A simple chrome extension to add simple sortcode ability to WordPress Answers Comment textarea.
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#Stack Exchange comment's shortcodes

A simple Chrome extension to create custom magic links to use when composing comments in any Stack Exchange site.

Custom shortcode:

shortcode raw

Rendered shortcode:

shortcode rendered

Open settings page:

shortcode settings button

The settings page is site aware and will use the stylesheet of the current site:

shortcode settings page


  • Download the package and extract the contents in a custom folder, eg, /User/Documents/Extensions/WPA-shortcodes.

  • Open Chrome Extensions
    Chrome Extensions

  • Enable the Developer mode and the button Load unpacked extension... appears
    Developer mode

  • Clicking on it opens a dialog where we can select the folder previously stored, that will load and activate the extension.

##History The extension was written by Ohad Raz (aka bainternet) inspired a WordPress Developers Meta question (Magic Links specific for WordPress Answers). Contributor: Rodolfo Buaiz (aka brasofilo).