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=== Advanced Custom Fields - Users Multi-Select Field add-on ===

Contributors: by @lewismcarey (@forepoint)
			  update nicename to displayname - jeradin
			  translation issue resolved - eonlova
Tags: acf, acf add-on, users, custom field, user field
Requires at least: 3.0
Tested up to: 3.3.1
Stable tag: 0.0

=== Summary === 

* Generates a user multi-select field filtered by role.
* Stores user data such as name, email and url.
* Associate pages and posts with specific users.

=== Description === 

This is an add-on for the Advanced Custom Fields Wordpress plugin that allows you to add a User field type.

The user field provides the ability to select from a list of your WordPress users, which can be filtered by role. Similar to the post_object type you can allow to be null or select single or multiple values.
The user data stored is an array consisting of the user ID, first name, last name, nice name, display name. email, url, date registered and description.

=== Installation === 

* Download or clone the User-Field-ACF-Add-on repo to your theme:

* Register the field - register_field($name, $path)

if(function_exists('register_field')) { // wrap your register field functions in this to prevent your site breaking on an update to the ACF plugin via @shaunbent
	register_field(‘Users_field', dirname(__File__) . '/your-ACF-sub-directory/users_field.php');

=== Data Returned ===

+ KEY            ++ DESCRIPTION     +

  ID                User ID
  user_firstname    First Name
  user_lastname     Last Name
  nickname          Nick name
  user_nicename     Nice name
  display_name     .Display Name
  user_email        Email Address
  user_url          Web Address
  user_registered   Date Registered
  user_description  Description
=== Issues === 

Report any issues or feature requests