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#!/usr/bin/env python
given a uniqued file and set of new reads, passes only those reads that perfectly match a uniqued entry present at or above some copy number
import os,sys
import numpy
from editdist import distance
from preprocess_radtag_lane import next_read_from_fh, smartopen, get_read_count
idx_bp = 5
cut_bp = 5
lnum = 4
min_seqs = 7
uniqued, fastq = sys.argv[1:]
readlen = len(next_read_from_fh(smartopen(fastq),4)[1])
print >> sys.stderr, 'readlen: %s' % readlen
num_reads = get_read_count(fastq,4)
tickon = num_reads/200
useqs = []
for l in open(uniqued):
s,cntstr = l.strip().split()[0], l.strip().split()[4]
cnt = numpy.mean([int(i) for i in cntstr.split(',')])
if cnt >= min_seqs:
useqs = list(set(useqs))
print >> sys.stderr, '%s unique %sbp sequences in uniqued file' % (len(useqs),len(s[cut_bp:readlen-idx_bp]))
fh = smartopen(fastq)
for i in range(num_reads):
if i%tickon==0: print >> sys.stderr, '%s / %s' % (i,num_reads)
line = next_read_from_fh(fh)
found = False
for seq in useqs:
if line[1][idx_bp+cut_bp:] == seq:
found = True
if found:
print '\n'.join(['@'+line[0],line[1],'+',line[2]])