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#This is a Tracking Device

Map Image

Close up map Image

Street View Image

This GitHub repo holds all of the source files for the interactive map software created for the forthcoming This is a Tracking Device project:

Small metal cubes with the text 'this is a tracking device' will be placed around public downtown Chicago. Inside each sealed box is a tracking device with a lifespan of 7 days. The data from the location of each box is logged every 3 minutes and eventually visualized in the gallery space using the above software. Public interaction with the Tracker Cubes is entirely voluntary although no information is provided on the cubes themselves.

This work deals with themes of public interaction, temptation, and mystery from the point of the anonymous strangers who move the cubes. The themes alter towards surveillance, power, as well as data study and analysis from the point of the artist and viewers.

This software was created using the excellent Unfolding Maps librabry for Processing. It is intended to be a suplementary approach by which to explore the data collected from This is a Tracking Device. Map features include:

  • Draw interactive routes using GPX data*
  • View timestamps of gps trackpoints by hovering over the route
  • View time elapsed between two selected trackpoints by clicking two locations along the route
  • View direction of travel through simple arrow visualizations on waypoints
  • Access pixelated Google Street View image of locations by clicking circular waypoints
  • Use intuitive controls for rotatation, panning, and zooming of the map

*map auto-pans to view locations represented in the .gpx data file. This feature does not yet support auto-zooming and some values may need to bee hard coded into each sketch depending on the number of trackpoints in the .gpx file to avoid recursion errors.