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A Sass-based CSS Meta-Framework that allows you to mix and match any of the following CSS frameworks:

Compass Provides

  1. A command line tool for managing your Sass projects.
  2. Simple integration with Ruby-on-Rails, Merb, StaticMatic, and even non-ruby application servers.
  3. Loads of Sass mixins to make building your website a snap.

Quick Start

$ (sudo) gem install compass
$ compass create my_compass_project --using blueprint
$ cd my_compass_project
$ compass watch

More Information

Please see the wiki


Compass is written by Chris Eppstein.
Chris is the Software Architect of and a member of the Sass core team.


Copyright (c) 2008-2009 Christopher M. Eppstein
All Rights Reserved.
Released under a slightly modified MIT License.

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