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Jul 10, 2014

  1. GtkTreeViewColumn: a better way to avoid overlap

    The overlap was caused by using pack-end for the arrow, which
    causes it to be allocated from the other end. Avoid the problem
    by using pack-start for both the title and the arrow, and
    reordering them according to xalign.
    Matthias Clasen authored
  2. Piotr Drąg

    Updated and POTFILES.skip

    piotrdrag authored
  3. garnacho

    Adwaita: Add comment around the .overshoot style class

    And document the oddities around it, as requested by Lapo
    garnacho authored
  4. garnacho

    treeview: remove needless duplicate gtk_widget_set_parent_window() call

    This same call happens a few lines above.
    garnacho authored
  5. GtkTreeView: Avoid overlapping sort indicator

    Hide the sort indicator when it would overlap the column title.
    Matthias Clasen authored
  6. reftests: Add test for the recent label changes

    Benjamin Otte authored
  7. widget: Remove special case for clipping

    Labels now call gtk_widget_set_clip() so there is no longer a need to
    exclude them from clipping.
    Benjamin Otte authored
  8. label: Add ink rect support to GtkLabel

    Benjamin Otte authored
  9. label: Move function

    This just moves the function, no actual code changes.
    Benjamin Otte authored
  10. tests: Add deprecation guards

    ... for newly deprecated gtk_icon_info_get_builtin_pixbuf()
    Benjamin Otte authored
  11. reftests: Improve workaround for GtkGrid bug

    ... so that it works with wide separators. Or rather: with separators
    that don't request 1px size but any other number. Do that by making the
    placeholder request the same size by indeed stuffing (hidden) separators
    in it.
    Benjamin Otte authored
  12. Javier Jardón

    docs: Change documentation to consistenly use "Returns:"

    Instead "Return value:" or "Return:"
    jjardon authored
  13. inspector: Disable non-functional controls

    Some of the features we expose can be hardcoded via environment
    variables. In that case, don't confuse the user by letting them
    change settings that have no effect.
    Matthias Clasen authored
  14. inspector: Add a switch for simulating touch

    This makes it easy to test test touchscreen features with a
    plain old mouse.
    Matthias Clasen authored
  15. Add a 'touchscreen' debug flag

    This has the same effect as the GTK_TEST_TOUCHSCREEN environment
    variable, but can be toggled at runtime.
    Matthias Clasen authored
  16. Lapo Calamandrei

    Adwaita: treeview progressbar fix

    lapo authored
  17. Lapo Calamandrei

    Adwaita: saner treeview lines style plus treeview expander style

    lapo authored
  18. Lapo Calamandrei

    Adwaita: initial and hopefully temporary treeview separation lines style

    lapo authored
  19. widget-factory: Enable even/odd rows

    More treeview testing.
    Matthias Clasen authored
  20. widget-factory: More treeview examples

    The new treeview on page 3 sports expanders, grid and tree lines,
    alternating row colors, etc.
    Matthias Clasen authored
  21. Lapo Calamandrei

    Adwaita: drawing functions housekeeping

    lapo authored
  22. Lapo Calamandrei

    Adwaita: simplify buttons drawing function

    lapo authored
  23. Docs: Mention that shadow type is a lie

    Matthias Clasen authored
  24. garnacho

    Adwaita: Set a background color for the overshoot class

    garnacho authored Matthias Clasen committed
  25. garnacho

    scrolledwindow: Remove overshoot window and displacement animation

    The displacement animation has been replaced by edge gradients, that
    have a stronger color the harder overshooting is hit. This makes it
    possible to remove the internal overshoot window, which was merely
    used to have contents displaced when overshooting to top/left.
    Overshooting to bottom/right used to cause queue_resize() to be
    called on the scrolled window, this isn't necessary anymore either.
    garnacho authored Matthias Clasen committed
  26. garnacho

    stylecontext: Add GTK_STYLE_CLASS_OVERSHOOT

    This class is meant to render the hint on scrolledwindow corners
    when scrolling past-limits.
    garnacho authored Matthias Clasen committed
  27. garnacho

    textview: Call gtk_widget_size_allocate() on children widgets invariably

    There was this hack, taken verbatim from GtkCList according to the comment,
    that would recursively translate the allocation during scrolling, and set
    it on children widgets through the direct gtk_widget_set_allocation() setter.
    Since commit 4f89eb0, this has caused the wrong clipping areas to children
    widgets of a textview. The reasons for this seem lost in time, and the approach
    seems indeed wrong for windowed widgets as the repositioning of those windows
    couldn't happen.
    So replace all of this with just a gtk_widget_size_allocate() call, which does
    work ok for the children widgets embedded in the "multiple views" gtk demo, and
    ought to work for every other widget.
    garnacho authored Matthias Clasen committed
  28. garnacho

    treeview: Add back the Gdk pointer grab during column dragging

    The reparenting happening on the column header so it gets a movable
    window breaks the implicit grab, so this is one situation were we
    want a pointer grab, if just to replace it.
    garnacho authored Matthias Clasen committed
  29. garnacho

    treeview: Fix horizontal position during column dragging

    Code was expecting view coordinates, not widget ones, as we're
    only dealing with horizontal displacements, just adding the
    horizontal adjustment value suffices.
    garnacho authored Matthias Clasen committed
  30. Make Adwaita the default theme across platforms

    This ensures that we have a polished out-of-the-box appearance
    on all platforms.
    Matthias Clasen authored
  31. Use a define for the default icon theme name

    We're using this name in two places, so match what we are doing
    for the default theme name, and use a macro.
    Matthias Clasen authored
  32. GtkIconTheme: Rename a macro

    We use DEFAULT_THEME_NAME in gtksettings.c as well, and this
    can be a confusing when grepping, so rename this to
    Matthias Clasen authored
  33. GtkColorButton: Some formatting cleanups

    Matthias Clasen authored
  34. GtkColorButton: Use a color swatch

    This saves some code and lets us reuse the color swatch styling.
    Among other things, this fixes a lack of discernible border when
    the selected color is very similar to the background.
    Matthias Clasen authored
  35. GtkColorSwatch: Respect an explicitly set size

    This will let us use a suitably sized color swatch in the color
    Matthias Clasen authored
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