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reference-free ddRADseq analysis tools
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pipeline script generates reference-sorted, indexed BAM from uniqued reads from radtag sequencing lanes.

To generate uniqued reads, see

four accessory programs and three python libraries are used, listed below.
for parallel execution, GNU parallel is also HIGHLY recommended. 
Experimental LSF support is also available.

-        PATH must contain: blat mcl mcxload muscle samtools [parallel]
-  PYTHONPATH must contain: numpy gdata editdist

see (at the time of this writing, March 09 2011)
  GNU parallel

  numpy *
  gdata        install gdata v2.0.10 included in this repository
			(recent versions are known to be incompatible
			with rtd code, but are available at:

* N.B. numpy is also available as part of the excellent Enthought Python Distribution,
available free for academic/non-profit use at

It appears as of this writing (June 2012) the google spreadsheets API only correctly queries 
all fields of a user-edited spreadsheet if the first column is blank.
column A is therefore left blank in the tables generated by
(I recommend hiding column A of all programmatically accessed GDoc spreadsheets)
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