Revamp for the plugin: EU Cookie Law Complience Message
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European Law Compliance Message

Revamp for the plugin: EU Cookie Law Complience Message.

#List of modifications:


  • Encapsulated everything into classes.
  • Changed option name to EUCookieLawCompliance, so as not to mix with the Locale.
  • JS scripts now being enqueued and localized.
  • Added sanitization to the Settings form.
  • Moved "reset" option inside sanitization.
  • Translation ready (the spanish file contain only some sample translations).
  • Added link to the Plugin's Settings page in Dashboard Plugins page


  • Moved out CSS from inside JS.
  • Changed Cookie read/write to QuirksMode.
  • Changed Cookie name to european-law-compliance.
  • Added Farbtastic color selector.
  • Show/Hide the block Custom Setting based on the dropdown selection (admin area).