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Vue draggable component (v-drag). Vue.jsのドラッガブル ディレクティブ (v-drag)
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v-drag - a supler simple, Vue.js draggable component.




npm install @branu-jp/v-drag


yarn add @branu-jp/v-drag --save


Node.js env (such a .vue components):

    <div style="position: absolute;" v-drag>

import drag from '@branu-jp/v-drag'

export default {
  directives: {

Browser env: coming soon.


An element with v-drag must have position: absolute; to be draggable.


You may desire only one part of an element to be draggable. You can achieve this by passing a string which refers to an id as argument to v-drag.

<div id="header">
  <div v-drag:header>
      Some text

This will result in any area that is not <div id="header"> not becoming draggable. One common use case is a modal, that is only draggable when the top area is clicked.

You can constrain the draggable object from leaving the viewport by using the window-only modifier like so:

<div v-drag.window-only>
  This element cannot be dragged outside the window


Built by, for and at BRANU. Our open source projects can be found on our npm page:

v-drag npm link:

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