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Thu Mar 7 22:55:13 2002 Owen Taylor <>
===== Released 1.0.0 =====
* NEWS: Final updates for 1.0.0.
2002-03-07 jacob berkman <>
* pass --enable-gtk-doc to configure
2002-03-08 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Use PANGO_MODULE_VERSION in modules path.
* pango/pangoft2.def: Add the pango_ot_* symbols from the static
libpango-ot library.
Thu Mar 7 14:42:50 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* As we do in other modules, default to
--disable-gtk-doc, and run the check we used to do
for the default when the --enable-gtk-doc is specified.
(Alain Rouge)
Thu Mar 7 10:51:16 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Fix some problems with setting
library variables for --enable-explicit-deps. (Laszlo Peter,
Wed Mar 6 12:44:00 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Pango 1.0.0 rc2.
Wed Mar 6 12:12:21 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/fonts.c: Add some text names to weight map for
weights that were added to the PangoWeight enumeration
but not here. (#73728, Arnaud Charlet)
2002-03-06 Manish Singh <>
* pango/ install-exec-hook should always exist,
because the automake rules assume it to be there if it is
included anywhere in the So put only the body
Wed Mar 6 11:43:46 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Fix problem where == was used instead if =.
(#73694, Martin Gansser)
* modules/ (install-data-local): Simplify
the rule to create the pango.modules file to avoid
problems with differing shared library suffixes.
pango-querymodules run without any arguments does the
right thing by default. (#73694, Martin Gansser)
defining the subdir in which modules are installed.
* pango/querymodules.c pango/modules.c modules/*/*.am:
Install modules in lib/pango/MODULE_VERSION/modules
* (pango_module_version): Export pango_module_version
variable so that 3rd parties can determine where to install
Wed Mar 6 11:40:45 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Pango 1.0.0 rc1.
* pango/ Use install-exec-hook not
install-exec-local when running
2002-03-06 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/ (install-exec-local): Ignore return status
from for loop, in case the last test -f happens to fail. Handle
also the libpangowin32 .la file.
* pango/ (libpangoft2_1_0_la_LDFLAGS): Use
pangoft2_export_symbols, not pangowin32_export_symbols.
* pango/
* pango/
* pango/
* pango/
* : Adapt to new shared library naming scheme,
also for Win32 import library names.
2002-03-05 Manish Singh <>
* require GLIB 2.0.0 at minimum
2002-03-05 jacob berkman <>
* tests/ (*boundaries_LDADD): more $(PANGO_API_VERSION)
Tue Mar 5 15:41:17 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/*/ Fix pangoxft-$(PANGO_API_VERSION).
(Reported by Manish Singh.)
Tue Mar 5 11:00:20 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* **/ * Switch over to
GLib/GTK+ style library versioning. Update version numbers
to 1.0.0.
2002-03-03 jacob berkman <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): add
Sat Mar 2 21:57:55 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* examples/ (pango.modules): Write
examples/pango.modules in terms of .la files rather than
direct shared objects to avoid having to know soname
* pango/querymodules.c (main): Use G_MODULE_SUFFIX or
.la to compare with filenames when querying modules,
rather than hardcoded .so/.la.
* (USE_LA_MODULES): On aix, load .la files
since we can't guess the soname extension.
Fri Mar 1 00:46:49 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* configure: Default to --disable-static.
Add a --enable-explicit-deps option to control whether dependency
libraries are written into .la files and .pc files.
Default is auto: if static libraries are off
and shlib dependencies are found, don't write deps.
* pango/ Shell script used
to strip dependencies out of .la files.
* Default to --disable-gtk-doc.
* Add a slightly modified distcheck rule
that passes --enable-gtk-doc to the configure inside.
(So that 'make dist' succeeds inside.)
Fri Mar 1 14:37:47 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (pango_xft_font_get_glyph_extents):
Treat glyph 0 as an 0 size, non-drawn glyph consistent
with other backends. (#71931)
Fri Mar 1 14:25:22 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/modules.c: Don't crash on out-of-BMP values.
* pango/mini-fribidi/fribidi_get_type.c (_pango_fribidi_get_type):
Return FRIBIDI_TYPE_LTR for all non-BMP characters.
Fri Mar 1 12:11:50 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_get_vis2log_map):
Fix problem with positions at the ends of lines
(#63328, reported by Dov Grobgeld.)
2002-02-28 Sven Neumann <>
* align --help output.
2002-02-28 Alex Larsson <>
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_font_get_face):
Check for errors when loading font face, fall back to sans,
exit with warning if no font found.
2002-02-28 Sven Neumann <>
* modules/arabic/ don't link libpango-ot into the module.
* pango/ added to libpangoft2_la_LIBADD.
Should fix #72934, reported by Raymond Wan.
2002-02-28 Sven Neumann <>
* beautified configure --help output.
Wed Feb 27 11:10:07 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ (libpangoft2_la_LIBADD): Move .la
files to beginning of link line ... may prevent some
problems with linking to installed libraries.
(#61359, _)
Wed Feb 27 08:55:32 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ (pango_querymodules_LDADD): Add
$(X_EXTRA_LIBS) (reported Richard Warren)
Tue Feb 26 19:06:07 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/mini-xft/minixftint.h: Fix some C++ style
comments. (David L. Cooper II)
Tue Feb 26 16:43:05 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ (pango-enum-types.c): Make
pango-enum-types.c depend on pango-enum-types.h
Tue Feb 26 15:50:35 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (pango_xft_font_get_font): Try
to load something (load sans) if we can't load a font
that Xft listed. (Workaround for #72299, reported
by Gediminas Paulauskas)
Mon Feb 25 16:36:47 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/hebrew/hebrew-x.c pango/mini-fribidi/fribidi-types.h:
Fix trailing , on enumerations.
(#72572, Miroslaw Dobrzanski-Neumann)
Sun Feb 24 13:40:55 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_pattern_equal):
Rewrite to reduce the number of strcmps.
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_font_map_load_font):
Compute the patterns as for load_fontset(), then just
return the first. This takes advantage of our caching
Sun Feb 24 12:12:09 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_font_map_new_font):
Fix problem where we unref'ed before we ref'ed resulting
in entries in the cache that shouldn't have been there.
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (pango_ft2_font_map_new_font):
Sat Feb 23 21:40:27 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Version 0.26
* NEWS: Updates.
Sat Feb 23 17:34:26 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/basic/basic-{ft2,x,xft}.c: Patch from Sven Neumann
to extend and make consistent the set of zero-width characters
that are not displayed. (#71931)
Sat Feb 23 13:07:02 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-font.h pango/pango-fontmap.h pango/pango-fontset.h:
Add some class padding for future expansion.
Wed Feb 20 16:58:24 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/arabic/{naqshfont.[ch],mulefont.[ch],langboxfont.[ch]}:
Fix recode functions to take gunichar * since we pass that in.
(#72059, reported by Miroslaw Dobrzanski-Neumann)
Sun Feb 17 18:50:30 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Version 0.25
* NEWS: Updates
* pango/mini-xft/minixftdpy.c
* pango/mini-xft/minixftstr.c: Fix some problems
with signed arguments to to isupper()/tolower().
(#71705, Morten Welinder)
2002-02-15 Hans Breuer <>
* examples/ pango/ : added
makefile.msc to EXTRA_DIST
Thu Feb 14 14:46:26 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Respect QTDIR if set. Look for qt3 as well as qt2.
2002-02-14 Sven Neumann <>
* updated the list of available modules (bug #71411).
2002-02-10 Hans Breuer <>
* pango/makefile.msc : update version,
use -FImsvc_recommended_pragmas.h and add $(DIRENT_LIBS) to
pangoft2 linking
2002-02-09 Darin Adler <>
* pango/fonts.c: (getword): isspace -> g_ascii_isspace
(pango_font_description_from_string): isspace -> g_ascii_isspace
* pango/modules.c: Remove unneeded <ctype.h> include.
* pango/pango-markup.c: (xml_isspace): New.
(pango_parse_markup): isspace -> xml_isspace
(span_parse_func): isdigit -> g_ascii_isdigit
* pango/pango-utils.c: (pango_trim_string): isspace -> g_ascii_isspace
(pango_skip_space): isspace -> g_ascii_isspace
(pango_scan_word): isspace -> g_ascii_isspace
(pango_scan_string): isspace -> g_ascii_isspace
(pango_scan_int): isspace -> g_ascii_isspace
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c: Remove unneeded <ctype.h> include.
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c: Remove unneeded <ctype.h> include.
2002-02-07 Tor Lillqvist <>
* examples/pangoft2topgm.c (main): Accept also outfile name on
command line, fopen it separately then. Needed on Windows where
stdout is in text mode.
* modules/arabic/
* modules/hebrew/ Use -no-undefined on Windows,
otherwise libtool won't produce DLLs, and there will be no such to
Sat Feb 2 18:27:38 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ (pango_querymodules_LDADD): Try removing from the link line since it will be pulled
in from the other libraries to avoid duplicate inclusion.
* (Libs): Add @X_XTRA_LIBS@ (#70400)
2002-02-01 Havoc Pennington <>
* (Description, Name): fix cut-and-paste mess
2002-02-01 Anders Carlsson <>
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_get_font_map):
move to next element in list.
Tue Jan 29 11:35:11 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Version 0.24
* NEWS: Updates
Mon Jan 28 20:23:59 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-markup.c (pango_parse_markup): Fix problem
with detected root node. (Based on patch from Matthias Clasen,
Mon Jan 28 19:41:20 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-context.c (pango_context_load_font[set]): Add some
return-if-fails to catch loading size 0 fonts.
Thu Jan 24 18:05:54 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (get_items_log_attrs): Fix problems with
computing the length of the paragraph delimiter. (Reported by Evan Martin)
2002-01-24 Sven Neumann <>
* modules/arabic/
* modules/arabic/arabic-ft2.c: added arabic shaper for FT2 ported
from arabic-xft.c by Andreas Bogk <>.
Wed Jan 23 16:49:24 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* examples/viewer-ft2.c: Remove this file; pangofttopgm
is the test case for the FT2 backend now.
* examples/ Don't dist
* examples/ Build pangofttopgm if we have FT2.
* examples/pangoft2topgm.c (main): Warning fixes.
2002-01-21 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_set_markup_with_accel): fix
memory leak of "text", reported by Jason Tackaberry
2002-01-20 Alexander Larsson <>
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_draw_hline):
Clean up underline drawing. Fixes segfaults.
Sat Jan 19 11:50:32 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Add a AC_TRY_LINK() for qt, since broken setups
seem to be common.
* Save ACLOCAL_FLAGS for --enable-maintainer-mode rebuilds.
2002-01-18 Alexander Larsson <>
* pango/pangoft2-private.h:
Add glyph_cache_destroy to PangoFont. This is slightly ugly, we
should perhaps have it in the FontMap, but it was easy.
Added cached_glyph to PangoFT2GlyphInfo. This can be used by
apps that want to have a glyph cache. Only one user per PangoContext
though. Right now it is only internally accessible.
Added pango_ft2_font_get_cache_glyph_data(), pango_ft2_font_set_cache_glyph_data() and
pango_ft2_font_set_glyph_cache_destroy() to access this functionallity
* pango/pangoft2.c:
Implement glyph caching for pango_ft2_render_layout(). Unbounded
caching right now. We should probably limit this in order to not
use a lot of memory if the user displayed a lot of glyphs once,
and then doesn't use them anymore.
2002-01-17 jacob berkman <>
* modules/hebrew/ (common_sources): include missing
header file
Wed Jan 16 14:45:23 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_check_lines):
A string ending in a paragraph delimiter has an
empty line at the end. (#68079, Arjan J. Molenaar.)
Wed Jan 16 09:25:34 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_from_string): Initialize
the static_family field. (Fix from Zack Rusin)
2002-01-14 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-layout.c: slight correction to
pango_layout_get_extents(), docs still need to be clearer, but
at least they aren't a cut-and-paste of glyph string docs now.
* docs/tmpl/glyphs.sgml: add note about special-case use of
PANGO_SCALE with font sizes
* pango/fonts.c: fix docs to be correct about PANGO_SCALE
2002-01-13 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/fonts.c: fix up docs to be clearer about PANGO_SCALE,
as suggested by Dennis Bjorklund
2002-01-11 Havoc Pennington <>
* docs/pango_markup.sgml: fix cross-references in here
2002-01-11 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_set_attributes): allow
setting attrs to NULL
2002-01-11 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_iter_get_index): docs tweak
(pango_layout_iter_next_cluster): update iter->index here
Fri Jan 11 15:01:13 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (pango_ft2_make_pattern)
pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_make_pattern):
Split comma separated family names and add them in
pieces, so they are all visible to Xft.
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c: Remove duplicate XFT_FAMILY
in call to XftListFonts.
Thu Jan 10 16:27:24 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/mini-fribidi/fribidi.c: Fix read of unitialized
memory (#66067, Hidetoshi Tajima)
Thu Jan 10 15:04:31 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/glyphstring.c (pango_glyph_string_extents_range):
Don't offset the logical rect by y_offset - this generally
is not desired, since it means that the logical height
of a line could change if it included accented characters.
(#67921, Dov Grobgeld)
2002-01-09 Alex Larsson <>
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_font_map_load_fontset):
Add g_error if font match fails, referencing bug #68030, which
is the "libXrender is broken" bug.
Wed Jan 9 18:51:02 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-context.c (pango_context_load_font):
g_return_if_fail() if the desc's family is NULL.
(#67947, report from Darin Adler.)
Wed Jan 9 11:23:31 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ (s-enum-types-h): Include glib-object.h,
Add G_BEGIN_DECLS/END_DECLS to pango-enum-types.h. (#68325,
Mikael Hermansson)
Tue Jan 1 20:52:00 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_merge[_static]):
Update the field mask in the merged description.
2002-01-02 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_render_layout_line): Silence gcc
-Wall, initialise a couple of variables.
* pango/pangowin32-fontcache.c (pango_win32_font_cache_load): Set
lfCharSet to DEFAULT_CHARSET always. Conditional debugging output
with the PING() macro.
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c: Make the size_infos hash table
actually work like it is suppposed to, not that I know if it
matters. I think that it's useless to store all the different
charset vviews of the same actual ttf font in the list. Will have
to do more testing.
(logfont_nosize_hash): Lowercase face name before calculating
(logfont_nosize_equal): Compare face names ignoring case.
(pango_win32_insert_font): Store "courier new" also under the name
"courier", as that is what gtk-demo (and presumably often other
applications, too?) looks for.
Thu Dec 27 14:19:46 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/basic/basic-x.c: Mark as only an approximate
match for Hebrew, so the Hebrew shaper will be used
in preference. (#67557, Dov Grobgeld)
Wed Dec 26 11:52:28 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-fontmap.c (pango_font_map_load_fontset)
* pango/pango-context.c (pango_context_load_fontset):
return_val_if_fail() if desc->family is not set.
Sat Dec 22 12:14:25 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* Version 0.23, require glib-1.3.12
* pango/makefile.msc (PANGO_VER): 0.23.
* NEWS: Updated.
Sat Dec 22 11:49:38 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/arabic/arabic-ot.c: Patch from Roozbeh
Pournader to update for shaping class changes
in Unicode 3.1.1.
Thu Dec 20 00:18:10 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (pango_xft_picture_render): Fix
doc comment.
Wed Dec 19 22:40:24 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (get_line_extents_layout_coords):
Remove incorrect special casing of initial line.
(Reported by Darin Adler)
Tue Dec 18 12:33:03 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/indic/*-x.c (pango_engine_shape): Syllable
array needs to start at length 2, not 1. Also, some
cleanups. (Memory overrun reported by Joshua Pritikin
2001-12-17 Darin Adler <>
* pango/pangoft2.c: Fix doc comment.
* pango/pangoft2.h: Move include outside G_BEGIN_DECLS.
* pango/querymodules.c: (main): Add const to avoid warning.
* tests/dump-boundaries.c: (fail): Remove unused local.
2001-12-14 Sven Neumann <>
* modules/hebrew/hebrew-x.c (hebrew_engine_get_coverage): use
(PangoLanguage *) instead of (const gchar *) to please the compiler.
2001-12-13 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* examples/, modules/arabic/,
modules/basic/, modules/hangul/,
modules/hebrew/, modules/indic/,
modules/tamil/, modules/thai/,
pango/, pango/mini-fribidi/,
pango/opentype/, tests/ Compile with
2001-12-12 Sven Neumann <>
* pango/mini-xft/minixftinit.c: include config.h so the definition
of MINI_XFTCONFIG_DIR is actually used (spotted by Sebastian Klemke
2001-12-12 Alexander Larsson <>
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (pango_ft2_font_map_load_fontset):
Initialize MiniXft library before calling MiniXftConfigSubstitute.
* pango/mini-xft/minixftdir.c (MiniXftDirScan):
Changed back filename from MiniXftCache to XftCache for
compat with Xft.
2001-12-11 Alex Larsson <>
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_render):
Fix the details in clipping to the bitmap size.
Mon Dec 10 14:22:22 2001 HideToshi Tajima <>
* modules/basic/tables-big.i: change "EUC-CN" to "GB2312" which
is the canonical name for gb2312.1980 charset used in libcharset.
Mon Dec 10 09:18:09 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_index_to_pos):
Fix problem with returned width on lines other than
the first line (#66274).
* pango/pangox,ft2,win32.c (pango_*_render_layout):
Fix problem where indent wasn't honored (#66275).
[ Note, however, there are remaining problems - see, #66626 ]
Thu Dec 6 19:07:31 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (get_items_log_attrs): Fix problem
where length passed in didn't get adjusted for paragraph
Thu Dec 6 12:10:53 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/break.c (pango_default_break): Simplify by
being lazy and calling g_utf8_strlen() (causes a
two passes over the array but shouldn't be a huge
performance loss). Fix bug where attributes weren't
set correctly for empty strings. Handle internal
NULLs consistently with other functions (truncate)
rather than dying with an assertion failure. (#65183)
Thu Dec 6 10:03:49 2001 HideToshi Tajima <>
* modules/basic/basic-x.c
(conv_eucjp): handle codeset1(right half of jisx0201.1976)
and codeset3(jisx0212.1990) of EUCJP
(conv_16bit): renamed from the old conv_euc - handle 16bit
character sets only.
* modules/basic/tables-big.i: add jisx0212, jisx0201 and big5.
2001-12-04 Manish Singh <>
* pango/modules.c
* pango/querymodules.c: g_module_symbol takes a gpointer *, not just
a gpointer.
2001-12-03 Matthias Clasen <>
* docs/pango-sections.txt, docs/tmpl/fonts.sgml,
docs/tmpl/modules.sgml: Updates.
* pango/modules.c: Documentation fixes.
2001-12-04 Sven Neumann <>
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c
(pango_ft2_font_map_init): set n_families to -1 (uninitialized).
(pango_ft2_font_map_list_families): set n_faces to -1 (uninitialized).
This makes list_families and list_faces work again for PangoFT2.
2001-12-01 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/pango-fontset.c: Documentation fixes.
2001-11-29 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/pango-fontset.c: Documentation updates.
Thu Nov 29 11:40:51 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* examples/ Include qpainter.h - apparently
needed for Qt 3. (Patch from Dennis Dementiev)
2001-11-27 Alex Larsson <>
* pango/pangoft2-private.h
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (_pango_ft2_font_desc_from_pattern):
Take extra parameter include_size that determines if the
descriptor includes the size.
* pango/pangoft2.c (_pango_ft2_font_new):
Include size in ft2font->description.
* pango/pangoxft-private.h
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (_pango_xft_font_desc_from_pattern):
Take extra parameter include_size that determines if the
descriptor includes the size.
* pango/pangoxft-font.c:
Include size in xfont->description.
Mon Nov 26 19:24:21 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* tests/ tests/cxx-test.C: Add
a test program that includes all headers in a C++ program.
2001-11-26 Alex Larsson <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (pango_xft_font_get_coverage):
Don't leak filename copy.
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_font_map_load_font):
Don't leak matched pattern
Mon Nov 26 18:17:00 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* tests/ tests/gen-all-unicode.c: Instead
of including all-unicode.txt in the distribution, include
a small program to generate it.
* modules/hangul/hangul-x.c (render_syllable_with_ksc5601): When
falling back to uncomposed Jamos, if we can't render a Jamo
in any way, use the unknown glyph rather than nothing.
* modules/hangul/hangul-x.c (hangul_engine_shape): Prevent
overflows for invalid sequences which can be of arbitrary
length. (#50086)
* modules/arabic/arconv.c: New versions from Roozbeh Pournader.
- Replacing the tables with automatically-generated ones
- Using binary search instead of linear search for table lookup
- Updating all the names with Unicode names (eg Nun -> Noon)
- Fixed the Hamza mixup, using the Unicode rules
- Updating missed cases (eg Superscript Alef was missing from
- Removing too-intelligent cases which made the code non-compliant
(eg Alef with Hamza above+Kasra was changing to Alef with Hamza below)
- Removing 'connecttoleft' from 'charstruct' (replacing it with a macro)
- Indenting in the GNU style
2001-11-26 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_font_get_coverage): Documentation.
* modules/basic/basic-ft2.c (basic_engine_get_coverage): Use
Mon Nov 26 11:31:01 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ Workaround to work a little better with
automake-1.5 - make $(libpango_la_OBJECTS) as well as $(OBJECTS)
depend on pango_built_headers.
Sun Nov 25 22:35:46 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* (have_fribidi) README: Disable --with-fribidi; it offers
no advantages and until either fribidi is updated to use Glib-2.0
always, or the Glib dependecy is removed from fribidi entirely, there
will be problems with this option.
* pango/mini-fribidi/README: Update fribidi URL.
2001-11-24 Manish Singh <>
* acconfig.h
* support for --with-xftconfig-dir= path to system
XftConfig file
* pango/pango-utils.c
* pango/pangox.c: include "config.h", not <config.h>
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c: this file is pangoxft-fontmap.c, not
pangoxft-fontmap.h :)
* pango/mini-xft/minixftint.h
* pango/mini-xft/minixftinit.c: add code for searching common
locations for the XftConfig file. We search MINI_XFTCONFIG_DIR
if configure defines it for us (as above), then $sysconfdir,
then (only on !_WIN32) /etc/X11 and /usr/X11R6/lib/X11.
Sat Nov 24 13:44:21 2001 Kristian Rietveld <>
* pango/pango-fontmap.c (pango_font_map_real_load_fontset):
free the font description when we don't need it anymore
2001-11-23 Padraig O'Briain <>
* pango/break.c (pango_default_break):
Fix for bug 65183; i.e. do not call g_utf8_next_char(next) when
next is end.
2001-11-23 Hans Breuer <>
* testfonts.c : removed the arbitrary limit to 10 fonts.
Instead make the command line params useful again and reduce
the default result bitmap size by decreasing the default
font size.
* pango/pangowin32-fontcache.c (pango_win32_font_cache_load):
Don't always turn on anti-aliasing. Respect the users settings
from 'Properties of Display/Effects'.
* pango/makefile.msc : updated, version 0.22
* pango/pango.def : updated externals
* pango/font.c pango/pango-coverage.c pango-utils.c
pango/pangowin32.c pango/shape.c :
coding style and static correctness
2001-11-22 Matthias Clasen <>
* docs/pango-sections.txt: Remove duplicates.
* docs/tmpl/fonts.sgml: Document PANGO_TYPE_FONTSET
* pango/pangoxft-font.c: Fix typos in some doc comments.
Thu Nov 22 14:23:07 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* Version 0.22
Wed Nov 21 12:54:39 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* (PANGO_MINOR_VERSION): Version 0.22.
* NEWS: Updated
* docs/pango-sections.txt Update.
* pango/pango-layout.c (process_item): Don't look
like a doc comment.
2001-11-22 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangowin32-fontcache.c (pango_win32_font_cache_load):
Always turn on anti-aliasing.
2001-11-21 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/testfonts.c: Fix a couple of bugs, update for current
Pango API. It's not completely clear to me what the program is
supposed to do with the command line args. It does load a matching
font, but does nothing with it. It then always lists *all* font
families, and renders a string in each. This causes a huge image
with associated swapping to death if you have lots of fonts... I
added a restriction, only the first 10 fonts are rendered.
2001-11-20 Alex Larsson <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (pango_xft_font_finalize):
Don't free font_pattern if we opened the XftFont, since the
XftFont claims ownership of it.
2001-11-20 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c (pango_win32_font_map_load_font): Fix
2001-11-18 Alex Larsson <>
* pango/pangoft2.[ch] (pango_ft2_get_context):
Take both dpi_x and dpi_y as arguments. Doesn't currently handle
dpi_x correctly, but at least the API is in.
2001-11-18 Alex Larsson <>
* pango/pango-context.[ch]:
Add new function pango_context_load_fontset() to wrap
Add PangoContext arguments to load_font and load_fontset.
* pango/pango-fontmap.[ch]:
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c:
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c:
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c:
* pango/pangoxft-font.c:
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c
Add PangoContext arguments to load_font and load_fontset.
2001-11-19 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Suffix package names with datestamp. Add
the Pango modules.
* pango/pango.def: pango_context_add_font_map ->
pango_context_set_font_map. Add pango_fontset_*.
* pango/pangoft2.def: Reflect Alexander's changes.
* pango/mini-xft/minixftinit.c (get_xft_default_path): New
function. Use pango_get_sysconf_subdirectory () to construct a
suitable path.
* pango/mini-xft/minixftint.h: On Win32, don't use the hardcoded
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XftConfig path (or any other hardcoded path),
but instead the function get_xft_default_path().
* pango/mini-xft/minixftcache.c (MiniXftFileCacheSave): On Win32,
don't use link() and unlink() for the lock file. Instead, use a
lock directory.
2001-11-18 Alexander Larsson <>
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c:
Add XFT_MATRIX and XFT_MINSPACE macro definitions if missing.
2001-11-17 Alexander Larsson <>
Check for LEX and YACC. This will be made optional later,
with the build sources checked in to cvs.
Generate pango/mini-xft/Makefile
* modules/basic/basic-ft2.c:
Use the new pangoft2 API.
* pango/
Build mini-xft.
Add new files.
* pango/pango-context.[ch]:
Support only one fontmap per context.
Use pango_font_map_load_fontset() and PangoFontset instead
of internal fontset.
* pango/pango-fontmap.[ch]:
New virtual function pango_font_map_load_fontset() and
default implementation that uses pango_font_map_load_font().
* pango/pango-utils.[ch] (pango_lookup_aliases):
Utility function for looking up aliases. This can be
used by backend that has no backend specific aliases.
* pango/pangoft2-fontcache.c:
Removed file.
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c:
* pango/pangoft2-private.h:
* pango/pangoft2.c:
* pango/pangoft2.h:
Major rewrite. Doesn't handle fontsets. Uses mini-xft so that
it will always match the PangoXft backend. Simplified the
public API.
* pango/pangowin32.c:
* pango/pangox.c:
pango_context_add_font_map -> pango_context_set_font_map
* pango/pangoxft-font.c:
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c:
* pango/pangoxft-private.h:
New code to handle fontsets.
* pango/mini-xft/*:
Mini version of libXft from XFree86 in order to have
the pangoFT2 and pangXft backends have same config files and
generate the same fonts.
2001-11-14 Matthias Clasen <>
* docs/ (MKDB_OPTIONS): Add --sgml-mode.
2001-11-11 Matthias Clasen <>
* docs/ (IGNORE_HFILES): Add pangoxft-private.h.
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_language_from_string): Fix typo in
* docs/tmpl/text-attributes.sgml: Document PangoColor, PangoLanguage,
PangoAttrLanguage, PangoAttrFloat and PangoAttrShape.
* docs/tmpl/layout.sgml: Document PangoWrapMode and PangoLayoutIter.
* docs/tmpl/tab-stops.sgml: Document PangoTabAlign and PangoTabArray.
* docs/tmpl/fonts.sgml: Document PangoFontMask.
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_unset_fields): Fix typo in
* docs/tmpl/opentype.sgml: Remove documentation templates of the
unimplemented functions pango_ot_ruleset_set_glyph_loader and
pango_ot_ruleset_set_alternate_func and the related typedefs
PangoOTGlyphLoader and PangoOTAlternateFunc.
* docs/tmpl/x-rendering.sgml: Document PangoGetGCFunc and
PangoFreeGCFunc typedefs.
2001-11-08 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Build separate developer package.
* pango/pango.def: Add pango_color_parse.
Mon Nov 5 12:23:07 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft.h pango/pangoxft-font.c: Add a function
pango_xft_picture_render() to render onto an Xft picture
directly linstead of using the XftDraw wrapper object.
2001-11-03 Hans Breuer <>
* pango/modules.c : don't bother with module dir
recalculation if LIBDIR isn't defined
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c : make it compile again
after the g_ascii_* change below. Use EnumFontFamiliesExA
to ensure to use the ascii version, though defining
UNICODE for G_OS_WIN32 will break at other place anyway.
* pango/makefile.msc : use (hopefully temporary) DIRENT_CFLAGS
and DIRENT_LIBS (see #63667)
Fri Nov 2 13:56:58 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c: Patch from Alex Larsson to improve
line breaking algorithm so that it doesn't do O(n^2) --
each character is shaped at most twice - once to get the
widths, and once if the run is broken. Also, quite a
bit of cleanup to consistently use the ParaBreakState
object to keep track of the state of the line-break
process. (#62014)
Fri Nov 2 08:50:16 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/{fonts.c,pango-color.c,pango-utils.c,
pangowin32-fontmap.c, pangox-fontmap.c}:
Patch from Darin Adler, with updates, to use
g_ascii_* instead of locale-dependent variants
* pango/fonts.c: Use g_ascii_dtostr, g_ascii_strtod().
2001-10-31 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/modules.c (process_module_file): Neat Win32 feature: A
prebuilt Pango package can be installed in a random location
(i.e., not the same used when configuring and building the
software). The pango.modules file provided with the package
contains paths on the packager's system, not the end-users. We
notice this, and replace with the corresponding path in the
installation directory on the end-user's machine.
* pango/pango-utils.c: Use G_WIN32_DLLMAIN_FOR_DLL_NAME.
(pango_get_sysconf_subdirectory,pango_get_lib_subdirectory): No
need to call g_path_get_basename on the DLL name, DllMain already
does it.
Wed Oct 31 11:00:55 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/tamil/tamil-{xft,x}.c: Make a number of functions
static to avoid symbol clashes when both tamil-x.c and
tamil-xft.c are linked statically into the same library.
(#63436, Raymond Wan)
2001-10-30 Matthias Clasen <>
* docs/pango-sections.txt, pango/pango-ot.h: Remove declarations
of unimplemented functions pango_ot_ruleset_set_glyph_loader and
pango_ot_ruleset_set_alternate_func and the related typedefs
PangoOTGlyphLoader and PangoOTAlternateFunc.
* pango/opentype/pango-ot-info.c,
pango/opentype/pango-ot-ruleset.c: Documentation updates.
2001-10-30 Sven Neumann <>
* tests/ don't link against pangox at all.
Please keep in mind that building on UNIX does not necessarily mean
that X11 is available.
Mon Oct 29 11:54:06 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* (Cflags): Add @X_CFLAGS@ (#63095, Dan Winship)
2001-10-29 Tor Lillqvist <>
* New file, used to build distribution package
for Windows.
* Check for lib.exe, set MS_LIB_AVAILABLE. Generate
* README.win32: Mention the ways to build Pango on Windows.
* modules/
* examples/ Se SOSUFFIX to so on Unix, dll on Windows.
* pango/ Add rules to create MSVC import library if
MS_LIB_AVAILABLE. Add rules to install and uninstall mingw and
MSVC import libraries.
* tests/ Link with only on Unix.
2001-10-27 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/modules.c: Typo fix.
* docs/tmpl/text-attributes.sgml, docs/tmpl/freetype-fonts.sgml,
docs/tmpl/xft-fonts.sgml, docs/tmpl/win32-fonts.sgml,
docs/tmpl/glyphs.sgml, docs/tmpl/x-rendering.sgml,
docs/tmpl/pango-indic.sgml: Updates.
2001-10-26 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/fonts.c, pango/pangoft2.c, pango/pangowin32.c,
pango/pango-fontmap.c, pango/pangoxft-font.c, pango/pangox-fontmap.c,
pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c, pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c,
pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c, docs/pango-sections.txt,
docs/tmpl/coverage-maps.sgml, docs/tmpl/fonts.sgml,
docs/tmpl/freetype-fonts.sgml, docs/tmpl/glyphs.sgml,
docs/tmpl/layout.sgml, docs/tmpl/main.sgml, docs/tmpl/modules.sgml,
docs/tmpl/tab-stops.sgml, docs/tmpl/text-attributes.sgml,
docs/tmpl/win32-fonts.sgml: Documentation updates.
Thu Oct 25 11:06:54 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* Version 0.21, require GLib-1.3.6
* NEWS: Updates.
Fri Oct 26 12:32:25 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* Don't use AC_CHECK_LIB to check for
win32, since that causes problems with autoconf-2.13.
* docs/ Fix to install images.
Thu Oct 25 11:05:01 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_run_get_extents): Allow
NULL run_logical. (#63014, Tony Graham)
Thu Oct 18 15:48:14 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-utils.h: Remove the rest of the
silly pango file-reading code from PANGO_ENABLE_BACKEND,
so I can use it in gtkimmodule.c. It's nothing
that should be in Pango longterm, but it's not
enough code to worry about removing before Pango-2.0.
(#61602, Sven Neumann)
Thu Oct 18 14:40:04 2001 Owen Taylor <>
(Fixes from Frank Belew, #58905)
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_apply_ligatures): Fix label
at end of block.
* pango/mini-fribidi/fribidi.c pango/mini-fribidi/fribid.patch:
Use g_alloca() instead of mix of MSVC specific and GCC specific
2001-10-15 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/tmpl/x-fonts.sgml
* pango/break.c
* pango/fonts.c: small documentation fixes.
2001-10-15 Sven Neumann <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c: another missing comment end marker and some
fixes in gtk-doc comments.
* pango/break.c
* pango/pango-layout.c
* pango/pangoft2.c
* docs/pango-sections.txt
* docs/tmpl/fonts.sgml
* docs/tmpl/x-fonts.sgml: documentation updates.
Sun Oct 14 18:42:56 2001 Manish Singh <>
* pango/pangox.c: add missing comment end marker to make it compile
2001-10-14 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/pangox.c, pango/pangoxft-font.c, pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c,
docs/pango-sections.txt, docs/tmpl/fonts.sgml: Documentation updates.
2001-10-13 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/pango-utils.c, pango/pangoxft-font.c: Documentation updates.
2001-10-10 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/.cvsignore: Add module-defs-win32.c.
* pango/ (pangoinclude_HEADERS): Include also
2001-10-09 Matt Wilson <>
* pango/pangox.c (get_font_metrics_from_string): protect from
indexing off the end of the embedding_levels array by only doing
so if we're not finished.
2001-10-04 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/break.c (pango_default_break): fix wrong
check for incorrect attrs_len
2001-10-04 Sven Neumann <>
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (pango_ft2_font_map_read_alias_file):
use g_object_new() instead of g_new() to create a PangoFT2Face.
Fixes bug #61603.
2001-10-04 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Retract my change to Xrender+Xft+Xft+FreeType.h
checks from yesterday, instead enclose nested AC_CHECK_* calls in
2001-10-03 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/break.c (MAYBE_START_NEW_SENTENCE): remove assertion I
shouldn't have put in there
2001-10-03 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/break.c (pango_default_break): try to fix up the sentence
breaking a bit, specifically for sentences that started at the end
of a previous sentence we were messing things up.
* tests/dump-boundaries.c: new program to dump logical attrs to stdout
* tests/testboundaries.c (check_invariants): oops, fix for
pango_get_log_attrs() change
2001-10-03 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/break.c (pango_break)
(pango_default_break) (pango_get_log_attrs): require one more
log attr in the buffer passed in, to account for the end position
(pango_default_break): allow length of -1
* pango/pango-engine.h (struct _PangoEngineLang): change
script_break virtual function to match pango_break
* pango/pango-layout.c (get_items_log_attrs): update pango_break usage
2001-10-03 Sven Neumann <>
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_to_string): don't include
family name if PANGO_FONT_MASK_FAMILY is not set.
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c: make it compile with DEBUGGING being
2001-10-03 Tor Lillqvist <>
Add the Win32 GDI Pango backend to autoconfiguration:
* Call AC_LIBTOOL_WIN32_DLL. Check for native Win32
or Cygwin, set automake conditional PLATFORM_WIN32. Check for
native Win32, set OS_WIN32. Refactor the
Xrender+Xft+Xft+FreeType.h checks not to use AC_CHECK_LIBs inside
eachother, autoconf 2.52e on Cygwin generated bad shell code for
that. Check for gdi32 library, set automake conditional
HAVE_WIN32. Add the basic-win32 module, add INCLUDED_WIN32_MODULES
and INCLUDE_BASIC_WIN32. Write pango/module-defs-win32.c. Generate
* New files.
* Add pangowin32*
* .cvsignore: Add pangowin32*.pc.
* modules/basic/ Add the basic-win32 backend. Use
-no-undefined on PLATFORM_WIN32.
* pango/ Add the Win32 backend. Use -no-undefined on
PLATFORM_WIN32. Use the .def files on OS_WIN32. Link libpangoft2
* pango/pango-utils.c: (DllMain): New function, on
G_OS_WIN32. Used to get the actual DLL name, which is tucked away.
(pango_get_sysconf_subdirectory, pango_get_lib_subdirectory):
(Win32): Append VERSION to the registry key passed to
g_win32_get_package_installation_subdirectory(). Use the real DLL
name from above instead of assuming the DLL has a certain name.
Other Win32 backend fixes:
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c: (free_coverages_foreach): Remove, unused.
* pango/pangowin32.c: Remove unused variables.
* pango/pangowin32.def: Add pango_win32_font_get_glyph_index.
* pango/pangowin32.h: Remove pango_win32_font_get_coverage, which
is static.
Mon Oct 1 16:02:54 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/fonts.c: g_string_printfa => g_string_append_printf.
Sat Sep 29 12:21:44 2001 Manish Singh <>
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (pango_ft2_font_map_for_display):
Typo fix: s/pang/pango/ in warning message
Fri Sep 28 11:27:57 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attr_iterator_get_font): Use
PANGO_FONT_MASK_* not PANGO_ATTR_* when manipulating the
mask. Add fields to mask for PANGO_ATTR_FONT_DESC so
it won't be overwritten by later attributes.
(Fixes from Tony Graham, #61297)
Thu Sep 27 12:08:23 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_log2vis_get_embedding_levels):
Fix wrapper version to have boolean result. (#61248,
Eric Lemings.)
Tue Sep 25 11:54:03 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* Version 0.20
* NEWS: Updated
* (GLIB_REQUIRED_VERSION): Require GLib 1.3.9
* examples/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add the viewer-qt
in case someone (say Tim) makes dist without qt installed.
(reported by Tony Graham)
* examples/ (pango.modules): Don't use
grep -q (reported by Tony Graham)
* docs/pango-sections.txt: Fix small typo.
Tue Sep 25 11:18:24 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_unset_fields): Change
things so that when you unset fields, the old values are
kept around persistantly. I don't like this much, but it
makes some hacks using PangoFontDescription easier. (In
particular, with GtkCellRendererText, being able to
toggle on-and-off a setting with a boolean.)
* pango/{pangoft2-fontmap.c, pangowin32-fontmap.c, pangox-fontmap.c}:
Fix for changed signature of g_ascii_strup/strdown.
Mon Sep 24 19:18:48 2001 Owen Taylor <>
Patch from Alex Larsson
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_index_to_line_and_extents,
pango_layout_index_to_line): Extract out some code portions
into separate functions and fix problems with cursor motion
in multi-paragraph layouts.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_index_to_pos): Fix
for multi-paragraph layouts.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_move_cursor_visually): Fix
for multi-paragraph layouts.
Mon Sep 24 18:19:22 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_index_to_pos): Fix
handling of the last index in a paragraph.
(#60630, fix based on patch from Padraig O'Briain.)
* pango/pango-layout.c (update_run): Take the start
index of the run as an argument since we don't have
sufficient information to compute it when
iter->run == NULL.
Fri Sep 21 18:55:18 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_from_string): Set
PANGO_FONT_MASK_FAMILY. (#60888, reported by Mario Motta)
2001-09-21 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/fonts.c (append_field, pango_font_description_to_string):
replace g_string_sprintfa by g_string_printfa.
2001-09-21 Hans Breuer <>
* pango/pango.def : updated externals
* pango/makefile.msc : build ft2 backend too.
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c
- Convert PangoWin32FamilyEntry into PangoWin32Family deriving
from PangoFontFamily.
- Convert PangoWin32FontEntry into PangoWin32Face deriving
from PangoFontFace.
- Change the list_families() method of the PangoWin32FontMap
to list PangoFontFamily * rather than names.
* pango/pangowin32.c : reflect PangoFontDescription api change
* pango/pangowin32.h : don't include pango.h but only the
required headers
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c : #include "pango-engine.h"
* pango/testfonts.c : reflect recent pango api changes
2001-09-20 Sven Neumann <>
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_set_family,
pango_font_description_copy): unset the static_family flag so the
family_name gets freed on the next call.
2001-09-20 James Henstridge <>
* pango/ (s-enum-types-c): fix rule so that flags get
registered as flags and rather than enums (enums still get
registered as enums).
* pango/pango-font.h: add get_type routine to header.
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_metrics_get_type): add get_type()
Wed Sep 19 19:28:52 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-fontmap.c: Remove pango_font_map_free_families,
which was no longer in the headers, no longer needed, and
no longer working.
* pango/pango-fontmap.c (pango_font_map_list_families)
* pango/pango-context.c (pango_context_list_families): Remove
references to pango_font_map_free_families.
2001-09-19 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/opentype/fterrcompat.h: header to abstract the difference
between FreeType 2.0.3 and 2.0.4 error codes, based on the
configure check.
* check for the tterrors.h header in FreeType 2.0.3,
and define HAVE_FREETYPE_2_0_3 if we have it
Wed Sep 19 10:48:04 2001 Tim Janik <>
* Released 0.19.
Tue Sep 18 23:27:52 2001 Tim Janik <>
* (GLIB_REQUIRED_VERSION): require glib 1.3.8.
Tue Sep 18 17:29:20 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c pango/pangoft2-private.h: Include
parent_instance structures.
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_family_get_type): Pass in right
class structure.
Tue Sep 18 15:47:08 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* (PANGO_MINOR_VERSION): Up to 0.19.
* pango/pango-font.h pango/pango-fontmap.[ch] pango/fonts.c
pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c pango/pangoft-fontmap.c pango/pango-context.[ch]
pango/pangox-fontmap.c: Add new PangoFontFace and PangoFontFamily
object types, and change the font listing API to list faces and
families, instead of face names and font descriptions.
* pango/pango-font.h pango/fonts.c: Make PangoFontDescription
an opaque heap-allocated structure, add accessors and
convenience functions.
* pango/pango-font.h pango/pango-private.h: Make PangoFontMetrics
heap allocated, protect the structure definition with
#ifdef PANGO_ENABLE_BACKEND, and add getters for the fields.
* pango/pango-attributes.[ch] ( pango_attr_iterator_get_font):
instead of providing a base font description and one to fill
in, provide a single font description to modify based on
the attributes.
* pango/pango-attributes.[ch]: Fix PangoAttrFontDesc to have
a PangoFontDescription by reference, not by value.
* pango/pango-utils.[ch]: make pango_parse_style() and friends
take pointers to individual enumerations instead of to a
PangoFontDescription structure.
* pango/*.c: Fix for the PangoFontDescription and PangoFontMetrics
* pango/pango-{break,engine,indic,ot,xft}.h pango/
pango/opentype/ Protect portions with
PANGO_ENABLE_ENGINE to shrink the public API.
* pango/{pangox.h,pangox-private.h} modules/basic/basic-x.c: Move
pango_x_font_get_unknown_glyph() into public header since it is
used from modules.
* pango/pango-{context,font,fontmap,modules.utils}.h pango/
Protect portions with PANGO_ENABLE_BACKEND to shrink the public API.
* pango/*.h: Use G_BEGIN/END_DECLS
* examples/viewer-qt.[cc,h]: Fix for changes to font listing API,
* pango/pango-indic.h modules/indic/*: Since we install this
header fix it up to Pango conventions, namespece
* docs/pango-sections.txt: Updated.
2001-09-18 Matt Wilson <>
* modules/basic/ (basic_xft_libadd): add
$(pangoxftlibs) so we get proper dependencies noted in the module.
Tue Sep 11 11:31:53 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c pango/modules.c
pango/pango-utils.c pango/querymodules.c: Use
g_build_filename() where appropriate.
Thu Sep 6 21:13:56 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-color.c: Fix problem with green/blue
2001-09-10 Alex Larsson <>
* pango/fonts.c:
* pango/glyphstring.c:
* pango/pango-attributes.c:
* pango/pango-color.c:
* pango/pango-tabs.c:
* pango/pango-utils.c:
Update to the new g_boxed_type_register_static API.
Mon Sep 3 19:37:02 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* Version 0.18
* NEWS: Updated.
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (pango_xft_font_finalize): Actually
free the XftFont (and description). Lack of such pointed out
by David Turner.
Sun Sep 2 12:08:15 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c pango/pango-utils.c: Make
a couple of functions static.
* pango/mini-fribidi/{fribidi_tables.i,fribidi.patch}:
Make data arrays static.
Thu Aug 30 17:34:52 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-color.c: New file, move color handling
* pango/pango-attributes.[ch] pango/pango-markup.c
pango/pango-color.c: Export pango_color_parse, change
it to take a PangoColor as its argument.
Fri Aug 24 12:21:50 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_set_text): Handle
text == NULL, length == 0 again.
Thu Aug 23 19:44:34 2001 Tim Janik <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_check_lines): pass ""
as default text into pango_layout_set_text() as NULL isn't
allowed anymore.
Wed Aug 22 19:52:18 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_set_text): Simply
use g_utf8_validate() to validate the text, avoiding
problem where layout was left in hosed state for invalid
UTF-8, and also a bug with reading one-past length.
2001-08-16 Alexander Larsson <>
* pango/pangowin32.c:
Fully convert the truetype unicode table to host endianness when reading it.
Add a cache of one to find_segment since it showed up on a profile.
2001-08-15 Jens Finke <>
* Updated to match gpp standard.
2001-08-14 Sven Neumann <>
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_render): composite with "saturate"
semantics instead of "over" so joining glyphs get drawn correctly.
2001-08-14 Sven Neumann <>
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_render): composite glyphs over the
buffer instead of simply copying into it so glyphs with overlapping
ink rectangles do not overwrite each other.
Sun Aug 12 10:33:02 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* docs/ pango/ Set GPATH to fix srcdir !=
builddir problems with GNU make.
2001-08-10 Hans Breuer <>
* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_render) : restore
the previously selected font into the device context.
(pango_win32_font_get_glyph_extents) : info->ink_rect.y needs
to be negative to get underlines right
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c (pango_win32_font_map_list_fonts) :
Don't g_assert_not_reached () on !family case. This is what
the X version does as well. Testcase for win32: testfonts.c
* pango/testfonts.c : (new file) simple test program for win32
which renders all or selected fonts into a bitmap
* pango/makefile.msc : re-enable testfonts compiling
2001-08-09 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_get_empty_extents):
Remove unneeded inc_rect parameter.
(pango_layout_line_get_extents): Treat lines containing only
tabs as empty lines. (#57051)
2001-08-09 Alexander Larsson <>
* pango/pangowin32.h:
* pango/pangowin32-private.h:
* pango/pangowin32.c:
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c:
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c:
* pango/pangowin32.def:
Large rewrite of the win32 backend to use real glyph indexes
instead of unicode codes. Also drops the subfont thing, thereby
simplifying the code immensely. This looses some functionality,
but i will add that back soon using global (non backend-specific)
This is the first cut, and is not perfect. It still has some issues
and imperfections, but it so clearly better than the current
imlementation that I'm checking it in anyway.
2001-08-04 Alexander Larsson <>
* pango/makefile.msc:
Don't build the non-existant testfont binary
Use glib-mkenums instead of the old
copy module-defs-win32.c.win32 to module-defs-win32.c
* pango/module-defs-win32.c.win32:
Include the built in basic-win32 stuff.
2001-07-27 Darin Adler <>
* modules/indic/gujarati-x.c: Remove unused prototype.
2001-07-20 Hans Breuer <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_get_vis2log_map) :
make implementation static too.
* pango/pango.def pango/pangowin32.def : updated exports
* pango/pangowin32.c : correct PangoLanguage changes
* pango/mini-fribidi/fribidi.c : removed gccism for msvc build
Thu Jul 19 16:44:43 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-context.c (font_set_load): Don't corrupt the
font description passed in.
Fri Jul 13 14:24:59 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ (pango_querymodules_DEPENDENCIES): Fix dependencies
to work without XFT.
Thu Jul 12 16:32:42 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ (pango_querymodules_DEPENDENCIES): Add
an explicit dependency on, to fix
parallel make problem (#56818)
* pango/ (CLEANFILES): Fix problem where
name of stamp files didn't match actual name.
2001-07-12 Darin Adler <>
* modules/arabic/arabic-x.c: (arabic_engine_shape): Remove stray
* modules/arabic/arconv.h:
* modules/arabic/arconv.c: (shape), (doublelig), (arabic_reshape):
Use long* instead of int* for parameter to match what's passed in.
* modules/indic/bengali-x.c: Add missing <string.h> include.
(pango_indic_make_ligs): Use local variable that was added but not
ever used.
(pango_indic_engine_shape): Remove unused locals.
* modules/indic/devanagari-x.c: Add missing <string.h> include.
(pango_indic_engine_shape): Remove unused local.
* modules/indic/gujarati-x.c: Add missing <string.h> include.
(pango_indic_engine_shape): Remove unused local
* modules/tamil/tamil-x.c: (tamil_engine_shape): Initialize a
variable to quiet the compiler's unused warning.
* pango/.cvsignore: Ignore more generated files.
* pango/opentype/ftxgpos.c: (Get_Anchor): Add code to set up the
ap variable. The old code would just use the uninitialized value.
* pango/opentype/ftxopen.c: (Load_Coverage): Remove unused local.
* pango/opentype/pango-ot-ruleset.c: (pango_ot_ruleset_shape):
Remove unused local.
* pango/pango-attributes.c: (pango_attr_list_get_type),
(pango_color_get_type): Add needed function type casts (just
warnings under gcc, but could be errors in other compilers).
* pango/pangoxft-font.c: (pango_xft_font_get_metrics),
(pango_xft_font_get_coverage), (pango_xft_get_shaper_map),
(pango_xft_font_find_shaper): Switch from lang char* to
PangoLanguage*. The code was still compiling, but would not have
2001-07-02 James Henstridge <>
* pango/glyphstring.c (pango_glyph_string_copy): copy function.
(pango_glyph_string_get_type): implement get_type function.
* pango/pango-glyph.h (pango_glyph_string_get_type): get_type
function prototype.
(pango_glyph_string_copy): prototype for copy function.
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_language_get_type): implementation.
* pango/pango-types.h (pango_language_get_type): get_type function.
* pango/pango-tabs.c (pango_tab_array_get_type): implementation.
* pango/pango-tabs.h (pango_tab_array_get_type): get_type function.
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_get_type): implementation.
* pango/pango-font.h (pango_font_description_get_type): add
get_type function for typecode.
Mon Jul 2 06:12:18 2001 Tim Janik <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c:
* pango/pangox.c:
* pango/pangowin32.c:
* pango/pangoft2.c: s/shutdown/dispose/ to adapt to
GObject changes.
Sun Jul 1 22:59:02 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-markup.c (text_handler): Use gssize,
not size_t, gssize isn't defined here on all
2001-06-29 Havoc Pennington <>
* (QTDIR): don't get confused by qt3
Thu Jun 28 21:49:30 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* (GLIB_REQUIRED_VERSION): Require GLib-1.3.7
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c
pango/pangox-fontmap.c pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c:
Fix args to g_type_init().
Tue Jun 26 15:11:30 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-context.c (font_set_get_font)
pango/pango-context.c (add_engines): Couple of
bug fixes for the last change.
* Abort out when AM_PATH_GLIB fails.
Tue Jun 26 10:19:02 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_language_matches): Handle
language == NULL as matching nothing but '*'.
* pango/pango-context.[ch] (pango_context_get_metrics): Add a
(slowish) function to get the metrics for a font description,
including fallbacks as with pango_itemize(), rather than a single
Sat Jun 23 10:01:20 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c (pango_win32_font_entry_get_coverage):
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (pango_ft2_font_entry_get_coverage):
modules/arabic/arabic-xft.c (arabic_engine_shape):
modules/arabic/arabic-x.c (arabic_engine_shape):
pango/pango-context.c (pango_itemize):
pango/pangox.c (get_font_metrics_from_string):
pango/pangoft2.c (get_font_metrics_from_string):
Adapt to 64-bit changes in glib.
* pango/ Modify generation rules to
use glib-mkenums (ugh, loong command lines), and
to reduce rebuilding by using stamp files.
2001-06-22 Hans Breuer <>
* pango/makefile.msc : changed version to 0.17
* pango/pango.def : updated externals
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c :
* pango/pangowin32-private.h :
* pango/pangowin32.c : adapted to PangoLanguage usage
Sat Jun 9 17:36:09 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-types.h pango/pango-utils.c: Add a new PangoLanguage
type to represent language tags; these can efficiently be compared
and don't need to be copied. Also add pango_language_matches()
to match a language tag against a pattern.
* pango/pango-item.[ch] pango/pango-layout.c: Move extra_attrs
from PangoItem to PangoAnalysis. Add a language tag field to
PangoAnalysis. (#55894)
* pango/pango-attributes.[ch] (pango_attr_iterator_get_font): Return
the language tag as well.
* pango/pango-attributes.[ch]: Rename PangoAttrLang to PangoAttrLanguage,
and make it hold a PangoLanguage.
* pango/pango-context.[ch]: Rename pango_context_{get,set}_lang() to
* **.[ch]: Adapt to PangoLanguage and s/lang/language/ changes.
* modules/basic/basic-x.c modules/basic/tables-big.i: Add support
for ordering character sets differently for different language
* pango/itemize.c: Remove old, unused file.
* pango/pango-context.c (pango_itemize): Reduce number of mallocs
by allocating one array of PangoAnalysis instead of many arrays.
2001-06-12 Havoc Pennington <>
* docs/ (dist-hook): don't ignore errors from missing
* NEWS: update
* increment version to 0.17
Thu Jun 7 14:06:25 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_move_cursor_visually):
Add a 'strong' parameter to allow moving either the strong
or the weak cursor visually, instead of the strong cursor.
2001-06-07 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/ add to _DEPENDENCIES for the
other libs
* use AM_PATH_GLIB_2_0
* dist the files
Tue Jun 5 10:40:17 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* docs/reference/tmpl/*.smgl: Patch from Matthias
Clasen fixing various typos. (#55744)
Thu May 31 19:35:27 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_x_to_index):
Make the hack for avoiding the last index of the line more
sophisticated in order to deal with newlines internal
to the layout and the case where the second half of the
last character is specifically selected. (Fixes #51190)
Thu May 31 12:31:20 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c (pango_x_font_map_for_display):
Actually advance through list. (Problem noticed
by Erwann Chenede)
* modules/ (install-data-local): Move rule
for generation of /etc/pango/pango.modules to here,
since we are now built _after_ the library. (Problem
noticed by KUSANO Takayuki)
Tue May 29 18:17:11 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* (have_libtool): Fix GNU sedism
Tue May 29 17:41:44 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* Use $PKG_CONFIG, not pkg-config.
Mon May 28 18:15:55 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_move_cursor_visually):
Set *trailing properly at end of line.
Mon May 28 11:51:45 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/modules.c (map_add_engine): Fix problem with
information loss when converting leaves to branches.
(Problem found by Toshio MARUYAMA)
Wed May 23 12:59:26 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_make_font_struct): Load the
font struct for "fixed" in the case of a broken font list
where fonts listed by XListFonts aren't loadable.
Fri May 18 16:44:25 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (ensure_tab_width): Use the font
at the beginning of the paragraph, not the context's
Fri May 18 11:30:57 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/opentype/disasm.c: Use ISO C99 varargs when
Thu May 17 11:16:23 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/mapping.c: Fixup docs, remove some FIXMEs that are
no longer applicable.
* pango/pango-layout.c: Move by graphemes, not characters.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_x_to_index):
Position at the closest grapheme boundary, not at character
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_index_to_x):
Return positions of grapheme boundaries, not character
Tue May 1 16:03:48 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* (libtool_version): Require libtool 1.4 when
build out of CVS.
* **/ Add inter-library dependencies,
especially for the modules. Many cleanups to the
module makefiles.
* modules/indic/ Remove
INCLUDE_ANY_INDIC conditional which doesn't seem to have
any point and was definitely suspect as done.
* modules/tamil/tamil-xft.c (MODULE_ENTRY): Fix prefix
to be _pango_tamil instead of _pango_basic.
* Build modules/ after pango/ so we can
make the modules depend on libpango/libpangox.
* examples/ Remove spurious rule to rebuild
Mon May 14 19:10:11 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c: Fix to correspond to extremely
odd choice of sign convention in libXft. (#51476)
Wed May 9 10:11:06 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ (install-data-local): Get rid
of grep -q (pointed out by Tony Graham).
2001-05-06 Alexander Larsson <>
Fix Xft detection by setting CPPFLAGS before trying
the Xft/XftFreetyp.h header file.
Use CPPFLAGS instead of CFLAGS.
2001-01-06 Hans Breuer <>
* pango/makefile.msc : reflect new version number, removed
external fribidi dependency from link step as well
* pango/pango.def : updated externals
* pango/pangowin32.c : initialize approximate_(digit|char)_width
similar to what the other backends do
Fri May 4 11:07:04 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* NEWS: Update for 0.16
* docs/pango-sections.txt: Update.
Wed May 2 11:57:45 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* examples/ (QT_LIBS): Remove space that
was confusing libtool.
2001-05-04 Alex Larsson <>
* pango/pangoft2.c (get_font_metrics_from_subfonts):
Set approximate_digit_width and approximate_char_width. The
digit one could be done better (see bug 53425).
2001-05-03 Michael Natterer <>
* also check for the the Xft header.
Wed May 2 11:35:16 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* (have_freetype): Add check to make sure
#include FT_ERRORS_H works. (#54043)
2001-05-02 Sven Neumann <>
* do not try to build modules using Xft if X is not
available or was explicitely disabled.
Tue May 1 23:30:53 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/hangul/hangul-x.c (hangul_engine_shape): Fix numeric
format in warning.
* pango/pangox.c (get_font_metrics_from_string): Fix assorted
Tue May 1 19:27:00 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_render): Rewrite the newline
arrow drawing code to act a little better on a range
of different sizes of fonts.
2001-04-27 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c: Move some fontmap stuff to
pangox-private.h to access fontmap->resolution in pangox.c
* pango/pangox.c (get_font_metrics_from_subfonts): multiply
avg. width by PANGO_SCALE, and consider that avg width from X is
in decipoints
* modules/basic/basic-x.c: mark some chars unknown when shaping,
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_font_get_metrics): use lookup_lang not
lang when calling get_font_metrics_from_string
(pango_x_render): render unknown chars
* pango/pango-layout.c:
(pango_layout_set_single_paragraph_mode): add mode where we don't
break on para separators, instead we shape them and display glyphs
(pango_layout_get_single_paragraph_mode): getter for above
(pango_layout_check_lines): handle single paragraph mode
Tue Apr 24 11:45:55 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/opentype/ftxgdef.c (TT_Load_GDEF_Table): Remove
excess call to DONE_Stream left over from conversion
from FT1. (reported by Michael Jansson)
2001-04-20 Alexander Larsson <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (pango_xft_font_get_metrics):
Set approximate_digit_width and approximate_char_width to
some cheesy value. Not good, but better than nothing.
Fri Apr 20 11:38:46 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-markup.c (pango_parse_markup): Remove some
conditionalization on (md->text == NULL) that is no
longer needed with the last change.
2001-04-20 Anders Carlsson <>
* pango/pango-markup.c (pango_parse_markup): Discard the parsed text if
the input variable text is NULL. This fixes a segfault.
Tue Apr 17 15:44:53 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* Release 0.15
* tests/testboundaries.c: Look for files in $srcdir.
* (SUBDIRS): Add tests, remove fonts
* tests/ (EXTRA_DIST): added missing stuff
* fonts/: Remove. Nothing in here is needed any more.
2001-04-16 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-glyph.h: Removed pango_justify(), since it has no
implementation that I can find.
* pango/pango-attributes.c: docs
* pango/pango-layout.c: docs
Mon Apr 16 19:20:12 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/tamil/tamil-x.c: Remove warning when using fallback
Mon Apr 16 19:14:00 2001 Owen Taylor <>
[ Patches from Vikram Subramanian to update Tamil shapers ]
* modules/tamil/tamil-xft.c modules/tamil/
Xft/TT based Tamil rendering engine. Uses glyphs in the
private-use-area instead of proper OpenType tables.
* examples/HELLO.utf8: Add Tamil line
* examples/pangox.aliases: Add tamil fonts
* modules/tamil/tadefs.h modules/tamil/tamil-x.c: Update
to use PANGO_LIGATURE_HACK ligatures from BDF files instead
of a fixed encoding.
Mon Apr 16 18:12:06 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* README: Small updates
* examples/HELLO.utf8: Insert a RLM on the Yiddish line
to correct for fixes to the bidi algorithm.
* pango/mini-fribidi/*: Update to CVS fribidi which
has various bug fixes.
Mon Apr 16 14:26:54 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* docs/pango-sections.txt: Update.
* docs/ (EXTRA_DIST): Update to the latest
2001-04-14 Hans Breuer <>
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c : instead of simply adding one
matching font for the magic font names (sans, serif, monospace)
stuff any mathing font in the respective family entries
(pango_win32_font_map_load_font) : do the same approximation for
oblique and italic as the X version does
* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_font_get_glyph_extents) :
initialize ink_rect and logical_rect to some more appropriate values
(subfont_has_glyph) : implement glyph availability caching. IMO it
needs to be done different to the other backends, because even the
decision if a font has a specific glyph is increadeable slow on win32
Fri Apr 13 14:55:20 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/mini-fribidi/{fribidi.c,fribidi_get_type.c,fribidi_tables.i}:
Update to correspond to FriBidi-0.9.0 (with some small fixes)
* pango/mini-fribidi/fribidi-0.9.0.patch: Update patch for
2001-04-13 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-font.h: Add macros for CSS font scale factors
2001-04-13 James Henstridge <>
* AC_INIT should be the first statement in the file.
Tue Apr 3 15:05:19 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* Release 0.14
* NEWS: updated.
* pango/pango/opentype/ make dist fixes.
Mon Apr 2 12:01:03 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* examples/ (main): Add the mystic
g_type_init ((GTypeDebugFlags) 0);.
2001-04-02 Alexander Larsson <>
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c:
Add some initilaization failure warnings if no fonts found
or no fontaliases files found.
2001-03-31 Fatih Demir <>
* .cvsignore: Extended the ignore list to be right
and make CVS quiet.
2001-03-18 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/
* pango/pango.def: Update.
* pango/module-defs-win32.c.win32: New file.
* pango/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add here.
* pango/mini-fribidi/makefile.mingw: New file.
* pango/mini-fribidi/makefile.mingw (EXTRA_DIST): Add here.
Fri Mar 9 11:57:46 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_find_subfont): Remove a lot of
instances of "Error parsing ligature info" that somehow
crept in.
* docs/*: Some makefile tweaks, structure updates.
2001-03-15 Sven Neumann <>
* modules/*/
* pango/ make it compile without X headers
2001-03-12 Sven Neumann <>
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_font_describe): set the size field
2001-03-07 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_font_get_metrics): fix a cheesy bug in
setting approximate_digit_width
Wed Mar 7 09:21:14 2001 Tim Janik <>
* pango/pango-attributes.c: fixed up g_boxed_type_register_static()
since GLib signature changed.
* got rid of bogus g_type_init() calls.
2001-02-28 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-font.h (struct _PangoFontMetrics): add
approximate_digit_width field
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_font_get_metrics): make up an
approximate digit width number
2001-02-28 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-font.h (struct _PangoFontMetrics): Add
approximate_char_width field
* pango/pangox.c (get_font_metrics_from_subfonts): "compute" the
approximate char width. Other backends need to add this.
2001-02-28 Alexander Larsson <>
* pango/pango-attributes.[c]:
Added pango_attr_list_get_type, and PANGO_TYPE_ATTR_LIST.
2001-02-20 Havoc Pennington <>
Patch from Soeren Sandmann
* pango/pangox-fontcache.c (pango_x_font_cache_load): make xlfd
arg const
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_get_sysconf_subdirectory):
(pango_get_lib_subdirectory): G_CONST_RETURN
2001-02-19 Hans Breuer <>
* pango/modules.h, pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_get_context) :
added _pango_included_win32_modules[] to include modules with plain
win32 build as well.
* pango/pango.def : added new exported functions
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c : add unspecified fonts for Monospace,
Sans and Serif to avoid crashes if no alias file is provided
* pango/*/makefile.msc : new files to build on windoze with msvc
2001-02-15 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_x_to_index): fix
*trailing = FALSE to read *trailing = 0
2001-02-13 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_get_x_ranges): fix
another "count line lengths to get line start" bug
2001-02-12 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attr_list_insert_internal):
properly update the tail of the list
(pango_attr_list_change): flip order of tmp_list2 =
tmp_list2->next and prev2 = tmp_list2 to avoid setting
prev2 and tmp_list2 to the same value thus creating a
mangled list.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_xy_to_index): When returning
FALSE, set the index/trailing to the nearest location, instead
of setting them to 0.
(pango_layout_line_x_to_index): Fix a bug where line->start_index
wasn't used. Return boolean for whether we had to clamp the
value to get an index.
Mon Feb 12 15:01:38 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* (gtk_doc_min_version): Add check for
gtk-doc version.
Mon Feb 12 12:45:16 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ srcdir != build dir fix.
* docs/ Switching over to the new gtk-doc
2001-02-11 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pangox.c (font_struct_get_ligatures): memory leak fix
2001-02-10 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_get_sysconf_subdirectory,
pango_get_lib_subdirectory): (Win32): Use
g_win32_get_package_installation_subdirectory(). Use the same
directory structure as on Unix, etc\pango and lib\pango under the
installation "prefix".
* config.h.win32
* pango/ Use mini-fribidi instead of full
* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_render_layout_line): Adapt to
changed PangoAttrColor.
* pango/querymodules.c: Include <io.h> for getcwd() prototype.
(query_module): Handle modules with spaces in the path, and
backslashes, use g_strescape() (for Windows).
* pango/mini-fribidi/makefile.mingw: New file
2001-02-05 Alexander Larsson <>
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_render,
pango_ft2_render_layout_line): Remove bogus MIN when rendering
freetype text. Also draw full underlines.
Sun Feb 4 07:48:47 2001 Tim Janik <>
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_color_get_type): pass 0 as
first argument to g_type_init().
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_get_font_map):
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c (pango_win32_font_map_for_display):
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (pango_ft2_font_map_for_display):
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c (pango_x_font_map_for_display):
* pango/pango-context.c (pango_context_new): likewise.
* i dare saying that i doubt the usefullness of all these
g_type_init() calls though.
2001-01-26 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pangox.h (PangoGetGCFunc): take a PangoColor not a
* pango/pango-attributes.h: add PangoColor, add PANGO_ATTR_INVALID
as a placeholder for zero in the PangoAttrType enum, corresponds
* pango/pango-attributes.c: Add PangoColor type, use for
(pango_color_get_type): new function
(pango_color_copy): new function
(pango_color_free): new function
Thu Jan 25 14:47:17 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-sections.txt pango/pango-docs.sgml pango/tmpl/*:
Updates for new functions.
2001-01-23 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_copy): New function
2001-01-23 Alex Larsson <>
* pango/pango-item.c (pango_item_free):
Free item->extra_attrs list.
* pango/pango-layout.c (process_item):
Don't leak copy of item.
* pango/pango-utils.c (read_config_file):
If the config file open fails, don't leak the
temp buffers.
2001-01-23 <>
* modules/basic/basic-ft2.c (basic_engine_get_coverage):
Don't leak PangoCoverage.
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (pango_ft2_font_map_load_font):
Move name free closer to allocation.
(pango_ft2_font_map_read_alias_file): Don't leak faces.
(pango_ft2_font_entry_get_coverage): Don't leak font as
filename and cache_file_name.
2001-01-22 Havoc Pennington <>
* tests/testboundaries.c (check_line_char): s/is_break/is_line_break/g;
* pango/pango-layout.c, pango/pango-layout.h: Add PangoWrapMode
for PangoLayout
* pango/break.c (pango_default_break): implement char break log
* pango/pango-break.h (struct _PangoLogAttr): rename is_break
is_line_break, add is_char_break field
2001-01-18 Alex Larsson <>
* pango/pangoft2.c (get_font_metrics_from_subfonts):
Use correct font metrics information.
2001-01-07 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_to_filename): Allow '+' in
the filename.
* pango/pangowin32.c (get_font_metrics_from_string): Adopt to new
prototype for g_utf8_to_ucs4).
* pango/module-defs.c.win32: Removed.
* pango/module-defs-ft2.c.win32: New file, hand-written until GNU
configure is used on Win32, too.
* pango/
* pango/ (EXTRA_DIST): Corresponding changes.
* pango/pango.def: Update.
Sat Jan 6 20:23:54 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/arabic/arabic-x.c (arabic_engine_shape): Adapt
to new g_utf8_to_ucs4() prototype.
* modules/basic/basic-ft2.c: Include pango-engine.h
* pango/pangoft2.h: Don't include pango.h, which would
pull in pango-enums.h and thus break module building,
just include neeeded pango-layout.h
Fri Jan 5 16:12:37 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/arabic/{arabic-xft,arabic}.c pango/{pango-context.c,pangoft.c,pangox.c}:
Adopt to new prototype for g_utf8_to_ucs4 (etc.).
2001-01-05 Alexander Larsson <>
* .cvsignore: Add pangoft2.pc
Build and install pangoft2.pc
* pangoft2.pc:
New file.
2001-01-04 Havoc Pennington <>
* modules/indic/ (INCLUDES): add X_CFLAGS
* modules/hangul/ (INCLUDES): add X_CFLAGS
* modules/tamil/ (INCLUDES): add X_CFLAGS
* modules/thai/ (INCLUDES): add X_CFLAGS
2001-01-04 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/ (install-data-local): put creation of module
file here. Fixes problem if you 'make install' with no preceding
'make' reported by Michael Meeks.
* modules/ (install-data-local): remove creation of module file
from here
* (SUBDIRS): remove pango-config
* use pkg-config to detect GLib cflags/libs
* pangoxft.pc (Description): fix name/description
2001-01-04 Alexander Larsson <>
* modules/arabic/arabic-x.c:
* modules/arabic/arabic-xft.c:
* modules/basic/basic-ft2.c:
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c:
* modules/basic/basic-x.c:
* modules/hangul/hangul-x.c:
* modules/indic/bengali-x.c:
* modules/indic/devanagari-x.c:
* modules/indic/gujarati-x.c:
* modules/indic/gurmukhi-x.c:
* modules/indic/myanmar-x.c:
* modules/tamil/tamil-x.c:
* modules/thai/thai-x.c:
Change all modules to use a define to the script engine name. Also
Fixes some errors in the names (they were different in the same module).
* pango/.cvsignore:
add module-defs*.[ch]
2001-01-03 Alexander Larsson <>
* modules/arabic/
* modules/arabic/arabic-x.c:
* modules/basic/
* modules/basic/basic-x.c:
* modules/hangul/
* modules/hangul/hangul-x.c:
* modules/indic/
* modules/indic/bengali-x.c:
* modules/indic/devanagari-x.c:
* modules/indic/gujarati-x.c:
* modules/indic/gurmukhi-x.c:
* modules/indic/myanmar-x.c:
* modules/tamil/
* modules/tamil/tamil-x.c:
* modules/thai/
* modules/thai/thai-x.c:
Rename all x modules from abc to abc-x.
* modules/arabic/arabic.c:
* modules/basic/basic.c:
* modules/hangul/hangul.c:
* modules/indic/bengali.c:
* modules/indic/devanagari.c:
* modules/indic/gujarati.c:
* modules/indic/gurmukhi.c:
* modules/indic/myanmar.c:
* modules/tamil/tamil.c:
* modules/thai/thai.c:
These were all copied to file-x.c and then removed.
2001-01-03 Alexander Larsson <>
Update the default list of included modules for
--with-included-modules=yes to include all new modules.
Split INCLUDED_MODULES and module-defs.c into per shaper
engine type lists.
* modules/arabic/
* modules/arabic/arabic-xft.c:
Change module prefix to _pango_arabic_xft_
* modules/basic/
Build static libs for all included modules.
* modules/basic/basic-ft2.c:
Change module prefix to _pango_basic_ft2_
* modules/basic/basic-xft.c:
Change module prefix to _pango_basic_xft_
* pango/
Include correct module-defs-XXX in libs.
* pango/modules.h:
Split _pango_included_modules[] into separate lists.
* pango/pangox.c:
* pango/pangoft2.c:
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c:
Register built in modules.
2000-12-22 Alexander Larsson <>
* pango/pangoft2.c:
Remove timing printfs.
* pango/pangoft2-private.h:
Disable debug.
2000-12-21 Tor Lillqvist <>
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c (script_engine_load): Only a script
engine here.
* pango/ Add the built pango-enum-types.[ch].
* pango/pango.def
* pango/pangoft2.def: Update.
* pango/opentype/pango-ot.def
* pango/opentype/ New files.
* pango/opentype/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add them.
* (included_modules): Generate
2000-12-21 Alexander Larsson <>
Change usage to say pango-config instead of glib-config.
Add support for pangoft2.
* modules/basic/
Compile and install pango-basic-ft2 if freetype was found.
* modules/basic/basic-ft2.c:
Remove lang engine. Make the glyph from the glyph index instead
of the unicode index. The id is really BasicScriptEngineFT2.
* pango/
Compile and install pangoft2 if freetype was found.
* pango/pangoft2-fontcache.c (pango_ft2_font_cache_load):
Init face-> to 0, since this field will be used
to cache the current size of the face.
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (pango_ft2_font_map_for_display):
Use g_object_new instead of g_type_create_instance.
(pango_ft2_font_entry_get_coverage): Use G_DIR_SEPARATOR_S
instead of \\. (pango_ft2_font_entry_get_coverage): Init result
to NULL. Don't write to file if open failed.
* pango/pangoft2-private.h:
Add PangoFT2GlyphInfo.
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_get_face): Export function, and make
sure it sets the correct face size. (pango_ft2_load_font,
pango_ft2_get_per_char, pango_ft2_font_get_kerning):
PANGO_FT2_GLYPH_INDEX stores the glyph index, not the unicode value.
(pango_ft2_font_get_glyph_extents): Cache glyph extents.
(pango_ft2_has_glyph): Remove function.
(pango_ft2_font_finalize): Free glyph info cache.
* pango/pangoft2.h:
Export pango_ft2_get_face, remove pango_ft2_has_glyph.
Wed Dec 20 19:53:09 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* docs/ (IGNORE_HFILES): Add opentype/.
* modules/{basic/basic,arabic/arabic}-xft.c: Include
* pango/pangoxft.h: Don't include pango.h to avoid
getting pango-enum-types.h.
* pango/ (pangoinclude_HEADERS): Move
XFT_HFILES out of pango_headers, since
shouldn't be run on it.
2000-12-20 Havoc Pennington <>
* fix freetype check a bit
Tue Dec 19 22:47:16 2000 Owen Taylor <>
modules/basic/ Since Xft may only be available
statically without shlib deps, check for FreeType libs explicitly
and include them when linking, otherwise things won't work. Also,
define FREETYPE_CFLAGS from freetype-config --cflags.
* modules/basic/basic-xft.c pango/pangoxft-font{,map}.c: Fool
Xft into not converting glyph indices by loading the
face unencoded then calling FT_Set_Charmap ourselves.
* pango/ pango/pango-ot.h pango/opentype/* :Add start
of opentype handling - most of the actually meat of the code here
is the OpenType layout code from FreeType 1 ported to freetype2
and adapted slighlty for our purposes. Also, includes a
incomplete OpenType-table-dumping code useful for figuring
out what is going on.
* pango/pangoxft.h pango/pangoxft-font.h: Add calls for
getting FT_Face and PangoOTInfo from PangoXftFont.
* modules/arabic/{,arabic-ot.[ch],arabic-xft.c}:
Initial support for rendering Arabic with OpenType fonts.
2000-12-18 Havoc Pennington <>
Fix build breakage, reported by Alex Larsson and Yasushi Shoji
* pango/pangox.h: don't include pango.h, just individual headers
* check for perl, add --disable-rebuilds configure
option, automatically disable rebuilds if no perl
* pango/ use located perl to run,
and don't try to rebuild if we did --disable-rebuilds
(EXTRA_DIST): add built headers
* modules/*/*.[hc]: don't include pango.h, include specific headers
2000-12-15 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-glyph.h: move pango_shape and pango_reorder_items in
* pango/pango-break.h: move most of pango.h in here, so that
pango.h can be the only file that includes pango-enum-types.h, so
that changing any header doesn't end up rebuilding all of pango
due to a rebuild of pango-enum-types.h.
* pango/ script to generate pango-enum-types.[hc]
* pango/ (pango_headers): built pango-enum-types.h,
pango-enum-types.c that do enum type registration; add
pango-break.h; do some assorted rearranging to handle the
built headers
* pango/pango.h: moved most of it to pango-break.h
* pango/break.c: include individual headers, not pango.h
* pango/shape.c: ditto
* pango/reorder-items.c: ditto
* pango/querymodules.c: ditto
* pango/pango-layout.c: ditto
* pango/pango-indic.c: ditto
* pango/mapping.c: ditto
* pango/itemize.c: ditto
* pango/fonts.c: ditto
2000-12-15 Havoc Pennington <>
* modules/ (install-data-local): touch
sysconfdir/pango/pango.modules even if there are no dynamic
modules, so pango won't spew warnings about pango.modules not
existing, and to simplify RPM file lists
* pango/pango-context.c (fallback_engine_shape): fix this to
avoid incrementing i twice
(fallback_shaper): fix initializer
* pango/querymodules.c (query_module): don't call g_module_close()
on a module that doesn't get opened successfully
* pango/modules.c: do not include modules.h
(init_modules): do not do the builtin modules here,
they are done by pangox
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_get_context): register included modules
* pango/pangoxft-font.c: do not include modules.h
* pango/ (libpango_la_SOURCES): move modules.c,
back in here (but not modules.h, which actually goes with
2000-12-14 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-context.c (add_engines): Use a fallback shaper if
no engine is found for a range, the fallback shaper shapes to
glyphs of 0. This is just to let other code depend on the
invariant that there's a shape engine for all characters.
* tests/all-unicode.txt: Huge file containing all Unicode
characters, for robustness testing. Not in EXTRA_DIST
for now, not sure we should torture people that way...
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_find_shaper): remove the assert that
we found a shaper, and instead let things fall back to the fallback
Thu Dec 14 20:34:18 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft.h pango/pangoxft-font.c: (PANGO_TYPE_XFT_FONT): Add
PANGO_XFT_IS_FONT to the public header.
Thu Dec 14 19:00:46 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/indic/pango-indic-script.h: Fix macro breakage.
* modules/basic/tables-big.i: Remove extra copy of basic_ranges.
* modules/thai/thai.c: Fix various warnings.
modules/basic/ modules/basic/basic-xft.c
pango/ pango/pangoxft-font.[ch] pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c
pango/pangoxft.h pango/pangoxft-private.h: Initial support
for rendering via Xft and the Xrender extension.
2000-12-14 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_find_shaper): add assertion that
shaper != NULL to catch engine problems faster
* pango/ (libpangox_la_SOURCES): modules.[hc] and
module-defs.c have to go in libpangox for now since the modules
use the X stuff, and static linkage won't let you play games here
* examples/ (pango_viewer_LDADD): fix order of link
* modules/indic/pango-indic-script.h (pango_indic_get_char): make
this a macro, so it doesn't collide between modules
* modules/*/ Fix to work if the module isn't included
* examples/ don't query modules if we didn't build any
* modules/indic/gurmukhi.c (MODULE_ENTRY): fix prefix
* modules/indic/bengali.c (MODULE_ENTRY): fix prefix
* modules/indic/gujarati.c (MODULE_ENTRY): fix prefix
* modules/indic/devanagari.c (MODULE_ENTRY): fix prefix
* modules/indic/myanmar.c (MODULE_ENTRY): uniquely prefix the functions
* modules/ (MODULES): handle case where there are no
modules to query
* Fix up include_modules stuff to work with Indic
* pango/glyphstring.c (pango_glyph_string_set_size): Just
g_error() if the glyph string exceeds maximum integer size,
instead of mysteriously crashing later.
2000-12-15 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_ft_strerror): Update for newest
(pango_ft2_font_finalize): gcc warns about empty format strings,
so use just a space...
2000-12-11 Havoc Pennington <>
* tests/boundaries.utf8: Add some jamo and viramas and unicode
para separators and \r\n and so on, crashes the text widget nicely
2000-12-11 Elliot Lee <>
* modules/thai/thai.c, pango/break.c: #include <string.h>
Mon Dec 11 15:20:24 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* examples/HELLO.utf8: Add a tab into to Yiddish line
to force correct segmentation around the parentheses.
2000-11-30 Havoc Pennington <>
* modules/thai/thai.c: delete lang engine
* modules/tamil/tamil.c: delete lang engine
(tamil_engine_x_new): fix type tag for shape engine
* modules/indic/myanmar.c: delete lang engine
(pango_engine_x_new): fix type tag for shape engine
* modules/indic/gurmukhi.c: delete lang engine
(pango_indic_engine_x_new): fix type tag for shape engine
* modules/indic/gujarati.c: delete lang engine
(pango_indic_engine_x_new): fix type tag for shape engine
* modules/indic/devanagari.c: delete lang engine
(pango_indic_engine_x_new): fix type tag for shape engine
* modules/indic/pango-indic-script.h (SCRIPT_ENGINE_DEFINITION):
delete lang engine
* modules/indic/bengali.c: delete the lang engine
(pango_indic_engine_x_new): fix type tag for shape engine
* modules/hangul/hangul.c: delete the lang engine
(hangul_engine_x_new): fix type tag for shape engine
* modules/basic/basic.c: delete the lang engine
(basic_engine_x_new): fix type tag for shape engine
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c: delete the lang engine
(basic_engine_win32_new): this was a shape engine,
use correct type tag
* modules/basic/basic-ft2.c: delete the lang engine
* modules/arabic/arabic.c: Delete the lang engine
(arabic_engine_x_new): this is a shape
engine, not a lang engine, fix type tag
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_index_to_line_x): handle
the fact that paragraph delimiters aren't in the layout lines
(pango_layout_index_to_pos): update to handle paragraph
* pango/break.c (pango_find_paragraph_boundary): New function
to find paragraph boundaries
* pango/pango-layout.c (get_items_log_attrs): don't separate calls
to pango_break() when directional level changes
* pango/pango-layout.h (struct _PangoLayoutLine): put start index
of the line into the struct
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_get_cursor_pos): Fixups to
reflect the fact that paragraph separators are removed from the
input text.
* pango/pango-layout.c (can_break_at): don't
special-case start of line and whitespace-following-alphabetic
here, because pango_break() already handles that properly
* tests/testboundaries.c, tests/, tests/
Add directory for test programs, and a script to run them all
* Create Makefile in tests
* pango/break.c (pango_break): Try for a real implementation of
the Unicode text boundary algorithms
(pango_get_log_attrs): Allow length to be -1
* pango/pango-context.c (pango_itemize): use pango_item_new(),
assert that items added to the list are sane.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_check_lines): Reimplement
to honor the paragraph boundaries from pango_break()
* pango/pango-layout.c (process_item): use pango_item_split() here
* pango/pango-item.c (pango_item_split): New function to split an
item into two items
Fri Dec 1 11:49:50 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (get_tab_pos): Make sure that
we don't end up in an infinite loop due to zero-width
tabs. (Fix problem found by Hans Breuer)
2000-12-01 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_get_sysconf_subdirectory): Use
2000-11-30 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/ (DEFINES): Define PANGO_VERSION.
Changes by Hans Breuer:
* pango/pango-layout.c (shape_tab): Add a FIXME comment.
* pango/pango-markup.c (compare_xcolor_entries): Use g_strcasecmp.
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_get_sysconf_subdirectory): Use second
fallback location if there is no pango subdir in the Windows
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c
(pango_win32_font_entry_get_coverage): Check if fopen succeeded.
* pango/pangowin32-private.h (DEBUGGING): Turn off.
* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_unicode_classify): We can in
fact get out of the loop. Return invalid value in that case.
(subfont_has_glyph): Improve performance a bit.
* pango/querymodules.c: Small change for MSVC build.
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c (basic_engine_get_coverage):
Performance improvement.
* examples/viewer-win32.c (main): Disable double buffering on the
layout widget, but only when building with GTK+ 1.3.2 or newer.
Wed Nov 29 11:08:52 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/mini-fribidi/fribidi.c pango/mini-fribidi/fribidi-tables.i:
Some tiny changes to correspond to fribidi-0.15
* pango/
Move headers into separate subdir, to avoid
clashes with future versions of Pango.
2000-11-20 Tor Lillqvist <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add README.win32.
* examples/pangoft2.aliases: Add this file to CVS.
* examples/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add it here.
2000-11-21 Elliot Lee <>
* modules/*/*.c: Fix warnings - mostly include string.h for strcmp.
2000-11-20 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (update_run): Fix this to make iteration
over runs work properly
2000-11-19 Tor Lillqvist <>
* README.win32: New file.
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_to_filename): New
function. As pango_font_description_to_string, but with result
that is better suitable as a filename: No spaces or other strange
characters, all in lowercase.
(pango_font_describe): Implement this function, call the
corresponding method.
* pango/pango-font.h: Declare pango_font_description_to_filename.
* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_font_describe)
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_font_describe): Implement these.
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (pango_ft2_font_entry_get_coverage)
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c (pango_win32_font_entry_get_coverage):
Implement file-based persistent caching of coverages.
* pango/pangoft2-private.h (struct _PangoFT2FontEntry)
* pango/pangowin32-private.h (struct _PangoWin32FontEntry): Move
struct definition here from the -fontmap files.
* pango/pango.def: Updates.
Fri Nov 17 16:12:34 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* Released 0.13
* NEWS: Updates for 0.13
Fri Nov 17 16:04:19 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* tools/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add maps/tis-620
* (EXTRA_DIST): Added TODO.xml
* pango/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add .def files
for Win32.
* examples/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add a couple
of missing files.
* docs/ (dist-hook): Add back accidentally
removed rule to distribute TEXT/*.
Thu Nov 16 18:59:21 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/glyphstring.c (pango_glyph_string_extents_range): Test
against start not zero.
Thu Nov 16 13:23:43 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* docs/pango-sections.txt docs/tmpl/modules.sgml: Add
pango_module_register ().
* pango/modules.c: Make ordering of module lookup
* pango/modules.c (pango_module_register): Add a
useful doc comment.
* pango/pango-modules.[ch]: Fix indentation.
* .cvsusers: Added
2000-11-16 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/modules.c (handle_included_module): Declare variable j so
it compiles
2000-11-15 Elliot Lee <>
* pango/modules.c: Make some vars static.
Implement pango_module_register function.
* pango/pango-modules.h, pango/modules.h: Move declaration of
PangoIncludedModule to pango-modules.h for public use.
Wed Nov 15 16:56:38 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (process_item): Fix problem with
unbreakable words at start of line longer than line width.
Wed Nov 15 15:04:00 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_get_extents_internal):
Fix problem where right-aligned lines weren't getting properly
offset because width was left as -1.
Tue Nov 14 18:45:24 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/shape.c (pango_shape): Every character must
be part of some cluster, so when we dont' have an engine
at all (pathalogical, happens now for formatting characters),
create a cluster with one glyph=0 and 0 size.
Wed Nov 15 10:50:38 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (process_line): Rewrite of good
portions of line-break code to be more readable, work
better, and maybe even be a little faster.
2000-11-14 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_get_item_properties): get the
value of any rise attribute
(pango_layout_run_get_extents): take rise into account
2000-11-15 Tor Lillqvist <>
* config.h.win32: Define HAVE_FRIBIDI.
* pango/pango.def: Add new functions.
* pango/pango{win32*,ft2*}.[ch]: Add my name to copyright notice.
Tue Nov 14 11:10:24 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_run_get_extents):
Fix low underline code to deal with run_ink == NULL.
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_read_line): Return number
of lines read to allow decent parse errors line numbers.
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c (pango_x_font_map_read_alias_file):
Fix line number count.
* examples/pangox.aliases: Include extra international fonts
for all styles, not just roman, reindent so it looks
halfway legible.
Mon Nov 13 14:02:48 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox.c pango/pango-indic.c: Some doc comment
2000-11-13 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_get_cursor_pos): Don't need
to check_lines, pango_layout_get_iter() will do that
(next_cluster_start): don't ever return a value past the end
of the glyph string
2000-11-13 Havoc Pennington <>
* examples/pangox.aliases: Add italic/bold variants
2000-11-13 Elliot Lee <>
Patches from long ago:
* pango/pango-layout.c: Make pango_layout slightly more robust.
Do check_lines before getting cursor position.
2000-11-13 Havoc Pennington <>
* docs/pango-sections.txt: Add new PangoLayoutIter entry points
* pango/glyphstring.c (pango_glyph_string_extents_range): New
* pango/pango-layout.c: Create PangoLayoutIter for iterating over
a layout's visual elements
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_check_lines): plug
a memleak (attr iterator not freed)
* pango/pango-tabs.c (pango_tab_array_free): plug a memleak
(array->tabs not freed)
Mon Nov 13 09:17:34 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox.c: Remove fribidi include.
* (Requires): Substitute fribidi reference only
when necessary
* (pkgconfigdir): pkgconfigdir is $(libdir)/pkgconfig
* modules/indic/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add pango-indic-script.h
* fonts/ (EXTRA_DIST): Remove devnag*
* Up version to 0.13
* docs/pango-docs.sgml: Reorganize, add all new chapters.
* docs/pango-sections.txt: Update
* docs/ (IGNORE_HFILES): add mini-fribidi
2000-11-13 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* pango/pango-attributes.c, pango/pango-attributes.h: Renamed
pango_attribute_compare to pango_attribute_equal. Renamed compare
member of PangoAttrClass to equal. Renamed some static functions
from ..._compare to ..._equal.
* pango/fonts.c, pango/pango-font.h, pango/pango-context.c:
Renamed pango_font_description_compare to
* docs/pango-sections.txt, docs/tmpl/fonts.sgml,
docs/tmpl/text-attributes.sgml: Changed accordingly.
2000-11-12 Havoc Pennington <>
* modules/thai/ (pango_thai_la_LIBADD): ditto
* modules/basic/ ditto
* pango/ ditto
Mon Nov 13 02:55:38 2000 Robert Brady <>
* examples/pangox.aliases: Added
-daewoo-mincho-medium-r-normal--*-*-*-*-*-*-ksc5601.1987-0, for
this comes with X.
Mon Nov 13 02:39:44 2000 Robert Brady <>
* pango/modules/hangul/hangul.c: Replace fallback shaper
with a call to pango_x_fallback_shape, this sets the
cluster array properly.
Sun Nov 12 18:36:38 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* (included_modules): Remove checks
for iconv - we now depend on g_iconv wrapper defined
in GLib.
* modules/basic/basic.c: Use g_iconv_* not iconv().
* pango/itemize.c pango/pango-context.c modules/thai/thai.c:
Remove spurious iconv.h includes.
Sun Nov 12 16:07:06 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-utils.[ch] pango/
pango/mini-fribidi/*: Include a stripped-down version of fribidi
to avoid the extra dependency. No fribidi symbols are
exported so conflicts with the real fribidi should not
happen. Library can optionally be compiled with the
real libfribidi.
* pango/pango-utils.[ch]: Wrappers for
fribidi_ functions when compiling with fribiid.
* modules/basic/basic-ft2.c modules/basic/basic-win32.c
modules/basic/basic.c modules/thai/thai.c pango/
pango/itemize.c pango/pango-context.c pango/pangoft2.c
pango/pangowin32.c pango/pangox.c: Use pango_ versions of fribidi
2000-11-12 Robert Brady <>
* pango/pango-indic.c (pango_shift_vowels): Don't corrupt the
2000-11-12 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_get_text): Add accessor to
get the text from the layout
2000-11-11 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_render): Add code to call
SetTextAlign, but commented out.
* pango/ (PANGO_OBJS): Add new objects.
* pango/pango.def: Add new functions.
2000-11-08 Robert Brady <>
* pango/fonts/devnag.README: Updated to point to the new fonts
* examples/HELLO.utf8: Added a few new entries.
* modules/, s/devanagari/indic/
* modules/devangari: Removed.
* modules/indic: New shapers for Devanagari,
Bengali, Gurmukhi, Gujarati, and Burmese, that make use of
the below facilities.
* pango/fonts/devnag18.bdf: Removed.
* pango/docs/TEXT/ligatures: Documentation on the ligatures.
* examples/pangox.aliases: Added fonts for the new Indic renderers
to sans, serif and monospace.
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c, pango/pangox-private.h: Add a
per-PangoXFontMap cache for X Atoms.
* pango/pango-intset.c, pango/pango-intset.h: Integer set.
* pango/pangox.c, pango/pangox.h: Mainly add two new functions,
font_struct_get_ligatures, to parse X font properties for ligature
info, and pango_x_apply_ligatures, which does that actual ligation.
Also add utility functions pango_x_fallback_shaper,
* pango/pango-indic.c, pango/pango-indic.h: Utility functions for
Indic scripts.
* pango/ Add pango-intset, pango-indic.
Thu Nov 2 16:21:22 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/modules/arabic: new version of Arabic shaper from Karl
2000-11-01 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-markup.c (pango_parse_markup): Return the accel
2000-11-01 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-markup.c (text_handler): Fix bug where not all text
was appended when parsing accelerators
2000-11-01 Pablo Saratxaga <>
* modules/thai/thai.c: added aliases for X11 font names used on
* modules/arabic/{arabic,naqshfont}.c: changed X11 font registry from
"symbol-0" to "urdunaqsh-0"; using "symbol-0" isn't really usable;
you get almost always the bad font...
2000-11-01 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attr_scale_new): Add a new
attribute for scaling a font; also required adding PangoAttrFloat.
(pango_attr_iterator_get_font): Add PANGO_ATTR_SCALE handling.
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_parse_stretch): Take a plain string
not a GString
(pango_parse_weight): ditto
(pango_parse_variant): ditto
(pango_parse_style): ditto
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c (pango_x_font_map_read_alias_file): pass
GString::str instead of the GString itself to pango_parse_*
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (pango_ft2_insert_face): ditto
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c
(pango_win32_font_map_read_alias_file): ditto
* pango/pango-layout.c (get_tab_pos): adapt to new pango_itemize()
(pango_layout_check_lines): Raise attr list copy/creation out of
the loop over paragraphs. Adapt to pango_itemize() changes.
* pango/pango-context.c (pango_itemize): pass in a starting
index and a cached iterator
(add_engines): Easy optimization, pass in
n_chars instead of recomputing it. Also, pass on the start
index and cached iterator.
* docs/pango-sections.txt: Add new stuff
docs/pango_markup.sgml: Docs on markup format
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_get_attributes): New function
to retrieve the AttrList from a layout
(pango_layout_set_markup): Set layout from markup
(pango_layout_set_markup_with_accel): Set layout from markup
including accelerator parsing.
* pango/pango-attributes.h (pango_parse_markup): New function to
convert a tag string to an attribute list
* pango/pango-markup.c (pango_parse_markup): implement
* docs/, docs/pango-docs.sgml, docs/pango-sections.txt,
docs/pango_markup.sgml: oooooh, documentation for the above patch!
* docs/tmpl/pango-unused.sgml: Remove from CVS; just causes
problems, and was full of checked-in conflict markers.
Tue Sep 12 10:21:08 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/modules.c (pango_map_get_entry): Added docs
for the publically exported functions in this module,
even though they are really only semi-public
(for people implementing new types of #PangoFont),
not public
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_read_line): Minor bug
Sun Oct 29 01:27:39 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoft2-fontcache.c pango/pangoft2.[ch]
pango/pangowin32.h: Fix up doc comments not to
have obvious errors that gtk-doc barfs on. Correct
parameter descriptions still need to be filled in.
* pango/docs/ upgrade to
have a real install rule, etc.
* pango/docs/pango-sections.txt: Add various missing
Wed Oct 25 15:39:49 2000 Tim Janik <>
* *.c: adapted g_Type_register_*() calls. GLib wants an additional
flag field to specify tape flags per node. added 0s all over the place,
making the assumption that no pango types are abstract ones.
2000-10-03 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pango.def
* pango/pangoft2.def: Add new entry points.
* pango/pango-coverage.c (pango_coverage_set): Remove unnecessary
loop calling memset() with same parameters 64 times ;-)
* pango/ (PANGO_OBJS): Add pango-tabs.o.
Some small changes that have been laying around on my disk. The
Win32 and FT2 backends aren't "production quality" yet. For
speedup, need to cache at least the coverage info.
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_get_coverage): New function.
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c: Use "BasicScriptEngineLangWin32" to
be unique.
* modules/basic/basic-ft2.c: Add comments explaining what Unicode
ranges the table entries covers. Use "BasicScriptEngineLangFT2" to
be unique.
(basic_engine_get_coverage): Test calling
(basic_engine_ft2_new): Set corect engine type. Not that this
apparently is used for anything, the X11 basic shaper module also
sets its type as TYPE_LANG.
* examples/viewer-ft2.c (split_paragraphs): Just end the string
upon encountering an invalid character. Don't return.
2000-09-29 Martin Baulig <>
* (pkgconfigdir): Set this to `$(libexecdir)/pkgconfig';
this is the directory where pkg-config actually looks.
* * Made the pkg-config scripts actually work.
2000-09-28 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-tabs.c (pango_tab_array_new_with_positions): was
pango_tab_array_new_with_defaults; apparently I didn't check in
the modified version at work
2000-09-27 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-tabs.c (pango_tab_array_get_tabs): Change to return
allocated array.
2000-09-25 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-layout.c: Add a tab array field to PangoLayout,
and use it when laying out the text (if it's set, otherwise
use default tabs-are-8-spaces thing)
* pango/pango-tabs.c, pango/pango-tabs.h: tab-related data types
Sun Sep 10 03:01:53 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_set_attributes): Fix
bug where wrong attribute list was unreferenced.
* pango/pango-attributes.[ch]: Add function
pango_attr_list_splice() to splice contents of one
attribute list into another attribute list.
* pango/pango-utils.h: Add include of pango-font.h since
it now depends on declarations from there.
2000-09-08 Jonathan Blandford <>
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attr_list_change): Minor fixes
to Owen's patch below to make it work.
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attribute_copy): Copy the
start_index/end_index explicitly rather then rely on the copy
function doing it for you, as none did so.
Thu Sep 7 05:12:09 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attr_list_change): Fix up to
match the docs, correct bugs found by Jonathan Blandford.
2000-09-04 Robert W Brady <>
* modules/basic/tables-big.i: Use iso10646-1 fonts
for Georgian, Ethiopic, Cherokee, Canadian, Ogham,
Thu Aug 31 11:29:33 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* tools/maps/tis-620: Check in this file, since it
isn't from the Unicode consortium.
Wed Aug 30 21:42:42 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* (QTDIR): Add /usr/lib/qt-2.2.0 to the
* modules/basic/tables-big.i: Updated using fixed Added koi8-r and iso8859-1
* modules/basic/tables-small.i: Add note noting
* tools/ Fix for mapping tables with
3 columns provided by KUSANO Takayuki.
2000-08-29 Elliot Lee <>
* pango/pango-context.h, pango/pango-font.h,
pango/pango-fontmap.h, pango/pango-layout.h: Utilize G_GNUC_CONST
Mon Aug 21 22:02:38 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-context.c (load_font): Don't produce a warning
unless loading all fonts fails, if loading all fonts fails,
try with "Sans [style]", if that fails, try with "Sans",
if that fails, exit - we are completely screwed.
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c (pango_x_font_map_load_font): Equate
2000-08-21 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c: Get font directory path with
pango_config_key_get("PangoFT2/FontPath"). If no such key exists
in the pangorc file, use the ft2fonts subdirectory of
LIBDIR/pango, and on Windows, also %WinDir%\fonts.
* pango/{pango,pangoft2,pangowin32} New files (resource
files used when building Win32 DLLs, contain version information).
* pango/ Add the new files.
* Define major and minor version numbers separately.
Output also the makefile.mingw and *.rc files.
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_render): Handle also ft_pixel_mode_mono
* pango/pangoft2*: Portability enhancements (non-gcc).
Sun Aug 20 13:45:08 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* TODO.xml TODO: Move most all of the TODO items here to the XML file.
This needs to be built using the Python script gtk+/docs/make-todo.
2000-08-20 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_parse_*): Add parameter telling
whether to print warning or not if string isn't recognised. Use
* pango/pango-utils.h: Change prototype accordingly.
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c: Change calls correspondingly.
* pango/pangowin32.h:
* pango/pangowin32.c: Cosmetic changes, dead code removal.
* pango/pangoft2.h
* pango/pangoft2-private.h
* pango/pangoft2.c
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c
* pango/pangoft2-fontcache.c: New files implementing a FreeType2
backend. Used only on Win32 so far, but doesn't contain
Win32-specific code per se, so if somebody wants to try it out on
X11, too, be my guest.
It works, more or less, but there are some details still to sort
out. Performance needs to be improved. Debugging printouts still
present. Font path currently hardcoded to C:\windows\fonts, heh.
Owen says he doesn't think it's a good idea to use ths on Win32,
but I'll try anyway. If it turns out using the native Win32 GDI
backend is better after all, oh well.
* pango/makefile.mingw: Delete. Move contents to
* pango/ New file. Add rules for
FreeType2 backend. Add FreeType2 CFLAGS and LIBS.
* pango/ Generate makefile.mingw.
(EXTRA_DIST): Add FreeType2 backend sources, and
* pango/module-defs.c.win32
* pango/pangoft2.def: New files.
* modules/engine.def: Delete. Was duplicate of module.def.
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c: Couple of cosmetic changes.
* modules/basic/ Generate makefile.mingw.
(EXTRA_DIST): Add basic-ft2.c, and makefile.mingw{,.in}
* modules/basic/makefile.mingw: Delete. Move contents to
* modules/basic/ New file. Add rule for
basic-ft2. Add FreeType2 CFLAGS and LIBS.
* examples/viewer-win32.c: Replace division or multiplication with
1000 (which was the old PANGO_SCALE value) to use PANGO_SCALE and
(read_file): Fix error messages.
(draw): Get HDC from GDK once for all paragraphs.
* examples/viewer-win32.c:
* examples/viewer-ft2.c: New file. The FT_Bitmap (256-level
bitmap) produced by the FreeType2 backend is copied to the
GtkLayout window using gdk_draw_gray_image from GdkRGB (!). Yes,
this is kinda circular dependency between Pango and GTK+.
* examples/makefile.mingw: Delete. Move contents to
* examples/ New file. Add rules for
viewer-ft2. Add FreeType2 CFLAGS and LIBS.
* examples/ Generate makefile.mingw.
(EXTRA_DIST): Add viewer-win32.c and viewer-ft2.c, and
2000-08-11 Havoc Pennington <>
* (Cflags): remove /usr/include
* (Cflags): remove /usr/include
2000-08-08 Elliot Lee <>
* modules/arabic/arabic.c: #include <string.h>
* pango/modules.c: Fix incorrect list rearrangement.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_x_to_index): Pay
attention to shape attributes
(not perfect since the layout of chars inside a shape is
unknown, but gives start index).
2000-08-07 Elliot Lee <>
* pango/modules.c: If the first pango_skip_space fails, remember
to free enginepair before continuing.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_set_attributes): unref old
attr list after reffing new one.
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attr_list_insert_internal):
Proper fix from Owen for the infinite loop.
2000-08-03 Elliot Lee <>
* pango/modules.c: Fix segfault when tmp_list has no 'prev' pointer.
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attr_list_insert_internal):
Infinite loops do not fast programs make.
* pango/pango-context.c: Set a default font size so that things
don't go boom if someone forgets to set it themselves.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_index_to_pos): Exclude
newlines from consideration.
(pango_layout_line_index_to_x): Take shape attributes into
consideration when determining position.
Wed Aug 2 12:00:53 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_get_extents):
Fix problem with the way extents for the layout lines
were summed together in the vertical direction.
Sat Jul 29 21:26:30 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* examples/viewer-qt.[ch] (ViewerWindow): Remove
hardcoded path to my home directory! Allow specifying
the file on the command line.
* pango/modules.c (process_module_file): Fix bug in
parsing of range strings.
2000-07-31 Havoc Pennington <>
*, pkg-config info files
* dist/install .pc files
* output .pc files
2000-07-28 Martin Baulig <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_finalize): Destroy
the layout->font_desc to avoid a memory leak.
2000-07-27 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pango.def
* pango/pangowin32.def: New files, forgot to commit earlier.
Sat Jul 22 10:52:06 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-utils.c: include <stdlib.h>
Fri Jul 21 15:17:26 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-context.c (pango_itemize): A bit of code
* pango/pango-attributes.[ch]: Add a new attribute type
PangoAttrShape, for imposing specific shapes on glyphs.
This is used for handling embedded pixmaps and similar
* pango/pango-layout.c: Hnadle PangoAttrShape.
* pango/pango-context.[ch]:
Fri Jul 21 09:59:10 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/modules.c (process_module_file): Free buffer strings.
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c (pango_x_real_get_coverage_win): Add
caching of coverage maps on a persistant subwindow of the
root window. This window contains a property for
each "lang|xlfd,xlfd" which is the result of pango_coverage_to_bytes.
* pango/pango-context.c (pango_context_finalize): Free
the font description.
* pango/pango-coverage.c (pango_coverage_to/from_bytes): Added
functions to covert a PangoCoverage structure too and
from a flat block of bytes.
* (X_LIBS): Add a check to detect fribidi being
compiled against glib-1.2.x.
2000-07-20 Tor Lillqvist <>
* examples/pangowin32.aliases: Add some more fonts. Document where
to get the fonts.
* pango/pangowin32.c (subfont_has_glyph): Use 0xFFFE to produce
the default glyph.
(create_bitmap_dibsection): Zero out the bitmap.
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c (pango_win32_guess_subranges): Set
some additional Unicode subranges for fonts that claim covering
the Vietnamese codepage.
2000-07-19 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Don't try to use the ! command, not available in all
systems. Move the ! inside the test instead.
* Change order of --cflags output, so that we can
build with both GLib 1.2 and 1.3 installed.
* modules/devanagari/dev-ligatures.h: No C++ comments, thanks.
* pango/break.c: Fix gccism, non-constant initailiser.
* pango/pango-fontmap.c (pango_font_map_list_fonts,
pango_font_map_list_families): Don't return value from void
* pango/pango-utils.c: Must have at least empty statement after
a label.
* examples/pangowin32.aliases: Add Tahoma and Angsana New, these
common fonts have Thai characters.
* pango/pangowin32-private.h: Rename fonts and n_fonts members
to logfonts and n_logfonts, as that is what they are.
* pango/pangowin32.c: Bug fixes. Works much better now.
(pango_win32_font_get_glyph_extents): Set y offset correctly.
(subfont_has_glyph): Call SetTextAlign. Select the font into the
HDC before calling GetTextMetrics.
2000-07-18 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add the pangowin32 sources.
* pango/pangox.c (lang_texts): Add some non-ASCII to the
Finnish and Swedish strings.
* modules/module.def: New file.
* modules/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add it.
* modules/basic/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add basic-win32.c.
* */makefile.mingw: Small updates.
* pango/pangowin32.c
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c
* examples/viewer-win32.c: Bug fixes. Remove dead code.
Now the Win32 implementation seems to work, except
for a few glitches.
2000-07-16 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pango-utils.h
* pango/pango-utils.c
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c: Move the get_{style,variant,
weight,stretch} functions to pango-utils.c, and rename
them to pango_parse_*. Would otherwise be duplicated in
pangox and angowin32.
* pango/pango.def: Export them.
* pango/pango-font.h: Add PANGO_WEIGHT_ULTRALIGHT,
values to PangoWeight.
* pango/pango-utils.c: Recognize the new weight strings.
* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_list_subfonts): Don't g_free the
subfont_list from the subfonts_by_subrange hash table...
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c (pango_win32_font_map_read_alias_file):
Also set the other properties in the LOGFONT, not only the face name.
(pango_win32_insert_font): Insert a pointer to a freshly allocated
LOGFONT in the hash table, not the one passed in as a parameter,
which could be (and in fact, *is*) a pointer to an auto
variable. Quantize the description weight values to exact
PANGO_WEIGHT_* values.
(pango_win32_get_unknown_glyph): Use subfont 1.
* examples/viewer-win32.c: (split_paragraphs): Don't include the
(draw): Correct 1st parameter to gdk_win32_hdc_{get,release}.
2000-07-15 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangowin32.h
* pango/pangowin32-private.h
* pango/pangowin32-fontcache.c
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c
* pango/makefile.mingw
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c
* modules/basic/makefile.mingw
* examples/viewer-win32.c
* examples/makefile.mingw
* examples/pangowin32.aliases: New files. Start of a Win32
implementation. Does not work yet.
* Chek for dirent.h and unistd.h.
* pango/pango-utils.h
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_get_sysconf_subdirectory,
pango_get_lib_subdirectory): New functions, for better
portability, to enable installation-time choice of directory (on
Windows) instead of compile-time. Use these instead of SYSCONFDIR
"/pango" and LIBDIR "/pango".
(pango_split_file_list): Fix comment, the function splits on
searchpath separators, not commas. Use G_SEARCHPATH_SEPARATOR_S
for portability. Don't try to expand '~' as home directory on
(read_config): Use pango_get_sysconf_subdirectory().
* pango/modules.c (read_modules): Use pango_get_sysconf_subdirectory().
Don't crash if a module file cannot be opened.
* pango/querymodules.c: Include config.h Conditionalize inclusion
of dirent.h and unistd.h. Use platform-specific shared library
extension. Use pango_get_lib_subdirectory().
Thu Jul 6 15:24:38 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* Released 0.12
* examples/pangox.aliases: Add clealyu fonts
* Use AM_PATH_GLIB_2_0()
* Use @FRIBIDI_LIBS@, not -lfribidi
* Fix accidental inclusion
-I lib/glib/include/
Mon Jul 10 10:42:42 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_split_file_list): Fix
bug in home directory substitution.
2000-07-06 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/break.c (pango_get_log_attrs): Implement this function, to
get logical attributes without a PangoAnalysis.
(pango_break): Fix bug in word stop location
Thu Jul 6 15:24:38 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* gdk/ Fix missing \ which was causing
srcdir != builddir builds to fail.
Thu Jul 6 15:16:28 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* docs/pango-sections.txt docs/tmpl/*: Update
2000-07-03 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_index_to_pos): Handle the
case where the byte offset is outside the layout.
Sun Jul 2 18:06:01 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (get_tab_pos): Fix up set_font_description()
for tab spaces.
Sun Jul 2 17:59:56 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-attributes.[ch] (pango_attr_list_insert_before): New
function that inserts before other attributes with matching
start index.
* pango/pango-layout.[ch] (pango_layout_set_font_description): Add
the ability to set a default font description on the layout, overriding
the font description from the context.
Sun Jul 2 17:19:11 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-types.h: Add a PANGO_PIXELS macro to convert
from pango units to device units and round.
* pango/pango-layout.[ch]: Add convenience functions
pango_layout_get_pixel_extents, pango_layout_get_size,
pango_layout_get_pixel_size pango_layout_line_get_pixel_extents.
Fri Jun 30 16:46:31 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-utils.[ch] A bunch of simple functions
for reading from files, manipulating strings as necessary for
config files. Also, a simple gnome-config/win.ini style
config file reader.
* pango/modules.c: Remove DOTFILES stuff. Instead, read names
of modules file from pangorc. (Which can be set from PANGO_RC_FILE).
Rewrite parsing code using pango-utils.c.
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c: Read list of files from
PangoX/AliasFiles key. Rewrite parsing code for alias files using
* examples/pangox.aliases: Move to new name from pangox_aliases,
reformat using new parsing code.
* examples/pangorc (AliasFiles) examples/pango-viewer: Add a
pangorc file for in-place testing.
* pango/querymodules.c (main): Add comment to the top of
the output indicating that the file should not be hand-edited.
Thu Jun 29 18:13:47 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-coverage.c: Fix various aspects of expanding
coverage tables beyond the first 256 blocks. (Based on
patch from ChiDeok Hwang.)
Thu Jun 29 16:35:41 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/arabic/{*.c,}: New version from Karl
Koehler merged with the changes for the GLib unicode functions.
Wed Jun 21 12:11:56 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* Remove tests for libunicode
* pango/utils.[ch]: Removed. The functions from here are now in
* **.[ch]: Removed use of libunicode and utils.c in favor of
Unicode functions in GLib. Requires latest GLib from CVS.
2000-06-14 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attr_list_copy): Function to
copy the attribute list.
2000-06-13 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-layout.h: Convert PangoLayout to GObject
* pango/pango-context.h: Convert to PangoContext to GObject
2000-06-11 Elliot Lee <>
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_compare): g_strcasecmp
returns 0 when strings are equal - negate return value.
2000-06-09 Elliot Lee <>
* pango/pango-coverage.[ch]: Return 'coverage' from
2000-06-08 Elliot Lee <>
* modules/ Add DOTMODULESDIR define to make it easier
to change location of .modules files.
* pango/modules.c: Likewise. Also scan the config directory for
multiple config files instead of pango.modules. Also fclose()
opened files.
Thu Jun 8 14:43:35 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-modules.h: pango/ Add a new
header pango-modules.h to export a few parts of the
modules API needed by code for new types of fonts.
2000-06-08 Elliot Lee <>
* Include X_LIBS in libraries for 'pangox' target.
2000-06-07 Havoc Pennington <>
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attr_iterator_copy): New
function to copy a PangoAttrIterator.
Mon Jun 5 20:45:12 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c (pango_x_shutdown_display): Add
a function to free cached information for a particular
display. (This is basically pango_x_fontmap_destroy())
* pango/pangox.c pango/pangox-private.h pango/pangox-fontmap.c:
Make a XFont always keep a pointer to (and ref) a fontmap.
Mon Jun 5 15:56:25 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c (pango_x_font_map_for_display): Remove
excessive ref.
* pango/pangox-fontcache.c (pango_x_font_cache_unload): Fix
problem with unloading fonts.
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c pango/pangox-private.h pangox/pangox.c:
Add a simple cache for PangoXFonts; get rid of the eternal caching of
all fonts.
Wed May 31 16:11:46 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-fontmap.h (struct _PangoFontMapClass): Remove unused
destroy vfunc.
Sat Jun 3 06:01:38 Pablo Saratxaga <>
* modules/thai/thai.c: added other common X11 font encoding
names fortis-620 fonts.
Thu Jun 1 13:04:06 CEST 2000 Paolo Molaro <>
* look for qt also in /usr/lib/qt2.
Wed May 31 10:46:53 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* Release 0.11
* Add missing make command.
* modules/basic/ (EXTRA_DIST): Fix up extra-dist.
* pango/ (libpangox_la_SOURCES): Add pangox-private.h
Tue May 30 14:30:24 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_from_string): Use g_strtod().
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_to_string): Fix bug
where spaces where not properly inserted into font description
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_get_glyph_extents): Fix some
1000 <=> PANGO_SCALE bugs.
* pango/pangox-fontcache.c (pango_x_font_cache_load): Fix list
manipulation bug.
Mon May 29 13:22:36 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox.c pango/pangox.h (pango_x_font_subfont_xlfd): New
function to retrieve the XLFD for a given subfont.
Mon May 29 11:14:34 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox-fontcache.c (pango_x_font_cache_load): Fix bug
in MRU list code.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_check_lines): Fix infinite
loop in the case where the first item doesn't fit, but
whitespace follows that must go onto the same line.
* examples/viewer-qt.h: Minor changes so it compiles with
Qt-2.0. (Though the utf8 codec in Qt-2.0 seems to be slightly
Sun May 28 16:24:43 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* examples/ examples/
examples/viewer-qt.h: Since we require GLib-1.3,
and thus can no longer build the examples against
GTK+-1.2, and since there is a nasty circular dependency
if we build examples against GTK+-1.3, rewrite
(optional) example program in Qt. (I wasn't going
to do it in Xaw or straight Xlib...)
* Added checks for Qt.
* pango/pango-layout.h: Fix constness.
Sat May 27 22:05:53 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ (pangoinclude_HEADERS): Install
* pango/pangox-fontcache.c pango/pangox.h: Add a simple
cache from XLFD => font struct.
* pango/pango-fontmap.c: Use this when loading and unloading
Sat May 27 21:57:03 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-context.c (pango_context_add_font_map):
Ref font map.
Sat May 27 21:06:13 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/thai/thai.c modules/basic/basic:
* pango/*.c: s/pango_font_[un]ref/g_object_un[ref]
* pango/pango-font.h fonts.c: GObject'ify PangoFont.
Sat May 27 20:36:56 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ Add libgobject.
* pango/pango-fontmap.[ch]: GObject'ify PangoFontMap.
(Pango now requires GLib-1.3 to compile)
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c pango/pangox-private.h: Break
the fontmap code in libpangox out into a separate file.
Tue May 23 10:32:25 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_set_text): Allow -1 for
the length.
2000-05-24 Matt Wilson <>
* modules/basic/basic.c (conv_8bit): use size_t for arguments to
iconv, not int. Fixes 64 bit platforms.
* modules/basic/basic.c (conv_euc): likewise
Mon May 22 18:19:32 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (process_item): Fix <, <= confusion.
Thu May 18 17:30:00 2000 Robert Brady <>
* fonts/devnag18.bdf: Fix advance widths of some glyphs.
Tue May 9 22:09:42 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-types.h (PANGO_SCALE): Change PANGO_SCALE
from 1000 to 1024. Wee! Optimization! Actual performance
increase is ~1-2% probably not worth keeping it 1024,
but I'll leave it this way for a little bit.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_unref): Free the
actual layout structure as well.
* pango/pangox.c: Various optimizations of the code for
looking up characters. (mark a few functions inline,
precompute signficiant quantities)
Tue May 9 03:22:11 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_check_lines): Fix
memory leak by freeing correct list.
* pango/pango-context.c (pango_context_get_font_description):
Change to return a pointer to the context's font description
instead of a copy. Not quite 100% kosher but a lot
more efficient than the previous. (Should we just refcount
font descriptions and get it over with?)
Mon May 8 16:39:48 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (free_run): Call pango_item_free
to free items properly including attributes.
Mon May 8 16:19:22 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/thai/* modules/
Add a simple Thai shaper. (Reasonably complete but
intended mostly for an example for the shape docs
right now.)
* pango/pangox.h (PANGO_X_GLYPH_INDEX): Protect
arguments to macros.
Sun May 7 06:15:34 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/basic/basic.c (basic_engine_shape): When
handling overstrikes, try to guess a bit better
how overstrike glyphs are positioned in the font.
(Now works with more of glyphs from clearlyu, though
not the Hebrew accents in that font)
* examples/HELLO.utf8: Insert tab characters to
keep the columns in the right order for either
global direction. Insert left-to-right marks in
a few places to keep leading and trailing punctuation
in the right place.
* modules/basic/basic.c (basic_engine_shape): Don't
show RLM and LRM
* pango/glyphstring.c (pango_glyph_string_extents): Use
the logical width set in the glyph string rather than
that from the font's metrics.
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_render): Treat glyph index
0 as special - representing invisible, 0 size
character. We need this sometimes, and it is
easier and faster to have this special case
than to shape a space.
* pango/pango-context.c (pango_itemize): Put
tabs into separate items. (Sort of lame hack,
we do this to make line breaking with tab
handling simpler)
* examples/viewer.c (checkbutton_toggled): Notify
all the layouts that the context has changed so
the RTL base dir change actually takes effect.
Fri May 5 18:56:45 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/break.c (pango_break): Add ZWS to hacky
break algorithm.
* modules/basic/basic.c (basic_engine_shape): Special
case zero-width-space as a temporary hack. (What's the
right solution?)
* modules/basic/tables-big.i: Added support for TIS-620
* pango/modules.[ch] pango/
modules/**: First stab at support for linking modules
directly into Pango. Add a --with-included-modules=
flag that causes the specified modules to be built
as convenience libraries and linked directly into
Tue May 2 22:59:52 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/basic/basic.c: Get rid of link list of masks
in cache structure in favor of an array. (This is
easy to do now since we already have linear indices
for the masks from the new table format.)
* pango/modules.c pango/pango-context.c pango/pangox.c:
Modify _pango_find_map() to take quarks for the
engine type and render type instead of strings.
Get rid of the map hash table in favor of a GList
with the most recently used map at the beginning.
* pango/modules.[ch] pango/pango-context.c pango/pangox.c:
Add some utility functions for getting the engine
for a particular character in a map. Using modules.c
knowledge of map structure, this allows us to save
a bunch of useless strcmps.
* pango/pango-context.c (add_engines): Remove unused
lookup of shape mask.
* modules/basic/tables-{small,big}.i modules/basic/basic.c
tools/ Reencode mask table to avoid binary
searches and save a bit of space.
* modules/basic/basic.c (find_converter): Get rid
of gratuitous use of hash tables for looking up
iconv converters.
* modules/basic/tables-{small,big}.i modules/basic/basic.c:
Use conv_ucs4 instead of conv_8bit for latin-1.
* pango/pango-layout.c: Avoid calling pango_glyph_string_extents() -
just add up the widths from shaping.
Tue May 2 19:16:17 PDT 2000 Manish Singh <>
* examples/ typo fix
Mon May 1 15:04:02 PDT 2000 Manish Singh <>
* add support for fribidi-config (needs fribidi v0.1.10
or higher). Also actually use the FOO_CONFIG variable filled by
AC_PATH_PROG for --cflags and --libs.
* examples/
* pango/ use $(FRIBIDI_LIBS)
Mon May 1 11:58:55 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/arabic/*: Misc bug fixes from Karl Koehler.
Wed Apr 26 19:55:40 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* Add checks looking for iconv in libiconv.
(Thanks to Ross Campbell for helping me test this
Mon Apr 24 22:51:06 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* Released 0.10
* modules/arabic/*: Update from Karl Koehler, including
support for LangBox fonts
Mon Apr 24 20:28:31 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* docs/**: Updates for recent API changes.
Mon Apr 24 18:09:29 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_get_empty_extents): Come
up with a reasonable guess for metrics for empty lines based
on the font metrics.
* modules/devanagari/devanagari.c (devanagari_engine_shape): A couple
of trivial fixups to make things compile.
Sun Apr 23 23:33:10 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_move_cursor_visually): New
function for visual (left-right, not forward-back) cursor
navigation within a layout.
Thu Apr 20 22:16:39 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_x_to_index): As a hack,
for x-positions at the edge of a line, fudge the position to be
one before the line end (which is, for programs that don't properly
handle the trailing flag), instead of at the end of the line.
This works fine for whitespace-broken languages, but won't work
right for languages that don't use whitespace to break lines.
(GtkText* needs to keep track of whether a cursor is trailing
or not)
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_check_lines): Prohibit breaking
a line at a non-whitespace -> space transition. (So that we
never put wrap single character of whitespace at the beginning of
a line)
* pango/break.c (pango_break): Always allow a break before
the first char.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_x_to_index): Remove the return
value from the function, make it return the appropriate index
depending on the base direction of the layoutt.
Fri Apr 7 03:08:09 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* (UNICODE_LIBS): Add back in flockfile
check which was accidentally removed.
2000-04-21 Robert Brady <>
* modules/devanagari/dev-ligatures.h: Add some more ligature
* modules/devanagari.c: New version, now syllable-based, with
proper RA handling.
Mon Apr 17 12:04:20 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.[ch]: Add a function pango_layout_line_get_x_ranges(),
to allow handling selections not as attributes. Which is necessary,
since currently setting the background/foreground results in
splitting shaped runs.
Fri Apr 14 13:20:05 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_check_lines): Fix bug with
indent handling.
* pango/pango-layout.c (process_item): Never break a line at
a non-break position, even if that position ends an item.
Fri Apr 14 10:43:09 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_render_layout_line): Fix a missing
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_get_cursor_pos): New function
to determine cursor positions corresponding to a particular
Wed Apr 12 15:44:22 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-attributes.[ch]: Add PANGO_ATTR_FONT_DESC, which
allows an entire font description to be specified as a single
attribute, instead of as 6 separate attributes.
Wed Apr 12 13:59:22 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/ modules/devanagari/*: Added Devanagari
shaper from Robert Brady <>
* examples/HELLO.utf8: Added Hindi from Emacs
* examples/dev-example.utf: Some syllable strings for testing
the Devanagari shaper.
* examples/pangox_aliases: Added
* fonts/devnag18.bdf fonts/devnag.README: Devanagari font
from http://crl.NMSU.Edu/~mleisher/devnag.html currently
required for operation of the devanagari shaper.
Tue Apr 4 22:03:42 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* Released 0.9
* modules/arabic/arabic.c (find_unic_font): Keep on
searching past the first iso-10646 font if the first
font doesn't have the required ligatures.
Tue Apr 4 20:56:29 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* docs/tmpl/* docs/ docs/pango-sections.txt
pango/pango-attributes.c pango/pangox.c: Doc updates.
Tue Apr 4 20:13:06 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-context.h: Add user data to PangoContext
* pango/pangox.[ch] examples/viewer.c: Rework system for create GC's
so that the necessary information is stored on the PangoContext
instead of being passed to layout_render()
* pango/utils.[ch] pango/pango-context.c: fribidi-0.1.9
wants UCS-4 not UCS2; switch accordingly.
* pango/fonts.c pango/pango-font.h pango/pangox.c: Add functions
to get overall font metrics, possibly per-language. (Right now,
just font ascent, descent.) The implementation of this for
X is horribly complex.
Mon Apr 3 20:30:20 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/mapping.c (pango_glyph_string_x_to_index): Fix handling
of positions at character limits.
* modules/basic/basic.c (basic_engine_shape): Fix bug that
was causing mirrored characters not to mirror.
Mon Apr 3 15:16:06 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/glyphstring.c (pango_glyph_string_get_logical_widths):
Fix off-by-one error for RTL runs.
* Add -lglib to AC_CHECK_LIB(fribidi...)
(How did this work?) From Matt Wilson.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_check_lines): Correctly deal
with handling character offsets when breaking lines.
* modules/arabic/arabic.c (arabic_engine_shape): Fix problem with
setting unknown glyph when no arabic-capable font found.
Fri Mar 31 11:29:47 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox.[ch] (pango_x_render_layout[_line]) examples/viewer.c: Add
capability to render foreground / background colors. The interfaces
here are possibly certainly not right, or convenient, but
they should be a start.
Thu Mar 30 17:06:39 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/arabic/*.[ch]: New version of Arabic module
from Karl Koehler, supporting:
- More extensive ligatures
- Some Hamza handling
- Vowel marks
- mule-arabic font
- LangBox font
- Persian (farsi) (needs testing)
Thu Mar 30 16:49:06 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/basic/basic.c pango/utils.c (find_converter): Use
"UTF-8" with the dash as the charset name for utf-8.
(Change suggested by Adrian Havill <>)
* pango/pango-layout.[ch]: Add function to get logical attributes
of the text string.
Mon Mar 13 11:47:53 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c pango/pangox.c (pango_x_render_layout): Handle right
alignment for width == -1, align within total width of layout.
Mon Mar 13 10:54:48 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-item.[ch]: Memory management functions for PangoItem.
* pango/*.[ch]: Random constification.
* pango/pangox.c pango/pango-layout.c pango/pango-context.c:
Add an extra_attrs field to PangoItem. Use this to handle underlining
for PangoLayout.
* examples/viewer.c (reload_font): Make paragraphs global
to save the complexity of passing it around all over the place.
* pango/pango-layout.[ch] (pango_layout_context_changed): Add
a function to reset the layout on changes to the layout's
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_make_matching_xlfd): Prefer bitmap
to scaleable if the discrepancy is < 1 pixel. (Probably not
the ideal criterion.)
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_font_map_for_display): Fix resolution
computation error.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_check_lines): Handle
text with embedded newlines.
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_render_layout): Fix y to refer
to the top of the layout, not the baseline of the first
* pango/pango-layout.c (process_item): Don't wrap if width is
set to -1.
* **/*.[ch]: move libpango/ directory
and fix all headers to install under include/pango/
Thu Mar 9 19:55:21 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* Release pango-0.8
* docs/TEXT/coding-style: Added some notes about coding style
within Pango.
* modules/*.[ch]: New version from Karl Koehler adding support
for vowels marks, better ligatures.
* docs/tmpl/*: Doc updates
* libpango/pango-layout.[ch] libpango/pangox/.[ch]: Add functions
for handling paragraphs as 2-D objects, not simple lists of lines,
to make things easier for people using pango-layout.
* examples/viewer.c: Simplify using the now 2-D layout-capabable
* libpango/fonts.c (pango_font_{get_coverage,find_shaper}): Allow
NULL language tag.
* libpango/modules.c (_pango_find_map): Fix for allowing
NULL language tag.
Wed Mar 8 13:34:57 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* libpango/pango-layout.[ch]: First draft of highlevel
driver. It currently only handles a paragraph as a list
of lines, but it is probably necessary to make it handle
2D layout for a paragraph as well
* examples/viewer.c: Move over to new layout driver
(much of the code moved into pango-layout.c)
* libpango/glyphs.c libpango/pango-glyphs.h: Fixes to get_extents(),
add pango_glyph_string_get_logical_widths.
* libpango/pango-itemize.c: Handle 0-length text properly.
* libpango/pangox.c: When loading particular sized fonts,
use the original XLFD, since XFree86 doesn't handle wildcards
in aliases properly.
* libpango/pangox.[ch] (pango_x_render_layout_line): Add function
to render an entire PangoLayoutLine.
* libpango/reorder-items.c: Add a note to the effect
that pango_reorder_items() is basically replaced by a
similar function in PangoLayout.
Wed Mar 8 10:58:56 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/arabic/arconv.c (shapecount): Fix from Karl
Koehler to joining behavior.
* modules/ modules/arabic/*: Added arabic
shaper from Karl Koehler <>
* modules/basic/tables-{small,big}.i: Remove arabic
from the ranges that the basic shaper marks as "exact".
* examples/HELLO.utf8: Partially alphabetize, add arabic.
Mon Mar 6 21:03:28 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* libpango/pango-layout.[ch]: Started work on highlevel layout driver.
Mon Mar 6 20:55:32 2000 Owen Taylor <>