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glib CVS snapshots for Debian

This is GLib version 1.1.   GLib, is a library which includes support
routines for C such as lists, trees, hashes, memory allocation, and
many other things.

Versions of GLib prior to 1.1.0 are distributed with GTK+ versions 1.1.0
and earlier.

This is a snapshot of GLib from the main CVS archive, built into a
Debian package. This package is not guaranteed to work, as it was
built automatically. You're on your own, mister or missus!

The GIMP Tool Kit (gtk) is a set of widgets to help you program
programs for the X Windowing System easily and powerfully.

gtk is the moving force behind The GNU Image Manipulation Program (The
GIMP) -- the number one freely-available image editing and creation
program available. 

gtk is rapidly under development, and the source tree has officially
been separated from The GIMP now, as other teams of programmers
are beginning to write software using its great widget set -- like
GNOME, a desktop interface for X, and gzilla, a freely available
web browser for X.

Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org>, Tue, 17 Nov 1998 00:06:12 -0800