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Drupal with Zombie.js
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Drupal Testing with Zombie.js

Some insanely fast, headless browser testing for Drupal using Zombie.js
Zombie.js Docs:

Getting Started

Zombie.js does not work with the latest node.js You will need Node.js 0.8 - use nvm to set this up.

download and install nvm

$ git clone git:// ~/.nvm

if you're using zsh change to .zshrc

echo ". ~/.nvm/" >> ~/.bashrc

reload your terminal and install node 0.8

nvm install -s v0.8 && nvm alias default v0.8

you'll also need npm

curl | clean=no sh

finally, install zombie

npm install zombie

optional: add coffeescript

npm -g install coffee-script

Try it out!

nvm use 0.8


Test Requirements

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