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Solarized - PuTTY settings

See official homepage for full content

Installation (PuTTY)

Import the .reg files to create new sessions using the Solarized color scheme which you can modify/duplicate as you see fit.

To copy the color settings into an existing session, edit solarized_dark.reg or solarized_light.reg and replace Solarized%20Dark in the third line with the name of the session you want to modify.

PuTTY Tray

PuTTY Tray can store sessions in text files as opposed to the Windows registry. To modify an existing session to use Solarized colors, open the file in a text editor and replace the lines beginning with Colour## (0-21) with the version from solarized_dark_puttytray.txt or solarized_light_puttytray.txt.


Dark scheme
Dark scheme

Light scheme
Light scheme