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2005-08-15 Owen Taylor <>
* === Released 1.10.0 ===
* Version 1.10.0
* NEWS: Updated.
2005-08-15 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* pango/mini-fribidi/fribidi_tab_char_type_2.i: Updated to
that of FriBidi 0.10.5 which corresponds to Unicode 4.1.
* pango/mini-fribidi/README: Added note to reflect above change.
* pango/mini-fribidi/fribidi_tables.i: Removed. Not needed
since 2002.
2005-08-15 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-script.c (pango_script_get_sample_language):
Glagolitic shouldn't have Coptic as a sample language; it was used
to write Old Church Slavonic. Tifinagh shouldn't have Berber
as a sample language, since it isn't the *primary* script used
to write Berber.
2005-08-15 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangofc-font.c (pango_fc_font_create_metrics_for_context)
pango/pangofc-private.h pango/pangocairo-fcfcont.c: Cut out the meat of
pango_fc_font_get_metrics_for_context() and export it (privately),
so that PangoCairoFcFont can create a variant that sets the font
options on the context it creates. (#311522)
2005-08-15 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_get_extents):
Fix unconditional access to logical_rect. (#312691,
Hans Breuer)
2005-08-15 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pango.def: Add pango_item_get_type and
pango_layout_line_get_type. Thanks to Vittorio Palmisano for
2005-08-15 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* pango/opentype/ftglue.h: Replace perror with perror_.
Remove FT_BEGIN_STMNT and FT_END_STMNT. (#313477)
2005-08-14 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* examples/HELLO.utf8: Remove some characters at the beginning
of the file and add a line break.
2005-08-09 Keith Packard <>
reviewed by: otaylor
* examples/cairoview.c: (update), (expose), (main):
Switch to Xlib regions as pixman is destined to disappear.
2005-08-08 Roozbeh Pournader <>
* docs/tmpl/scripts.sgml, modules/arabic/arabic-ot.c,
pango/pango-script.c, pango/pango-script.h,
pango/pango-script-table.h, tools/ Updated to
Unicode 4.1, adding new scripts and Arabic joining data. (#312884)
2005-08-05 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Add pangocairo files. Get the DLLs from "bin"
unconditionally, that's where libtool installs them since a long
* pango/ (install-def-files, uninstall-def-files):
Install/uninstall also pangocairo .def and .lib files.
2005-07-30 Hans Breuer <>
* pango/makefile.msc : updated
* pango/pangocairo-win32font.c(...get_metrics) : dont use ascent
where descent is meant. Fixes size of edit boxes for gtk+-2.7
2005-07-30 Owen Taylor <>
* Use egrep for khmer, like the rest, to
fix --with-included-modules. (#311930, Sebastien Bacher)
2005-07-29 J. Ali Harlow <>
* pango/ Look for pango.def, pangoft2.def and
pangowin32.def files in the source directory. Fixes #311971.
2005-07-26 Manish Singh <>
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_is_zero_width): put parens around bitwise
&, to appease gcc.
2005-07-26 Owen Taylor <>
* === Released 1.9.1 ===
* Version 1.9.1
* NEWS: Updated
2005-07-26 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/opentype/ftxgsub.c, pango/opentype/ftxgpos.c: Skip lookups
with lookup index out of range. (Patch from Behdad Esfahbod, #171170)
2005-07-26 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangocairo-fontmap.c (pango_cairo_context_get_font_options):
Fix mixed code and declarations (#311626, Kazuki IWAMOTO)
* pango/pangocairo-win32font.c (pango_cairo_win32_font_install):
Fix typo (#311627, Kazuki IWAMOTO)
2005-07-26 Owen Taylor <>
Fixes for signed/unsigned in PangoAttrIterator ((#166700,
Morten Welinder)
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attr_iterator_range):
Clamp results to G_MAXINT to avoid negative numbers from
signed/unsigned conversions.
* pango/pango-attributes.c: Make PangoAttrIterator
start_index/end_index unsigned to match PangoAttribute.
Change various local variables to match.
* pango/ellipsize.c (advance_iterator_to)
pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attr_iterator_range)
pango/pango-glyph-item.c (pango_glyph_item_apply_attrs)
pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_get_empty_extents):
Always check the return value from pango_attr_iterator()
to deal with potential infinite loops when trying to
advance to position G_MAXINT.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_set_text): Handle
the case where the text passed in is longer than
than G_MAXINT and length < 0.
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attr_list_splice): Be
careful about integer overflow - clamp addition.
(#163246, Morten Welinder)
2005-07-26 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/indic/indic-ot-class-tables.c (oryaCharClasses):
Change U+0B30 from _rv to _rb. Oriya doesn't have a vattu
form of ra. (#151393, Gautam Sengupta, fix from
Gora Mohanty)
* modules/indic/indic-ot-class-tables.c (oryaCharClasses):
Change U+B02 from _ma to _mp. Anusvara appears after not
above in Oriya. (#311575, Gora Mohanty)
* modules/indic/indic-ot-class-tables.c (oryaCharClasses):
Classify unicode standard additions U+0B35 (va),
U+0B71 (wa) as _ct. (Also #311575)
2005-07-26 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* examples/cairoview.c, examples/pangoft2topgm.c,
examples/renderdemo.c, examples/renderdemo.h: Fixed a couple of leaks
and freed memory after use.
2005-07-25 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangocairo-fcfont.c (pango_cairo_fc_font_install): Set
font options as well.
* pango/pango-layout.c (line_set_resolved_dir): Always set
line->resolved_dir to one of LTR or RTL. (#171439, Reported
by Chris Blizzard)
2005-07-25 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangocairo-win32font.c (_pango_cairo_win32_font_new): Fix
a few typos that prevented build on Win32.
* pango/pango.def: Add pango_is_zero_width.
2005-07-23 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* pango/pango-utils.c, pango/pango-utils.h (pango_is_zero_width): New
function added.
* modules/basic/basic-common.h, modules/basic/basic-fc.c,
modules/basic/basic-win32.c, modules/basic/basic-x.c,
modules/hangul/hangul-fc.c, modules/arabic/arabic-fc.c,
modules/indic/indic-fc.c, modules/indic/indic-ot.h,
modules/syriac/syriac-fc.c: Use the new pango_is_zero_width function.
(#306639, Behnam Esfahbod)
2005-07-22 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.c (get_context_matrix): Handle context == NULL.
(Reported by Behdad Esfahbod)
2005-07-22 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ Use -export-symbols-regex
to control symbol exports, including not exporting the symbols
from opentype/.
* modules/*/ Control symbol exports here as well,
simplify using AC_SUBST() of MODULE_LIBTOOL_OPTIONS from
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c (engine_shape_covers): Cut-and-paste
engine_shape_covers to avoid using a symbol from libpango.
* pango/pango-utils.c: Make accidentally exported pango_aliases_ht
2005-07-22 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c: Add some missing statics on functions
added in the recent layout iter patch.
2005-07-22 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/opentype/ftglue.c (ftglue_realloc): Remove
an unecessary set of block2.
2005-07-22 Owen Taylor <>
Patch from David Turner. Review and testing by Behdad Esfahbod
* pango/opentype/ftglue.[ch] Glue layer that provides
implementation of the internal functions that the opentype code
expects in terms of publically exported FreeType API.
* pango/opentype/ftxgdef.c pango/opentype/ftxgpos.c
pango/opentype/ftxgsub.c pango/opentype/ftxopen.c
pango/opentype/otlbuffer.c pango/opentype/pango-ot-info.c
pango/opentype/pango-ot-ruleset.c: Remove includes of
internal headers. Small changes to work with ftglue.[ch]
* pango/opentype/fterrcompat.h: Remove: no longer needed.
* pango/opentype/ftxgpos.c: Use FT_IS_SFNT(face) rather
than poking at FT_MODULE_CLASS (face->driver)->module_name.
* pango/opentype/ftxopen.c (Free_FeatureList): Free
fl->ApplyOrder. (Found by Behdad)
2005-07-21 Manish Singh <>
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.c (fontset_hash_key_hash, font_hash_key_hash):
use GPOINTER_TO_UINT() instead of bare casts to guint.
2005-07-21 Owen Taylor <>
Based on patch from Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro (#305975)
* pango/pango-layout.[ch] (pango_layout_line_ref)
pango/pango-attributes.[ch] (pango_attr_list_ref): Return the
argument to _ref() functions.
* pango/pango-item.[ch]: Register PangoItem boxed type.
* pango/pango-layout.[ch]: Register PangoLayoutLine boxed type.
2005-07-22 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangowin32.c: No need to include modules.h here any
(pango_win32_get_context): Remove unused variable.
(pango_win32_render_layout_line): Fix underlining. (#304692)
Mention in the doc comment that the DC's text alignment needs to
have TA_BASELINE and TA_LEFT for underlining to be correct.
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c: Include modules.h here instead.
(pango_win32_font_map_class_init): Define variable i.
2005-07-21 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.c (pango_fc_font_map_add): Fix an
excess copy. (pango_fc_font_map_get_patterns): Add back
a call to FcPatternDestroy() that got dropped somehow.
2005-07-21 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/indic/indic-ot.c: Minor formatting tweak to license
2005-07-21 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.c (pango_fc_font_map_load_font): Load a
fontset and return the first font to take advantage of existing
2005-07-21 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/indic/indic-ot-class-tables.c modules/indic/indic-ot.[ch]:
license on these ICU-derived files is X license, not LGPL.
* modules/khmer/khmer-fc.c: Add the X license text here in addition
to the LGPL.
2005-07-21 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (_pango_xft_font_new): Force on
metrics hinting for all Xft fonts (this fixes font
metrics - glyph metrics were fixed earlier).
(#307196, Alex Jones)
2005-07-21 Owen Taylor <>
* README: Update information about the location of Xft.
(#172637, Karel 'Clock' Kulhavy)
2005-07-21 Owen Taylor <>
* README: Fix URL to tml's download page (#169467,
Brandon Bergren)
2005-07-21 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c (pango_win32_font_map_class_init)
Move registration of included modules to here from
pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_get_context). (#309337, Hans
2005-07-21 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/indic/indic-ot-class-tables.c: Change the char
class for U+0A5C from _cn (consonant with nukta) to _ct.
(#309459, Sukhjinder Sidhu)
2005-07-21 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/indic/indic-ot-class-tables.c: Enable touching
letters for Sinhala with the ZWJ + al-lakuna combination.
(#302577, Harshula)
2005-07-21 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_set_text): Avoid calling
memcpy with a NULL argument. (#310021, Morten Welinder)
2005-07-21 Owen Taylor <>
Merges of fixes from Arabic module (#308813, Emil Soleyman-Zomalan)
* modules/syriac/syriac-fc.c (syriac_engine_shape): Fix
bug where cluster was getting set to 0 for non-spacing
marks rather than to the cluster of the base character.
(#149126, Behdad Esfahbod)
* modules/syriac/syriac-fc.c (syriac_engine_shape): Turn
on zero-width-marks setting. [Not clear that this is
needed here, since it is mostly set in the Arabic engine
to handle legacy fonts, but it shouldn't hurt]
2005-07-21 Owen Taylor <>
Fix up places where there is missing or incomplete
Copyright and License information (Reported by William N. Ray,
* pango/opentype/fterrcompat.h: Mark as FreeType/GPL licensed.
* pango/opentype/FT-license.txt: Make this the dual-licensing
description that covers the FreeType code (FreeType's
LICENSE.TXT) rather than the FTL.
* pango/opentype/FTL.TXT: Move the FTL (referenced from
FT-license.txt) to here.
* modules/basic/basic-common.h modules/hebrew/hebrew-shaper.h
modules/thai/thai-charprop.c modules/thai/thai-shaper.h
tools/gen-script-for-lang.c tests/testcolor.c:
Add LGPL header and copyright information.
* modules/indic/indic-ot.[ch] modules/indic/indic-ot-class-tables.c
modules/thai/thai-ot.[ch]: Add LGPL header.
* modules/thai/thai-shaper.c modules/thai/thai-charprop.h:
Minor fixes to copyright information.
* modules/arabic/arabic-ot.c: Add Freetype license boilerplate.
2005-07-21 Matthias Clasen <>
* Check for a new enough cairo.
2005-07-19 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-fcfontmap.[ch]: Rework handling of context-specific
options: drop get_render_key() and add a opaque "context
key" (get_context_key() and friends). Also add a function to get
the resolution.
* pango/pango-fcfontmap.c pango/pangofc-font.h:
- Move the 'lang' into the fontset key lookup and get rid of the
funky list-of-hash-tables
- Make lookups of fontsets and fonts dependent on the context key
for the context.
- Simplify the pattern/fontset caching to have one finite-size
cache rather than an infinite first-level and a finite-size
second level.
* pango/pangocairo.h pango/pangocairo-private.h
pango/pangocairo-fontmap.c: Add
pango_cairo_context_set/get_font_options to allow controlling the
resolution and font rendering options for a specific PangoContext.
* pango/pangocairo-fcfont.c pango/pangocairo-fcfontmap
pango/pangocairo-win32font.c: Implement resolution and font
options handling adapt to related Cairo changes.
* docs/pango-sections.txt docs/ pango/pangowin32.c:
Doc updates and build fixes.
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.c (pango_fc_make_pattern): Create
patterns with FC_SIZE as well as FC_PIXEL_SIZE to work around
a libgnomeprint bug. (#309477)
2005-07-09 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Call AC_CANONICAL_HOST before looking at $host.
Check for windres on Win32.
* pango/ Don't use the scripts in GLib's build/win32
to compile the rc files into resource object files. (This means we
lose the build number increment magic, but I doubt it was that
useful anyway.) Instead use windres directly. To pass a normal .o
file produced by windres through libtool, which wants .lo files,
pass it directly to the linker using a -Wl option.
Libtool installs/uninstalls the import libraries, no need to do it
ourselves. Do install/uninstall the .def files, though.
* pango/
* pango/
* pango/ Correspondingly, use 0 instead of
2005-06-27 Tor Lillqvist <>
* modules/khmer/ (INCLUDES): Drop superfluous trailing
slash in -I path.
2005-06-24 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_get_extents): Don't
key off zero-height to know whether to use the "empty extents" ...
this can cause infinite recursion, instead just check
!line->runs. (Part of #306415, Thomas Fitzsimmons)
2005-06-24 Owen Taylor <>
* docs/pango_markup.sgml (linkend): Fix a stray newline
(#308887, Ryan Lortie)
2005-06-22 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/khmer/khmer-fc.c (khmer_engine_shape): Add back
accidentally dropped line (Pointed out by Behdad Esfahbod)
2005-06-21 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* modules/khmer/khmer-fc.c: Fix C89 var after code issues.
* modules/khmer/.cvsignore: Copied from other modules.
2005-06-21 Owen Taylor <>
Fix up the operation of PangoLayoutIter, especially for Bidi
(#89541, based on a patch from Amit Aronovitch)
* pango/pango-layout.c: Many changes to make iteration
consistently in visual order.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_iter_next_char): Iterate
through each character in the layout exactly once. (Including
a hack to get two iterator positions for \r\n)
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_iter_next_cluster): Only
iterate through real clusters: that is, positions in the
layout that have glyphs.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_iter_get_char_extents):
Fix to give exactly the same results as
pango_glyph_string_index_to_x: the previous positions didn't
completely occupy the entire line.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_iter_next_line): Remove
unneeded updating of iter->index and an associated FIXME.
* tests/testiter.c tests/ Add a (somewhat reworked)
test from Amit for the operation of PangoLayoutIter.
2005-06-21 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-render.c (get_renderer): Go back to
honoring alpha in the XftColor passed in; it was a 1.6 => 1.8
regression. (#169622, based on a patch from Mikael Magnusson)
2005-06-21 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/khmer modules/
modules/makefile.msc: Add a Khmer module by
Jens Herden and Javier Sola. (#125605)
2005-06-20 Owen Taylor <>
* === Released 1.9.0 ===
* NEWS: Update for 1.9.0
* README: Update
2005-06-18 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* pango/break.c (pango_find_paragraph_boundary): Optimization.
Do not g_utf8_get_char at all. (#305323, Paolo Borelli)
2005-06-16 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangocairo-fcfont.c (pango_cairo_fc_font_unlock_face): Remove
excess return. (#307741, Damien Carbery)
2005-06-14 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/indic/indic-ot-class-tables.c (guruCharClasses): Mark
U+A33, U+A36 as _cn, not _ct, since they are combinations
of other characters with nutka. (#304174, Sukhjinder Sidhu)
2005-06-14 Owen Taylor <>
Misc fixes from Stepan Kasal, #169928
* Add requirement on pangoft2
* Fix cut-and-paste
errors in Name/Description when copying from
* Don't call AC_SUBST() unnecessary
2005-06-14 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_parse_style): Fix some
missing case variants in the switch statement.
(#169852, Morten Welinder)
2005-06-14 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-script-table.h (struct): Hand edit
to fix a bug in the 4.0.0 data tables.
(#173096, Sukhjinder Sidhu)
* tools/ Some updates to handle
newer formats (not actually regenerating tables at the
moment, since the changes are large)
2005-06-14 Owen Taylor <>
#307433, Sebastien Bacher
* (EXTRA_DIST): Name the Change.pre-*
* pango/ (libpango_1_0_la_SOURCES): Add
2005-06-14 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-utils.c: Fix docs, handle a lone '~'
(#169851, Morten Welinder)
2005-06-14 Owen Taylor <>
* Force off gtk-doc in absence of Cairo.
(#305652, Amit Aronovitch)
2005-06-14 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/opentype/pango-ot-info.c (pango_ot_info_finalize)
pango/opentype/pango-ot-ruleset.c (pango_ot_ruleset_finalize):
Chain up from finalize. (#307547, Paolo Borelli)
* pango/opentype/pango-ot-info.c (pango_ot_info_finalizer):
make accidentally public function static.
2005-06-14 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ellipsize.c (shape_ellipsis): Fix FALSE/TRUE
typo that was causing crashes with fonts not containing
".". (#304039, Sebastien Bacher)
* pango/pango-context.c (itemize_state_fill_shaper): Allow
font to be NULL.
2005-06-14 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-context.c (itemize_state_finish): Fix
potential leak of state->base_font. (#168930, Ben Maurer,
Aivars Kalvans)
2005-06-10 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangocairo-fcfont.c: Add a (hopefully temporary) cache
in front of getting metrics from Cairo.
* pango/pangocairo-fcfont.c: Remove some cast checks in critical
code paths.
2005-05-17 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.[ch]: Add a new context_substitute() virtual
function that replaces default_substitute() and adds a
PangoContext argument.
* pango/pangocairo.h pango/pangocairo-fontmap.c docs/pango-sections.txt:
Add pango_cairo_context_set/get_hinting() to control
hinting on individual contexts.
* pango/pangocairo-fcfont.c pango/pangocairo-fcfontmap.c:
Implement hinting control for the for the fontconfig/cairo
Tue May 17 07:21:53 2005 Manish Singh <>
* examples/cairoview.c: update for new cairo_xlib_surface API.
2005-05-16 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangocairo-fcfont.c (pango_cairo_fc_font_get_glyph_extents):
pango/pangocairo-render.c (pango_cairo_renderer_draw_glyphs):
Handle glyph == 0.
* modules/indic/indic-ot.h modules/basic/basic-common.h:
Treat LINE SEPARATOR as a zero-width character.
2005-05-16 Owen Taylor <>
* examples/cairoview.c: Include Xlib.h explicitely before
include Xutil.h, since Xutil.h doesn't include Xlib.h on
some platforms. (#304317, Damien Carbery)
Fri May 13 23:54:29 2005 Manish Singh <>
* examples/cairoview.c: #include Xutil.h explicitly, update
for renamed cairo API.
2005-05-11 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangocairo-win32font.c (pango_cairo_win32_font_install):
Update for cairo API change.
(pango_cairo_win32_font_get_metrics): Fix x/y typo.
2005-05-07 Owen Taylor <>
* examples/cairoview.c (update): Remove some accidentally
deleted code.
2005-05-07 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangocairo-fontmap.c pango/pangocairo-render.c
examples/cairosimple.c pango/pangocairo-fcfont.c
examples/cairoview.c: Update for Cairo API changes.
2005-04-29 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangocairo-fcfont.c (pango_cairo_fc_font_get_glyph_extents):
Get the ascent/descent from Cairo to fix bugs in metrics computation
with a transformation in effect.
2005-05-01 Owen Taylor <>
* examples/cairoview.c: Fix for the change of cairo_clip() not to preserve
the path.
2005-04-28 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangocairo-win32font.c (pango_cairo_win32_font_get_font_face):
Correct parameters passed to MultiByteToWideChar(). Pass -1 as
source string length so that the target string gets
zero-terminated. Size of target array is in number of WCHARs, not
number of bytes.
Add support to pangowin32 for TrueType fonts with coverage outside
the BMP. Fix handling of surrogate pairs in the Uniscribe
shaper. (#302238)
* pango/pangowin32-private.h (PangoWin32Face): Rename the
unicode_table field to cmap. Keep track of its format (4 or 12).
(format_12_cmap): Add struct for a format 12 cmap.
* pango/pangowin32.c: Corresponding changes. Rename internal
functions a bit.
(get_format_12_cmap): New function, reads a format 12 cmap.
(font_get_cmap): Look for both format 12 (which is preferred) and
format 4 cmaps.
pango_win32_font_calc_coverage): Handle also format 12 cmaps.
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c: Handle surrogate pairs in wchar_t
strings properly.
(unichar_index): New function. Given a wchar_t string and an index
into it, calculate the index of the corresponding Unicode
character. Each surrogate pair in the wchar_t is just one Unicode
(set_up_pango_log_clusters, itemize_shape_and_place): Use
unichar_index() instead of direct index into wchar_t string.
Wed Apr 27 15:45:06 2005 Manish Singh <>
* examples/cairoview.c: Update to new Cairo API for writing out PNGs.
2005-04-28 Changwoo Ryu <>
* modules/hangul/hangul-defs.h: Cleanups.
2005-04-25 Changwoo Ryu <>
* modules/hangul/hangul-fc.c (render_basic): handles zero width
chars, patch by Young-Ho Cha. (#157565)
Mon Apr 18 15:49:36 2005 Manish Singh <>
* examples/cairoview.c: Update to new Cairo API for setting color
and opacity.
2005-04-12 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/opentype/ Rename LDADDS to
libpango_ot_la_LIBADD to actually make link with
* pango/pangowin32.def: Rename get_scale_factor to
get_metrics_factor here, too. (#300222, Ivan Wong)
Fri Apr 8 15:30:55 2005 Manish Singh <>
* examples/cairoview.c: #include <pixman.h> since the cairo headers
don't include it for us anymore.
2005-04-08 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangocairo-font.c (_pango_cairo_font_install): Remove
stray return. (#173046, Damien Carbery)
Thu Apr 7 22:45:32 2005 Manish Singh <>
* Test for renamed cairo_ft_scaled_font_lock_face().
2005-04-07 Owen Taylor <>
* Test for renamed
* pango/pangocairo-win32font.c: Fix various compilation errors.
* pango/pangocairo-fcfont.c pango/pangocairo-win32font.c
pango/pangocairo-fontmap.c: Use new matrix API.
* pango/pangocairo-fcfont.c pango/pangocairo-win32font.c
pango/pangocairo-render.c: Update to new Cairo font API.
* pangpopangowin32.h pango/pangowin32-private.h pango/pangowin32.c
pango/pangocairo-win32font.c modules/basic/basic-win32.c: Rename
get_scale_factor() to get_metrics_factor() to match Cairo.
2005-04-04 Hans Breuer <>
* pango/pangocairo-win32font.c(pango_cairor_win32_font_get_metrics) :
variable declaration on the start of the block, not C99 everywhere.
* examples/viewer-win32.c : updated to not so recent Pango api changes
* pango/makefile.msc : pangocairo build win32 version, not freetype
2005-04-01 Carl Worth <>
* examples/cairosimple.c: (main): Update to track removal of
cairo_set_target_png from cairo.
2005-03-24 Theppitak Karoonboonyanan <>
* modules/thai/thai-fc.c (tis620_1), modules/thai/thai-shaper.c
(Mac_shape_table): Added more MacThai PUA glyphs that are not defined
in vendor data at, but just available in actual fonts.
2005-03-20 Tor Lillqvist <>
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c (make_langid): Leave out some
languages that don't have any own digits.
(itemize_shape_and_place): Force fRTL for each item returned from
ScriptItemize() to the bidi embedding parity for the whole
run. Pango passes us a run that it correctly has analyzed should
be of a certain direction, but ScriptItemize() still might split
it into items, some of which have neutral direction. (#170931)
(text_is_simple): Use g_utf8_to_utf16().
2005-03-18 Hans Breuer <>
* pango/pango.def pango/pangocairo.def : updated externals
* pango/pangowin32.c(pango_win32_render_transformed) : matrix elements
xy and yx are needed the other way around for XFORM
2005-03-17 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangocairo-win32font.c (_pango_cairo_win32_font_new):
Set win32font->logfont. (How was this working at all?)
2005-03-15 Owen Taylor <>
* docs/tmpl/main.sgml (pango_unichar_direction): Fix
PANGO_DIRECTION_LTR/RTL cut-and-paste. (Tim Janik)
2005-03-15 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.c: Include the effect of the
CTM in the FC_PIXEL_SIZE we set in the FcPattern.
(Fixes problems with getting the wrong font when drawing
the same font at multiple scales. Reported by Keith
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.h pango/pangocairo-fcfontmap.c
pango/pangocairo-fc.h pango/pangocairo-fontfont.c: Add
the PangoFontDescription to create_font() ... we need it
to get the right pixel size to combine with the CTM.
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.c (pango_fc_fontmap_get_dpi):
Extract out the logic for finding the DPI from the
size-listing code.
(pango_fc_font_map_get_render_key): Handle mix of
absolute and not sizes correctly.
Sat Mar 5 13:51:04 2005 Manish Singh <>
* pango/mini-fribidi/fribidi_types.[ch]: const correctness for
* tools/ dist and
2005-03-04 Owen Taylor <>
Reduce non-shared data (#168899, inspired by patches
from Tommi Komulainen and Ross Burton)
* pango/pango-color.c pango/pango-color-table.h
tools/ Redo storage of colors to
use offsets into a static string rather than embedded
strings. (Inspired by a patch from Tommi Komulainen,
* pango/break.c pango/fonts.c pango/pango-color.c
pango/pango-layout.c pango/pango-markup.c
tools/gen-script-for-lang.c: Add const in various places
* modules/arabic/arabic-fc.c modules/hebrew/hebrew-fc.c:
indic-ot.h} modules/syriac/syriac-ot.c (syriac): Further
addition of const.
2005-03-04 Owen Taylor <>
* NEWS: Updates from stable branch.
2005-03-03 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/indic/indic-ot.[ch] modules/indic-ot-class-tables.c:
Split out handling of sinhala al-lakuna character from
handling of Virama in the state table to avoid implicit
formation of conjucts for Sinhala. (Patch from
Harshula, #161981)
* modules/indic/indic-fc.c modules/indic/indic-ot.h:
Add a new script flag SF_PROCESS_ZWJ indicating
whether zero width characters should be passed to
* modules/indic/indic-ot-class-tables.c: Set SF_PROCESS_ZWJ
for Sinhala. (#161981, Harshula)
2005-03-03 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-fontmap.c (pango_font_map_load_font): Add
a g_return_if_fail() if desc doesn't have a family.
(#165866, Kees Cook)
2005-03-03 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-render.c (pango_xft_renderer_draw_glyphs):
Call XftCharIndex() on the right font. (#163511)
2005-03-03 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/opentype/ftxopen.c (Coverage_Index1, Coverage_Index2,
Get_Class2): For all binary searches, handle the case where
the number of items is 0. (#162977, Nick Lamb)
* pango/opentype/ftxgdef.c (TT_GDEF_Build_ClassDefinition):
Handle the case where glyph_count == 0 properly. Fix a problem
with cleanups on memory allocation failure.
(Get_New_Count, Add_Glyph_Property): Avoid reading off the
end of the ClassRangeRecord array.
2005-03-02 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_from_string_: For
family names that add in numbers add a , to distinguish
them from family+size (#166540, debugging/testing by
Manish Singh)
2005-03-02 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attr_iterator_get_attrs):
Fix various typos in the docs (#163244, Morten Welinder)
2005-03-02 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (pango_xft_font_get_glyph_extents):
Go back to using Xft-reported metrics for all non-transformed
fonts. Reporting non-integer glyph metrics for fonts
where people have disabled hinting in their config causes
various problems. (reported variously, including #167801,
Adam Sampson)
2005-03-02 Owen Taylor <>m
[ ChangeLog entry for some changes accidentally committed
a while ago ]
Redo the handling of absolute sizes for PangoAttribute
to work around compatibility problems with GtkHTML which
was counting on the details of the implementation of
size attributes. (#163154)
* pango/pango-attributes.[ch] docs/tmpl/text-attributes.sgml:
PANGO_ATTR_ABSOLUTE_SIZE, and use that distinction
rather than the boolean field in PangoAttrSize to
distinguish between attributes created
pango_attr_size_new_absolute() and
2005-03-01 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (process_item): Don't break
lines on LINE_SEPARATOR in single-paragraph mode.
(#168589, Damon Chaplin)
2005-03-01 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c: Fix a typo in the last
commit (Manish Singh)
2005-03-01 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (xft_font_get_font): Delete
FC_SPACING value out of pattern before passing it
to Xft, to prevent Xft clipping characters and
trashing metrics. (#164879, Billy Biggs)
2005-03-01 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-context.c (pango_context_get_metrics): Use
the language from the context if %NULL is passed in for
@language. (#163472)
2005-03-01 Owen Taylor <>
Build fixes from Andrew P. Lentvorski, Jr, #164655
* pango/pangoft2-render.c: Duplicate the
define from pangoft2.c here
* examples/ (pango_xftview_LDADD): Add
X_LIBS to pango_xftview_LDADD since some old versions
of xft.pc didn't add -lX11.
2005-03-01 Owen Taylor <>
to avoid a problem where older verisons of AM_PATH_GLIB_2_0
silently ignored gmodule-no-export causing mysterious
build failures. (#161786)
* pango/ (DISTCLEANFILES): Move some output files from CLEANFILES to DISTCLEANFILES.
2005-03-01 Tor Lillqvist <>
* tests/cxx-test.C: Include pangowin32.h first to avoid
a namespace collision. (#163584)
Fri Feb 25 12:14:24 2005 Manish Singh <>
* pango/pangofc-font.c (pango_fc_font_class_init): map get_font_map
to the right function.
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_font_class_init): fill in get_font_map.
2005-02-24 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangocairo-win32.h pango/pangocairo-win32font.c
pango/pangocairo-win32fontmap.c pango/
PangoCairoFontMap for win32 fonts.
* pango/pangocairo-fontmap.c: Use PangoCairoWin32FontMap
when available.
* pango/pangowin32.h pango/pangowin32-fontmap.h pango/pangowin32.c:
Add virtual pango_win32_font_select_font()
to prepare a DC for use with a PangoWin32Font, and to release,
pango_win32_font_scale_font() to get logical unit => Pango units scale,
pango_win32_font_done_font() to release resources.
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.[ch]: Add a find_font() virtual method
to allow subclasses that change how PangoFont lookup and
creation happens.
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c: Move initialization into
pango_win32_font_map_init() to facilitate derivation.
* pango/pangowin2.c pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c
pango/pangowin32-private.h: Move PangoWin32Font/PangoWin32FontMap
definitions into pangowin32-private.h to allow derivation for
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c: Use pango_win32_font_select_font()
and friends.
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c: Use g_utf8_to_utf16 instead
of g_convert for simplicity and speed.
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_get_font_map) pango/pango-font.h
pango/pangofc-font.c pango/pangowin32.c pango/pango.c pango/pango.def
docs/pango-sections.txt: Add a virtual function to get the fontmap
for a font.
* pango/pangocairo-render.c: Use pango_font_get_font_map()
rather than PangoFcFontMap hack.
* pango/pango-types.h: Move the declaration of PangoFontMap here
to avoid interactions between pango-font.h and pango-fontmap.h.
* pango/pangocairo.h: Remove accidental include
of pangofc-fontmap.h.
2005-02-21 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_get_glyph_extents):
* pango/shape.c (pango_shape): Minor doc fixes.
(#167922, #167924, Billy Biggs)
2005-02-06 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangocairo.h pango/pangocairo-render.c docs/pango-sections.txt:
Rename pango_cairo_show_glyphs() to pango_cairo_show_glyph_string().
Add pango_cairo_{glyph_string,layout_line,layout}_path()
2005-02-06 Hans Breuer <>
* pango/makefile.msc pango/*.def pango/pangocairo.def : updated to
build with the new Cairo dependency
* pango/ : added pangocairo.def to EXTRA_DIST
Thu Feb 3 19:00:17 2005 Manish Singh <>
* pango/pangocairo-fc.h: spell _pango_cairo_fc_get_render_key
* pango/pangocairo-fcfont.c: #include cairo-ft.h
Thu Feb 3 18:23:27 2005 Manish Singh <>
* use CAIRO_LIBS for all libcairo checks, and disable
the cairo backend if we don't have Win32 nor FreeType support in
2005-02-03 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangofc-font.c (pango_fc_font_real_get_glyph): Fix unpaired
2005-02-03 Owen Taylor <>
* Bump to 1.9.0.
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.h: Document PangoFcFontMap.create_font()
2005-02-03 Owen Taylor <>
* examples/cairosimple.c: Open the file with mode "wb", include
* examples/xftview.c examples/cairoview.c: Set WM_NORMAL_HINTS to avoid
triggering a metacity bug.
* examples/cairoview.c: Include cairo-xlib.h.
* Add checks for the Win32 Cairo backend. (not committing
the code yet).
* examples/ pango/ add CAIRO_CFLAGS.
* pango/pangocairo-fc.h pango/pangocairo-fcfont.c
pango/pangocairo-fcfontmap.c pango/pangofc-fontmap.[ch]: Rework
Cairo/Fontconfig backend to use the current Cairo API. Make
some PangoFcFontMap changes to enable that.
* pango/pango/pangocairo-private.h pango/pangocairo-render.c:
Update for cairo_font_t changes.
2005-01-31 Matthias Clasen <>
* modules/hebrew/hebrew-fc.c (get_cluster_glyphs): Show
unknown glyphs; this may lead to overlapping boxes when
accents are involved, but it is better than text vanishing
without any traces.
2005-01-29 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pango.def: Add missing pango_render_part_get_type.
(#165287, Cedric Gustin)
2005-01-25 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pango.def: Add a missing entry point.
* modules/basic/ (usp10.h): Don't use -p option to cp,
can cause "failed to preserve ownership" errors.
* modules/*/ (INCLUDES): Remove extraneous slash here,
2005-01-11 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/basic/ (INCLUDES): Remove an extraneous
/ that was confusing gcc on Win32.
2005-01-10 Owen Taylor <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add missing ChangeLog.pre*
Sat Jan 8 19:28:17 2005 Owen Taylor <>
* Add a .pc file for
2005-01-08 Matthias Clasen <>
* Require gmodule-no-export-2.0 instead
of gmodule-2.0
Sat Jan 8 16:46:37 2005 Owen Taylor <>
* Add checks for Cairo
* pango/ Add libpangocairo.
* pango/pangocairo-font.c pango/pangocairo-fontmap.c
pango/pangocairo.h pango/pangocairo-private.h
pango/pangocairo-fcfont.c pango/pangocairo-fcfontmap.c
pango/pangocairo-fc.h: Start of a Cairo/FreeType backend.
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.[ch]: Add a "get_render_key"
virtual function to allow subclasses to specialize the
details of how caching works. Add a default implementation
that's a little more sophisticated than what was there
* pango/pangoft2-private.h pangofc-font.c pangoft2.c:
Move default implementations of has_char(), get_glyph()
to the base class.
* pango/pangofc-private.h pango/pangoft2-private.h:
Move PANGO_UNITS_26_6 and friends to pango/pangofc-private.h.
* examples/renderdemo.[ch] examples/pangoft2topgm.c
examples/xftview.c: Allow passing in a custom function
to transform drawing.
* examples/ examples/cairoview.c: Add a
Cairo/Xlib example program.
* examples/cairosimple.c: Simple Cairo example with
output to a PNG.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_get_extents): Fix
bug where line ink rect was always including 0, 0.
Thu Jan 6 12:29:31 2005 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attr_iterator_get_font):
Fix reversed test on attr->absolute that was causing
pixels sizes to be used inappropriately. (#163105,
Ross Burton)
Tue Jan 4 14:14:28 2005 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/break.c (enum): Fix trailing comma in enum (#162618)
Tue Jan 4 14:11:43 2005 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-attributes.c (pango_attr_list_splice): Fix
doc sentences to parse. (#161812, Morten Welinder)
Tue Jan 4 14:05:13 2005 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-renderer.c (pango_renderer_draw_trapezoid): Rename
y1 parameters to y1_ to avoid conflicts with the math.h Bessel
function. (#161969)
Fri Dec 31 10:20:55 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.c (pango_fc_convert_weight_to_pango):
Fix problem where MEDIUM was getting grouped with SEMIBOLD
rather than NORMAL.
Wed Dec 22 13:21:01 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-script.c pango/pango-types.h: Fix a couple
of documentation typos (#161647, Torsten Schoenfeld)
2004-12-18 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangowin32-private.h
* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_font_get_metrics): Cache metrics
by language, like the other backends do. Don't try to get the
width of the 0..9 digit string if the font doesn't cover digits.
2004-12-17 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/ Make the .la files depend on the
corresponding .def files.
* pango/pango.def: Add a couple of missing functions.
Fri Dec 17 14:37:49 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.c (pango_fc_convert_weight_to_fc): Use
FC_WEIGHT_MEDIUM, not FC_WEIGHT_NORMAL in old-fontconfig
case. (#161568, Vincent Noel)
Fri Dec 17 12:44:10 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* Fix a couple of typos in the handling of
tibetan for --with-included-modules. (#161501, Sebastien Bacher)
Fri Dec 17 12:28:56 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_get_extents_internal): Fix
bug in computing logical_rect.x when layout->width == -1.
(#161510, Morten Welinder)
Thu Dec 16 14:03:32 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* docs/tmpl/pango-renderer.sgml: Add short and long descriptions.