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Repository of Path of Exile resources for tool developers.

Contains data about stats, mods, base items, gems and more. See the data folder for those files and the docs folder for their documentation.

For the actual GGPK parsing, PyPoE is used. The code here just converts PyPoE's Python objects to JSON.

Developed to supply PoESkillTree with the game data information it requires. If you need other files converted, feel free to open an Issue or Pull Request for that.

Use as a Package

  • Install Python 3.7 or later (PyPoE recommends Python 3.7) and Git
  • Install PyPoE:
    • Note: until PyPoE is updated again, RePoE only works with my fork of PyPoE (
    • Clone PyPoE and go into its folder
    • Minimal install: pip install -e .
    • Full install: pip install -e .[full] (not required for RePoE)
  • To be able to decompress GGG's bundle files, PyPoE expects an ooz.exe or libooz.dll in its path.
  • Install RePoE
    • Clone RePoE and go into its folder
    • install: pip install -e .
    • install pre-commit: pre-commit install

You can now access the data using from RePoE import mods, characters which returns the current dicts found in the files mods.json, characters.json

To update the data, in the RePoE/RePoE directory use python all.


The RePoE/data folder contains the generated data in Json format. Each file has a formatted and a compact version. The formatted versions complement their descriptions in the RePoE/docs folder.

Note that the file formats are not final, they may change at any time, e.g. when the format of files in the GGPK changes.

The following data is currently available:

  • stat_translations.json: Maps stat ids together with their values to human-readable text. This is the text that appears on items in-game.
  • stats.json: Describes stat ids. Defines whether they are local and whether they are aliased depending on main-hand or off-hand.
  • mods.json: Describes mod ids. Defines which items they can appear on and what stats with what values they have.
  • crafting_bench_options.json: Describes master crafting options. Defines which masters can craft them at which level on which items.
  • npc_master.json: Describes the master's signature mods and on which items they can appear.
  • gems.json: Describes skill gems and skill gem effects only provided by mods.
  • gem_tags.json: Simple object that contains all gem tags with their internal id as keys and their translation as value.
  • base_items.json: Describes base item types. Contains information applicable to all item types, e.g. inventory size, item class and tags, as well as attribute requirements and properties.
  • tags.json: Lists all possible item tags. These are the tags used in base_items.json and mods.json.
  • item_classes.json: Defines the item class ids and the tags added to items when they are Shaper/Elder items.
  • essences.json: Describes essences. Defines the mods they spawn on items of the different item classes and general information like level and tier.
  • default_monster_stats.json: Describes the stat base values of monsters at specific levels.
  • characters.json: Describes the stat base values of the different player character classes.
  • flavour.json: Table containing the flavour text used throughout the game.
  • fossils.json: Describes fossils. Defines the mods they spawn, the tags they affect, and auxillary effects of the fossils.
  • mod_types.json: Describes the types of mods with sell price information and the tags relevant for fossil crafting.
  • cluster_jewels.json: Describes how cluster jewels can be generated and how they influence the passive tree.
  • cluster_jewel_notables.json: Lists the notable and keystone passive skills that can appear on cluster jewels.
  • cost_types.json: Defines the resource cost types used in gems.json.
  • active_skill_types.json List the active skill types used in gems.json.



Repository of Path of Exile data for tool developers








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