographs-download


Run the entire lifecycle like in CI:


Run the test suite:

make test

Run a single package's test suite or single test:

go test ./markdown
go test ./markdown -run TestCollapseHTML

Get more verbose output while running tests:

go test -v ./markdown

Vendoring dependencies

Dependencies are managed with dep. New ones can be vendored using these commands:

dep ensure -add github.com/foo/bar