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This library provides Java language bindings for the Google maps Javascript api.

##Demo ###Live Showcase

##Community ###GWT Maps V3 API G+ Community


##Maven Versions Available

##Current Maven Release

  1. Add Maven dependencies

    <!-- GWT Maps API V3 -->
  2. Add the inherits statement to your module.gwt.xml.

    <inherits name='' />
  3. Load and use the API.

  • Example of loading the api. Find the showcase example here.
       private void loadMapApi() {
         boolean sensor = true;
         // load all the libs for use in the maps
         ArrayList<LoadLibrary> loadLibraries = new ArrayList<LoadApi.LoadLibrary>();
         Runnable onLoad = new Runnable() {
           public void run() {
         LoadApi.go(onLoad, loadLibraries, sensor);

##Current Maven Snapshots

  1. Add Maven dependencies

        		<name>Sonatype snapshot repository</name>
    <!-- GWT Maps API V3 -->
  2. Add the inherits statement to your module.gwt.xml.

    <inherits name='' />

##Utility Library

  • Marker Cluster Plus


##Previous Versions See the downloads page ##Maven-Free Jar Use

  1. Download the jar
  2. Add jar to your /WEB-INF/lib
  3. Right click on the jar and goto Build path > add to build path

##Eclipse Setup Using Source

  1. Clone the source with EGit

  2. Add the project to your build path

  3. Link the maps source "src" folder as src_maps in your build path

  4. Inherit the module

    <inherits name=''/>



##New Features

  • Released 3.10.0-alpha-3 3/18/2013. Added utility lib and more 3.10 features.
  • Released 3.10.0-alpha-2 2/10/2013, includes transit api and overlay fix.
  • Released to sonatype 3.9.0-build-17-SNAPSHOT 1/19/2013
  • Fixed some bugs, added triggerResize to mapWidget. Started G+ Community. 1/18/2013
  • v16 released to sonatype 3.9.0-build-16 1/13/2013
  • v16 Switching from alpha to build b/c it is stable 1/13/2013 (3.9.0-build-16-SNAPSHOT)
  • v16 Fixed Marker Animation and added marker animation controls to examples 1/13/2013
  • v15 Fixed Custom overlay setMap 1/13/2013
  • Custom overlay view added 12/20/2012
  • Added waypoint to directions example
  • InfoWindow supports GWT widgets with events
  • Added PlaceSearchRequest map example
  • 3.9.0 code now in master has the place result with pagination search

##Thanks to