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#!/usr/bin/env python
import numpy,os,sys,re
from preprocess_radtag_lane import get_baseQ
from preprocess_radtag_lane import smartopen as open
def load_cluster_data(gr,tab,mID=None):
'''given an mcl graph output file, an mcl tab file of sequence labels, and an mID file of individuals per label,
returns (clusters,labels,mID_by_label) dicts
#extract clusters from mcl output
print >>sys.stderr, 'load graph...',
fc = open(gr).read()
print >> sys.stderr, 'done\nparse graph...',
body ='begin(.+?)\)',fc.replace('\n',' ')).groups()[0]
clusters = dict([(s.strip().split()[0],s.strip().split()[1:]) for s in body.strip().split('$') if len(s.strip().split()) > 1])
print >> sys.stderr, 'done\nload labels...',
#cluster labels
labels = dict([l.strip().split() for l in open(tab).readlines()])
print >> sys.stderr, 'done\nload mIDs...',
#individuals by labels
if mID is None:
mID_by_label = None
mID_by_label = dict([(l.split()[0],l.split()[1:]) for l in open(mID).readlines()])
print >> sys.stderr, 'done'
return clusters,labels,mID_by_label
def load_lines_from_uniqued(source_uniques,rv_sort = True, sort_key = lambda x: (len(x[0]),int(x[1])), keep_source_id = False):
if keep_source_id is True
returns list of 2-tuples uniqued_id (eg 100617_lane6_PE for "data/100617/100617_lane6_PE.uniqued")
tuples are (parsed_lines,uniqued_id)
else list of lines.
uniquedlines = []
for f in source_uniques:
lines = []
print >> sys.stderr, 'load %s ...' % f,
lines = tuple([l.strip().split() for l in open(f).readlines()])
print >> sys.stderr, '%s lines' % len(lines)
#get qual base
baseQ = None
for l in lines:
baseQ = get_baseQ(l[2])
if baseQ is not None:
print >> sys.stderr, 'qual base: %s' % baseQ
if baseQ == 64:
print >> sys.stderr, 'Translate quality encoding to base 33 ...',
for l in lines:
l[2] = ''.join([chr(ord(c)-64+33) for c in l[2]])
print >> sys.stderr, 'done'
if keep_source_id:
uniqued_id = os.path.basename(os.path.splitext(f)[0])
uniquedlines.extend( zip( lines,[uniqued_id]*len(lines) ) )
print >> sys.stderr, 'sort',
if keep_source_id:
uniquedlines.sort(reverse = rv_sort,key = lambda x: sort_key(x[0]))
uniquedlines.sort(reverse = rv_sort,key = sort_key)
print >> sys.stderr, 'done'
return uniquedlines
if __name__ == '__main__':
gr,tab = sys.argv[1:3]
source_uniques = sys.argv[3:]
nticks = 100
clusters,labels,mID_by_label = load_cluster_data(gr,tab)
clid_by_lid = {}
for clid in clusters.keys():
for lblid in clusters[clid]:
clid_by_lid[lblid] = clid
lid_by_seq = {}
for k in labels.keys():
lid_by_seq[labels[k].split('.')[2]] = k
try_lens = sorted(list(set([len(k) for k in lid_by_seq])),reverse=True)
seqlen = try_lens[0]
uniquedlines = load_lines_from_uniqued(source_uniques, rv_sort = False, sort_key = lambda x: x[0][:seqlen],keep_source_id=True)
tickon = len(uniquedlines) / nticks
print >> sys.stderr, 'process clusters'
for i,(l,uniqued_id) in enumerate(uniquedlines):
if i % tickon == 0: print >> sys.stderr, '%s / %s lines' % (i,len(uniquedlines))
lid = None
lid = lid_by_seq[l[0][:seqlen]]
for sl in try_lens:
lid = lid_by_seq[l[0][:sl]]
if lid is None:
print '\t'.join([clid_by_lid[lid],'%s.%s' % (lid,uniqued_id)]+l)
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