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Fri Dec 20 12:18:43 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* === Released 1.2.0 ===
* Version 1.2.0, interface age 0.
* NEWS: Updated
Fri Dec 20 11:59:22 2002 Owen Taylor <>
Some unit fixups (#96335)
* pango/pango-layout.c pango/pango-mapping.c:
Fix occurrences of "in thousandths of a device
unit" to say "in #PangoGlyphUnit" which will
give a link to the PangoGlyphUnit docs.
* docs/tmpl/text-attributes.sgml: Change 1000 to PANGO_SCALE.
* docs/tmpl/glyphs.sgml: Fix docs for PangoGlyphUnit,
fix mention of value of PANGO_SCALE from 1000 to 1024.
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_line_get_x_ranges):
Fix the docs for @ranges so it doesn't sound like the
coordinates are in pixels.
Fri Dec 20 11:49:33 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* README: Add a note about fonts.conf.
Mon Dec 16 21:16:31 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* === Released 1.1.6 ===
* NEWS: Updated.
* Version 1.1.6, interface age 2.
Mon Dec 16 19:28:18 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/hangul/hangul-xft.c (render_isolated_tone):
When we get an isolated tone in isolation, do something
reasonable rather than just return no glyphs and
causing an assertion failure. (#100625)
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.cI (_pango_fc_font_map_get_coverage):
Add a hack to force Hangul marks to be be rendered
in the same font as base Hangul glyphs.
Mon Dec 16 18:10:46 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/basic/basic-xft.c: Add some extra ranges
as "*" to match basic-x.c. (#101083, Jungshik Shin)
Remove some extraneous "" ranges since we have
{ 0x0000, 0xffff, "" } anyways.
Thu Dec 12 13:59:43 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Require autoconf-2.53.
2002-12-11 Matthias Clasen <>
* docs/tmpl/text-attributes.sgml:
* docs/tmpl/glyphs.sgml:
* docs/tmpl/engines.sgml:
* docs/tmpl/main.sgml:
* docs/tmpl/pango-indic.sgml:
* docs/tmpl/coverage-maps.sgml:
* docs/tmpl/fonts.sgml:
* docs/pango_markup.sgml: Cosmetic changes to short descriptions.
* docs/tmpl/tab-stops.sgml:
* docs/tmpl/modules.sgml:
* docs/tmpl/opentype.sgml:
* docs/tmpl/xft-fonts.sgml:
* docs/tmpl/freetype-fonts.sgml:
* docs/tmpl/win32-fonts.sgml: Add short descriptions.
* docs/pango-docs.sgml: Move "OpenType Font Handling" to
"Low Level Functionality".
* docs/pango-sections.txt: Combine the "X Fonts" and
"X Rendering" sections.
Tue Dec 10 18:37:19 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* === Released 1.1.5 ===
* pango/pango-attributes.h pango/pango-font.h
pango/pango-fontset.h pango/pango-fontmap.h: Add
explicit /*< public >*/ /*< private *>/ guards.
(See #95398 for gtk-doc changes making this necessary)
Tue Dec 10 14:51:01 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Version 1.1.5, interface age 1.
* NEWS: Update.
Sun Dec 8 22:57:55 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox.c: Draw the unknown glyph box with
X primitives rather than hoping that some font has an
actualpainting unknown glyph... that code was
apparently still working badly. Use "en" not
NULL as the language tags for getting the metrics
for the return glyph and the unknown character
glyph... NULL gives too large results. (#98245,
Based on a patch from Morten Welinder.)
Sun Dec 8 15:22:10 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-glyph-item.c (pango_glyph_item_apply_attrs):
Free the iter. (Fix from Kjartan Maraas, #100672)
2002-12-08 Matthias Clasen <>
* docs/tmpl/pango-indic.sgml: Document PangoIndicScript.
2002-12-07 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_get_dc): Document.
Sat Dec 7 01:05:25 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.cI (pango_fc_font_map_get_patterns):
Print out an informative error message and exit(1) if
no fonts are found. (#98672)
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_font_get_face): Fix some
bugs in the last commit.
Sat Dec 7 00:10:02 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_font_get_face): Don't
use face-> to hold the size the face is
currently set to; we don't need it currently and
it interferes with the use of face-> for
OpenType data. (#93822, frequently reported bug)
Fri Dec 6 23:07:58 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (pango_xft_real_render)
pango/pangox.c (pango_x_render): Roughly clip glyphs
into the X coordinate area to avoid wrap-around. (#73119)
Fri Dec 6 19:42:33 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/modules.c (map_get_submap): Dynamically allocate
submap arrays so we aren't constrained to the BMP.
(#100307, Federic Zhang)
Fri Dec 6 18:58:25 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-utils.lo: Use octal escapes rather than
hex to avoid the problem over having hex digits
immediately after the hex escape.
Fri Dec 6 18:30:36 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-utils.c: Convert literal UTF-8 to octal
escapes. (#92050, Arnaud Charlet)
* pango/testfonts.c: Convert literal ISO-8859-1
to UTF-8 hex escapes. (Don't know how passing
ISO-8859-1 to pango_shape() was working...)
Fri Dec 6 18:07:48 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/indic/devanagari-x.c, pango/modules.c
pango/pango-utils.c pango/pangoft2.c pango/querymodules.c:
Convert [sf]printf to g_[sf]printf, or, where
appropriate g_printerr(). (Based on patch from
Matthias Clasen, #99321)
* Require glib-2.1.3.
Fri Dec 6 17:56:32 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Add missing thai-xft to thai-modules.
(#99883, Tony Graham)
Mon Dec 2 17:22:34 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* === Released 1.1.4 ===
* Up version to 1.1.4, interface age 0.
* NEWS: Updated.
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_fc_do_finalize)
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (pango_fc_do_finalize): Fix
leaks of fontmap->substitute_data. (#99850)
* pango/ (INCLUDES): Fix accidental reference
to pango-script-table.h.
Sun Nov 17 23:28:26 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-glyph-item.[ch] pango/pango-layout.h:
Rename PangoLayoutRun to PangoGlyphItem (with a
typedef for compat), add pango_glyph_item_split(),
* pango/pango-attributes.[ch]: Add
pango_attr_list_filter(), pango_attr_iterator_get_attrs().
* pango/pango-layout.c: Remove attributes that don't
affect shaping before shaping, shape and then add
them back. Fixes the infamous "underscores break
arabic shaping" bug (#83058)
* pango/pango-item.h: Remove an extraneous include.
* pango/pango-layout.c (imposed_shape): Fix bytes/chars
problem for glyph->log_clusters.
* pango/pango-layout.c (cluster_end_index)
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_iter_next_cluster): Fix
confusion between global indices and run-relative indices.
* docs/tmpl/glyphs.sgml: Improve docs for log_clusters.
* docs/*: Document new API and PangoOTRuleset
2002-11-29 Matthias Clasen <>
* docs/tmpl/xft-fonts.sgml:
* docs/tmpl/freetype-fonts.sgml: Add docs.
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_substitute_changed):
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c
Fix doc typos.
2002-11-28 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c:
* pango/pangoxft-font.c:
* pango/pangowin32.c:
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c: Mark 1.2 API additions, fix some
doc comments.
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c
(pango_ft2_font_map_set_default_substitute): Implement this
function. (#99850)
2002-11-26 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Do not add GLIB_CFLAGS to CFLAGS.
* docs/, examples/,
modules/arabic/, modules/basic/,
modules/hangul/, modules/hebrew/,
modules/indic/, modules/tamil/,
modules/thai/, pango/,
pango/mini-fribidi/, pango/opentype/
Instead add $(GLIB_CFLAGS) directly to INCLUDES (GTKDOC_CFLAGS for
docs/ Also some cosmetic line wrapping and
reindentation. (#77981)
Mon Nov 25 20:25:23 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/glyphstring.c (pango_glyph_string_extents_range):
Clarify the meaning of the @end parameter. (#96843,
Jungshik Shin)
Mon Nov 25 19:57:02 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_free): Remove
some confusing left over verbiage in API docs about what
font descriptions could be freed. (#96558,
Michael R. Walton.)
Mon Nov 25 19:24:29 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/mini-fribidi/fribidi_get_type.c (_pango_fribidi_get_type):
Fix off-by-one in check for non-BMP characters.
(#91834, He Qiangqiang)
Mon Nov 25 11:58:30 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* examples/ (readFile): Fix missing argument
(#99380, Dagfinn I. Mannsåker)
2002-11-23 Matthias Clasen <>
* docs/ New file to let configure dump the version in.
* docs/pango-docs.sgml: Add version information.
* docs/ (extra_files): Add
(content_files): Add version.xml.
* Generate docs/version.xml.
Thu Nov 21 17:35:08 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/basic/basic-ft2.c: Remove duplicate
include of basic-common.h (#97667, Tony Graham)
Thu Nov 21 00:26:40 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Use some shell magic rather than
perl to check for the right gtk-doc version to
avoid having to worry about finding Perl.
Make checks handle 0.10 > 0.9. (#99120, Dan Mills)
Check for 0.10, since we need that for
2002-11-12 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangowin32-fontcache.c (free_cache_entry,
cache_entry_unref, pango_win32_font_cache_load): Add more
debugging output.
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c (uniscribe_shape): Plug memory leak:
Free return value from pango_win32_font_logfont(). Call
pango_win32_font_cache_unload() for the hfont returned from
pango_win32_font_cache_load() after using it.
Fri Nov 8 20:02:09 2002 Soeren Sandmann <>
* docs/tmpl/coverage-maps.sgml:
* docs/tmpl/glyphs.sgml:
* docs/tmpl/layout.sgml:
* docs/tmpl/x-fonts.sgml:
* pango/mapping.c:
* pango/pango-coverage.c:
* pango/pango-coverage.h:
* pango/pango-glyph.h:
* pango/pango-layout.c:
* pango/pango-layout.h:
* pango/pangox.h:
Trivial s/foo/foo_/ fixes to make pango.h includable with -Wshadow
2002-11-09 Changwoo Ryu <>
* modules/hangul/hangul-x.c (render_syllable_with_ksx1001johab):
Renamed from render_syllable_with_ksx1005 (#95800).
Thu Nov 7 10:05:28 2002 HideToshi Tajima <>
* modules/basic/basic-x.c:
Fix #96781: changes for basic X shaper's code range for
compatibility Ideographs characters (0xFA0C - 0xFA2D)
2002-11-06 Changwoo Ryu <>
* modules/hangul/hangul-x.c (hangul_engine_shape): Applied some of
the hangul-xft changes into hangul-x; it takes precomposed
syllables as same as L+V or L+V+S jamo sequences.
2002-11-04 Changwoo Ryu <>
* modules/hangul/hangul-defs.h (IS_S): Fixed wrong syllable
* modules/hangul/hangul-defs.h:
* modules/hangul/hangul-x.c: No more use of TFILL, the internal
trailing consonant filler.
(render_syllable_with_*): Appended empty syllable
(ex. LFILL+VFILL) rendering case (#96175).
(render_syllable_with_ksx1005): Fixed wrong fallback glyphs
indices (from #95800 by Jungshik Shin).
Fri Nov 1 21:08:42 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* === Released 1.1.3 ===
* Version 1.1.3
* NEWS: Updated.
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.cI (pango_fc_font_set_free):
Free font_set->patterns. (Found by Sven Neumann,
2002-11-03 Changwoo Ryu <>
* modules/basic/basic-xft.c: Removed hangul syllables and hangul
tonemarks ranges. Now hangul-xft is responsible for these ranges.
2002-11-01 Changwoo Ryu <>
* modules/hangul/hangul-defs.h modules/hangul/hangul-xft.c:
Added Hangul Tone Marks rendering by Jungshik Shin (#96299).
2002-10-31 Changwoo Ryu <>
* modules/hangul/hangul-xft.c (hangul_engine_get_coverage):
Added U+AC00- coverage
(hangul_engine_shape): Renders U+AC00 Hangul Syllables.
2002-10-24 Tor Lillqvist <>
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c: Update the non-Uniscribe ranges to
cover some more simple scripts.
(itemize_shape_and_place): Handle unknown glyphs.
(script_engine_list): Only return the "everything" range if
Uniscribe is available. It would be nice to build up a more
specific range list based on the information ScriptGetProperties()
returns. That function lists information about each script the
Uniscribe version used can handle. Unfortunately, though, the
information is severely limited. It doesn't tell what Unicode
blocks a script covers. It only gives one language that uses
that script, and sometimes an charset number, but for most scripts
just the totally useless DEFAULT_CHARSET.
2002-10-23 Alexander Larsson <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (can_break_in):
Don't break at the first char in the first item on a line.
Fixes regression in linebreaking (#95900).
2002-10-22 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Add --with-usp10 flag to indicate where to find
the usp10.h header, for using Uniscribe on Win32. Set USP10_H
autoconf variable, HAVE_USP10_H config.h macro and HAVE_USP10_H
automake conditional.
* acconfig.h: Add HAVE_USP10_H.
* pango/pangowin32-private.h (PANGO_WIN32_DEBUGGING): Change
semantics of this flag. If defined, also need to set env var
PANGO_WIN32_DEBUG to get the copious debugging output.
Change PING() macro accordingly. Add variable pango_win32_debug.
* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_get_dc): New function. Code
factored out from pango_win32_font_class_init() and
(pango_win32_get_debug_flag): New function.
(pango_win32_render): Handle y offsets, too. Potentially need to
call ExtTextOutW several times, one for each run of sequential
glyphs with the same y offset.
* pango/pangowin32.h: Declare above new functions, in the part
only for shaper engine use.
* pango/pangowin32.def: Export above new functions.
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c (pango_win32_font_map_class_init):
Call pango_win32_get_dc() as mentioned above.
* modules/basic/ If HAVE_USP10_H, let basic-win32.lo
depend on usp10.h.
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c: If HAVE_USP10_H, and the Uniscribe
DLL usp10.dll is present, use Uniscribe.
(uniscribe_shape, itemize_shape_and_place,
set_up_pango_log_clusters, convert_log_clusters_to_byte_offsets,
make_langid, init_uniscribe): New functions.
(dump_glyphs_and_log_clusters, lang_name, charset_name): Debugging
2002-10-20 Matthias Clasen <>
* docs/ (SCANOBJ_FILES): Add $(DOC_MODULE).prerequisites.
2002-10-15 Changwoo Ryu <>
* modules/hangul/hangul-xft.c (hangul_engine_shape):
* modules/hangul/hangul-x.c (hangul_engine_shape): Added missing
memcpy() from the static jamo buffer to allocated jamo buffer
(#95569). Thanks to Jungshik Shin.
Mon Oct 14 15:39:41 2002 Manish Singh <>
* pango/pango-context.c pango/pango-layout.c pango/pangoft2.c
pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c pango/pangowin32.c pango/pangox-fontmap.c
pango/pangox.c pango/pangoxft-font.c pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c
pango/testfonts.c pango/opentype/pango-ot-ruleset.c:
Get rid of unnecessary casts for g_object_{ref,unref}
2002-10-15 Matthias Clasen <>
* docs/ Dist the xml/*.xml, not
sgml/*.sgml. (#95678, Owen Taylor)
2002-10-14 Matthias Clasen <>
* docs/ (SCANOBJ_FILES): Add $(DOC_MODULE).interfaces.
Sun Oct 13 12:35:14 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* === Released 1.1.2 ===
* Version 1.1.2, interface age 0.
* NEWS: Updates.
2002-10-04 Alexander Larsson <>
* pango/pango-layout.[ch]:
* docs/tmpl/layout.sgml:
Add, implement and document PANGO_WRAP_WORD_CHAR
Sun Sep 29 14:55:36 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/opentype/ftxgpos.c: ligatures can be also used in
MarkBasePos lookups. (2001-03-17 Werner Lemberg)
Sun Sep 29 14:51:25 2002 Owen Taylor <>
Start of merges from freetype1 of OpenType fixes.
* pango/opentype/ftxgdef.c pango/opentype/ftxgpos.c pango/opentype/ftxgsub.c:
More fixes for special marks. (2001-03-17 Werner Lemberg)
2002-09-28 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c (pango_win32_insert_font): Revert
change from 2002-09-21: Don't bypass the code that automatically
adds fonts to the families "monospace", "serif" and "sans". I
thought it would be unnecessary if you have a pango.aliases that
sets up aliases for these family names, but apparently
not. Without this code, pango_layout_line_get_empty_extents()
thinks empty lines have zero height, as it tries to use a font
called "sans" for instance, and no aliases get used.
Fri Sep 27 17:50:51 2002 Owen Taylor <>
(Based on GTK+ patch by J. Ali Harlow in #87774)
* Add CROSS_COMPILING conditional.
* modules/ (install-data-local): Don't
generate pango.modules when installing into a DESTDIR
or cross-compiling.
* examples/ (all-local): Don't generate
pango.modules when cross-compiling.
Fri Sep 27 13:10:25 2002 HideToshi Tajima <>
* modules/basic/tables-big.i: make charset ordering of
chinese character sets differently for chinese locales -
e.g., GB18030 is used first in zh-cn locales.
(#89937 James Su, Brian Yuan.)
2002-09-25 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/ INCLUDED_WIN32_MODULES was missing from a
couple of places. (#93372)
2002-09-24 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangowin32.c: Use PANGO_PIXELS macro throughout instead of
dividing by PANGO_SCALE.
(pango_win32_render): New try. This time handle both glyphs at
code point 0, specifically put there by PangoLayout to indicate
spacing (for tab handling), and actual invalid glyphs noticed by
the shaper. Invalid glyphs are indicated by the flag
PANGO_WIN32_UNKNOWN_FLAG. (Idea taken frompangoxft-font.c)
(pango_win32_get_unknown_glyph): Take also the char as parameter,
return the same char with the above flag ORed in.
(pango_win32_font_get_glyph_extents): If the glyph is flagged as
invalid, look for glyph 0 instead. Use g_win32_error_message() in
warning message instead of numeric error code.
* pango/pangowin32.h: Add the new parameter to the
pango_win32_get_unknown_glyph() declaration. Surround the API used
by shape engines with #ifdef PANGO_ENABLE_ENGINE.
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c: Change call accordingly.
2002-09-24 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/opentype/pango-ot.def: Remove. Not used. (A static library
is built here. Exported entries are in ../pangoft2.def.)
* pango/opentype/ (EXTRA_DIST): Remove from here, too.
2002-09-23 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/pango-color.c (pango_color_parse): Make color parsing
more robust and correct. (#93804)
* tests/testcolor.c: Tests for pango_color_parse.
* tests/ Build testcolor.
* tests/ Run testcolor.
2002-09-23 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/
* pango/mini-fribidi/makefile.mingw
* pango/opentype/
* examples/
* modules/basic/ Remove. Not maintained.
* pango/ (EXTRA_DIST)
* pango/mini-fribidi/ (EXTRA_DIST)
* pango/opentype/ (EXTRA_DIST)
* examples/ (EXTRA_DIST)
* modules/basic/ (EXTRA_DIST): Remove
makefile.mingw(.in) from here, too.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Don't try to output above removed
* examples/pangowin32.aliases: Remove. Not used.
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c: Minor spacing fixes, comment the
Unicode ranges covered.
* pango/makefile.msc
* pango/module-defs-win32.c.win32: Change according to change
below so that build also with the manually written makefile for
MSVC, which always uses included modules, still works.
* Distribute specifically pango.aliases and
pango.modules, not the whole etc/pango which might contain editor
backup files.
Mon Sep 16 12:03:54 2002 Arnaud Charlet <>
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c: Check for correct macro, use
correct module entry name, so that --with-included-modules works
with autoconfiscated build for Windows. (#93372)
2002-09-21 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangowin32-private.h
* pango/pangowin32*.c: Rename DEBUGGING to PANGO_WIN32_DEBUGGING.
Use plain printf instrad of g_print in the PING macro for
debugging output (to avoid UTF-8 requirement).
* pango/pangowin32.h: Guard against redefinition of _WIN32_WINNT.
* pango/pangowin32-private.h: Remove the FS_VIETNAMESE define, not
needed. Rename PangoWin32Font::face to win32face. Add enum
PangoWin32CoverageLanguageClass, used to classify PangoLanguages
that might have locale-specific coverage of fonts (i.e. CJKV).
Change PangoWin32Face::coverage into an array, coverages. Move
some TrueType macro and struct defines from pangowin32.c
here. Rename them a bit to match the names used in the specs
better. Add declarations for new functions (see below).
* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_get_hfont): Convert
LOGFONT::lfFaceName to UTF-8 before printing.
(pango_win32_render): Revert the change from
2002-09-05. Characters not in a font are supposed to show up at
this stage as invalid glyphs (usually a box). It's up to the
higher layers to filter out TABs and other characters that
shouldn't be visible.
(pango_win32_get_name_header, pango_win32_get_name_record): New
functions, to read the name table header and records from a
TrueType font.
(font_name_in): New function, checks if a font has a name in one
of the spoecial-case languages, or actually locales (zh_TW, zh_CN,
ja, ko, vi). Checks the TrueType name table.
(pango_win32_font_calc_coverage): Take a PangoLanguage parameter,
too. Use it to decide whether to hide the Unified CJKV Ideographs
block in case the font is not for the specified locale. If so, the
coverage for these characters is set to PANGO_COVERAGE_APPROXIMATE.
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c: Remove PangoWin32FontMap::faces,
unused. Remove dead _WE_WANT_GLOBAL_ALIASES_ code. Rename
parent_class to font_map_parent_class to match pangox-fontmap.c.
(get_family_name, get_family_name_lowercase): New functions.
Search for an English name for a TrueType font, in case the font
name in LOGFONT::lfFaceName is non-ASCII. (Can one assume that if
it is ASCII, it is the English name? Do some TrueType fonts have
different names in French, German, etc, and does the system return
these if the locale is set to use French, German, etc?)
(pango_win32_insert_font): Don't store LOGFONTs that differ only
in charset. What charset we specify when calling
CreateFontIndirect() is irrelevant, as we are going to use
ExtTextOutW() anyway, i.e. Unicode. Use the English family name
from get_family_name_lowercase(), not the one returned in the
LOGFONT from font enumeration.
Bypass the code that sets up the mapping for monospace, serif and
sans, and the recignition of plain "courier" for "courier new". We
need a pango.aliases anyhow, so let it handle that.
(pango_win32_coverage_language_classify): New function.
pango_win32_font_entry_get_coverage): Take also a PangoLanguage
parameter, use the corresponding entry in the
PangoWin32Face::coverages array.
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_get_lib_subdirectory,
pango_get_sysconf_subdirectory): Fix doc comment on Win32
Thu Sep 19 15:12:21 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-utils.c (pango_scan_int): Fix problem
where position wasn't updated properly.
Mon Sep 9 11:09:18 Eric Mader <>
* pango/pango/opentype/pango-to-ruleset.c: correctly handle back,
Fri Sep 6 15:41:28 Eric Mader <>
* pango/pango/opentype/ftxopen.c:
* pango/pango/opentype/ftxopen.h: don't fail on an empty script
2002-09-05 jacob berkman <>
* copy version with automake-1.4 fixes from -1-0 branch
2002-09-05 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_render): Render only valid
glyphs. Fix by Florent Duguet. Don't know if this is quite the
correct way to fix the problem of default glyphs (ugly boxes)
showing up, maybe invalid glyphs never should get this far, but be
noticed earlier?
2002-09-04 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pango-utils.c: G_WIN32_DLLMAIN_FOR_DLL_NAME not needed on
Cygwin, surround with #ifdef G_OS_WIN32. (91785, Masahiro Sakai)
Wed Aug 28 15:22:14 2002 Eric Mader <>
* pango/modules/indic/indic-ot.h:
* pango/modules/indic/indic-ot.c:
* pango/modules/indic/indic-ot-class-tables.c:
Change Punjabi script ('punj') to Gurmukhi ('guru')
Tue Aug 20 17:31:39 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Released 1.1.1.
* Update versions numbers.
* NEWS: Updated.
* docs/pango-sections.txt: Updated.
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (pango_xft_font_[un]lock_face):
Fix docs.
Tue Aug 20 17:14:13 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.cI: conditionalize
FC_PATTERN usage on #ifdef FC_PATTERN, since
it only existed in fontconfig for a brief amount
of time.
Tue Aug 20 16:06:36 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Make the test for VARARGS macros
more robust, fixing problem with misbehaving
IRIX compiler that doesn't error on #error.
Tue Aug 20 15:42:33 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/indic/indic-xft.c (maybe_add_SUB_feature):
modules/indic/indic-xft.c (maybe_add_GPOS_feature):
modules/indic/indic-ot.c (getOutputIndex)
modules/hebrew/hebrew-x.c (get_glyph_num)
modules/basic/basic-x.c (find_char): Fix missing
* modules/thai/{thai-shaper.[ch] thai-xft.c thai-x.c}:
Namespace the "abstract functions" that thai-xft/thai-x.c
export to thai-shaper.c.
* modules/arabic/arabic-{ot.[ch],ft2.c,xft.c}:
Rename Assign_Arabic_Properties to Arabic_Assign_Properties.
Tue Aug 20 15:06:50 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/arabic/arabic-xft.c modules/arabic/arabic-ft2.c
modules/basic/tables-big.i modules/basic/tables-small.i
modules/hebrew/hebrew-ft2.c modules/hebrew/hebrew-xft.c:
Patch from Nils Nordman to add various missing 'static'
Mon Aug 19 14:07:02 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.cI (pango_fc_font_map_get_patterns):
Delete the FC_PATTERN out of the result of FcFontRenderPrepare(),
because it makes identical fonts look like not identical fonts.
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.cI (uniquify_pattern): pango/pangoft-fontmap.c
pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c: Use a hash table to uniquify the patterns
we cache to save memory and speed lookups.
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (pango_xft_font_get_font): Split into
a public wrappper (with g_return_if_fail()) around a static
internal function (without check).
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (_pango_xft_font_map_get_info): Remove
checked cast, since it was showing up high on profiles.
Fri Aug 16 17:49:38 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.cI pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c
pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c pango/pangoxft-private.h
pango/pangoft2-private.h pango/pangoxft-font.c
pango/pangoft2.h: Move the common code between PangoXftFontmap
and PangoFT2Fontmap into a new file that is included from both
with appropriate #defines. This provides most of the
recent Xft backend improvements for the FT2 backend
as well.
Tue Aug 13 16:38:19 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_font_map_get_patterns):
Keep a separate description => fontset hash for each
language tag. Pass language tags through to Xft.
Tue Aug 13 00:20:14 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Released 1.1.0
Thu Aug 8 23:14:27 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox-fontmap.c pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c:
use XAddExtension() magic to automatically clean
up our information when XCloseDisplay() is called.
* NEWS: Some updates for 1.1.x features.
* README: Update a bit.
* Print Xft for the Xft backend, not Xft2
when printing summary.
Thu Aug 8 21:37:48 2002 Owen Taylor <>
Some fixes from #90267
* Fix case where freetype2 is not in
default include path. Quiet some warnings if
/usr/lib/qt* doesn't exist.
* examples/ Fix problem where if no
Qt was found, -I /include was in the CFLAGS.
Thu Aug 8 19:34:03 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Remove the HAVE_FONTCONFIG conditional;
instead make the HAVE_FREETYPE conditional
be $have_freetype && $have_fontconfig.
* pango/ Use the HAVE_FREETYPE conditional
for checking whether we are building the FT2 backend,
as we do everywhere else.
Thu Aug 8 19:14:09 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (load_fallback_font): Fix
accidentally exported set_unicode_charmap() and
load_fallback_face/font(). (Jacob Berkman, #90245)
Thu Aug 8 19:00:49 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c: Up MAX_FREED_FONTS to 128
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_pattern_equal):
Short-circuit pattern1 == pattern2.
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_font_map_get_patterns):
Patch from Keith Packard to use PangoFontSetSort rather
than our previous substitute-and-split-the-substitution
hack; this means that if any font on the system has the
character, it will be used.
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (_pango_xft_font_map_cache_add):
Reorder so that it works with MAX_FREED_FONTS == 0.
Thu Aug 8 18:55:21 2002 Owen Taylor <>
to INCLUDES. (Joe Yandle.)
2002-08-08 jacob berkman <>
* modules/hangul/ (EXTRA_DIST): add tables-jamos.i
(xft_sources): add hangul-defs.h so it gets disted
Wed Aug 7 14:35:13 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Fix missing trailing newline in file.
Wed Aug 7 09:14:00 2002 Michael Meeks <>
* echo status at end.
Wed Aug 7 12:32:39 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/opentype/ftxgsub.c (TT_Load_GSUB_Table):
Offset to MarkAttachClassDef is offset to table,
not offset to offset to table.
* pango/opentype/ftxopen.c (Get_Device): Handle
NULL device tables which we represent with
d->DeltaValue == NULL.
Wed Aug 7 11:07:10 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/hangul/hangul-xft.c (hangul_engine_shape): Get
rid of direct access to FT_Face.
Wed Aug 7 10:57:49 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/hangul/ modules/thai/
Add missing XFT_CFLAGS to INCLUDES. (Joe Yandle)
Mon Aug 5 23:57:59 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_pattern_hash): Use
FcPatternHash instead of rolling our own. (Slight speed
decrease) (Keith Packard)
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_get_font_map):
Remove accidentally deleted call to init_fontset_hash().
Mon Aug 5 23:12:13 2002 Owen Taylor <>
Patch from Keith Packard:
* pango/pangoxft-private.h (struct _PangoXftFont): Add
some comments.
* pango/pangoxft-private.h pango/pangoxft-font.c
pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c: Identify coverage by a
pair of filename and index within the filename instead
of just a filename, to handle TrueType Collection (TTC)
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_make_pattern):
Remove some leftover comments.
Mon Aug 5 21:54:21 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_get_font_map): Export.
* pango/pango-context.[ch]: Add pango_context_get_fontmap(),
allow fontmap = NULL for pango_context_set_fontmap().
* pango/pangoxft-font.c pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c
(pango_xft_font_get_metrics): More work on allowing
displays to be shut down, while leaving basically
working fonts behind.
Fri Aug 2 12:12:34 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft.h pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c
(pango_xft_shutdown_display): New function allowing us to shut
down a display.
Thu Aug 1 10:41:26 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Fix check for having any backend
HAVE_XFT => have_xft, etc. (Problem reported
by Andreas J Guelzow)
2002-08-01 Changwoo Ryu <>
* modules/hangul/hangul-x.c (render_syllable_with_ksx1005):
Renders the prefix of uncomposable Hangul syllable in the way of
other font encoding code.
Wed Jul 31 16:00:20 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/thai/thai-xft.c (make_glyph): Minor tweak
to last patch to clarify index passed to unknown_glyph().
Wed Jul 31 15:43:39 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/thai/{thai-shaper.h,thai-x.c,thai-xft.c}:
Argument to make_glyph() shouldn't have been
unsigned char, since we pass unicode through it.
* modules/thai/thai-xft.c (make_glyph): Handle
THAI_FONT_ISO10646 correctly. If a character isn't
found, return the correct unknown glyph.
Sat Jul 27 18:18:20 2002 Owen Taylor <>
Patch from Changwoo Ryu <> (#86591)
*, modules/hangul/ : Added hangul-xft
* modules/hangul/hangul-xft.c: New file, shaping Hangul Jamos
(U+1100-U+11FF) with Xft.
* modules/hangul/hangul-x.c (JOHAB_COMMON): Render any prefix of
uncommposable Hangul syllable as a syllable, and render remains as
uncomposed form. This looks better than completely uncomposed
jamo glyphs.
(render_syllable_with_iso10646): Likewise.
(render_syllable_with_ksc5601): Likewise.
(hangul_engine_shape): Fixed memory leak on shaping a syllable
with >= 6 jamos.
* modules/hangul/tables-jamos.i, modules/hangul/tables-ksc5601.i:
Separated Hangul Jamo mapping table from ksx1001 <=> unicode
* modules/hangul/hangul-defs.h: New file with some common defines
and macros.
* modules/hangul/hangul-x.c (render_syllable_with_johabs): Fixed
wrong font index around fallback display with johabs.
(find_subfont): Uses "johabsh-1" (johabs-1 font with Hanja) in the
same way with "johabs-1".
Wed Jul 31 14:41:07 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_list_subfonts): Make charset
ordering more important than ordering in the font
specfication, and document the previously undocumented
ordering. (#88562, Brian Yuan.)
Wed Jul 31 12:38:36 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/querymodules.c (string_needs_escape): Avoid
using g_strescape(), since it mangles UTF-8.
(#89479, Yao Zhang)
Tue Jul 30 23:10:14 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/shape.c (pango_shape): Set is_cluster_start
attributes based on the log_clusters[] set by the shape
engine. (Fix for #84307, Reported by Alex Larsson, others.)
Sat Jul 27 09:46:51 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/thai/{thai-shaper.[ch],thai-x.c,thai-xft.c}
(make_unknown_glyph): Fix problem where
pango_xft_get_unknown_glyph() was being used for X
fonts. (reported by Jacob Berkman)
Fri Jul 26 19:46:45 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/basic/basic-x.c modules/basic/tables-big.i:
Patch fromm Qingjiang (Brian) Yuan adding support
for GB-18030, BIG5-HKSCS, CNS-11643 and GBK encodings.
Also fix wrong encoding for Big5 fonts and look
for big5-1 as well as big5-0 for the encoding name.
Fri Jul 26 19:23:58 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/hangul/hangul-x.c modules/hangul/tables-ksc5601.1:
Patch from Qingjiang (Brian) Yuan and Changwoo Ryu
to add support for ksc5601.1992-3 fonts.
Fri Jul 26 18:48:49 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/thai/
modules/thai/thai-xft.c modules/thai/thai-x.c:
Patch from Theppitak Karoonboonyanan that factors
out common code from thai-x.c and adds a new
Xft shaper for Thai. (#78346)
* pango/pangoxft.h pango/pangoxft-font.c: Add
to optimize for cases where we don't actually need
to load the font.
* pango/pangoxft.h: Document pango_xft_font_get_glyph().
* modules/basic/basic-xft.c (basic_engine_shape): Clean
up an unused variable warning.
Fri Jul 26 18:11:56 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Add back non-spurious \$ removed in last commit.
Fri Jul 26 18:11:56 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Fix a leftover spurious \$ from the last commit.
Fri Jul 26 17:59:06 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Replace uses of grep \(A\|B\) ... with
egrep (A|B). (#84872, Arnaud Charlet)
Thu Jul 25 11:42:17 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (pango_ft2_shutdown_display)
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c (pango_win32_shutdown_display):
Handle checking for fontmap == NULL and setting
it to NULL after unrefing properly. (#87915,
Sven Neumann)
Wed Jul 24 23:07:43 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c: Fix wrong assertion that was
dying on lines separated by PS (U+2029). (#88824,
Choe Hwangjin)
2002-07-22 Sven Neumann <>
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_font_get_face): don't access the old
(invalid) face pointer after loading a fallback face because we
couldn't set the unicode charmap.
Mon Jul 15 20:22:46 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c: Fix trivial typo that was
causing the charcode hex boxes to be misrendered.
Mon Jul 15 14:56:34 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_font_get_face): Move
setting of load_flags before we do any checks for the
font so they apply to the fallback font as well.
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_font_get_face): Supply
FT_LOAD_NO_BITMAP as temporary workaround for problems
with embedded bitmaps, since we can't render bitmap fonts
at the moment.
Wed Jul 3 18:54:14 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoft2.c: Fix some typos.
Wed Jul 3 18:39:45 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoft2.c pango/pangoxft-font.c: Be more
robust when trying to set the unicode character
map on the font.
* pango/pangoft2.c pango/pangoft2-private.h:
Mon Jul 1 19:45:10 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_set_default_substitute):
New function to allow tweaking of FcPattern default
substitution (for XSETTINGS support.)
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c pango/pangoft2.[ch]
pango/pangoft2-private.h: Rationalize DPI and
context creation by adding:
2002-07-02 Matthias Warkus <>
* pango/pango-markup.c (span_parse_func): Fixed typo that was
causing markup with <span rise="..."> attributes to
segfault. Permission to commit to HEAD and stable branch granted
by Owen Taylor.
Sat Jun 15 23:26:41 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/arabic/arabic-ot.c: Support new Arabic
characters in Unicode 3.2. (Patch from Roozbeh
Thu Jun 13 16:39:01 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-markup.c (pango_parse_markup):
Fix problem with attr_list == NULL. (#85079,
Andreas J. Guelzow)
Wed Jun 12 11:19:08 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/tamil/tamil-x.c: Use unsigned char for
bitfield array. (#83257, David L. Cooper II)
* tests/gen-all-unicode.c (main): Used char,
not guchar for array of characters. (#83258,
David L. Cooper II.)
-Wed Jun 12 11:08:35 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/arabic/langboxfont.[ch] modules/arabic/naqshfont.[ch]:
Change @glyph2 parameter of arabic_*_recode() to be a gunichar*
like @glyph. (Fixes warning with Solaris 8 compiler;
#83256, David L. Cooper II)
Wed Jun 12 11:02:04 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* examples/ (EXTRA_DIST) examples/pangoft2.aliases:
Remove pangoft2.aliases from CVS/distribution; it is
no longer used. (#82736, Sven Neumann.)
2002-06-10 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/pango-fontset.c (pango_fontset_real_get_metrics): Don't
leak raw_metrics and don't copy refcounts. (#84533)
Thu Jun 6 15:01:48 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* (Cflags): Add @FREETYPE_CFLAGS@
* tests/ (INCLUDES): Add XFT_CFLAGS.
Thu Jun 6 08:54:26 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Update the versioning to reflect '1.1.x'
(Use the 100 * minor + micro convention.)
Thu Jun 6 08:42:32 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Provide : as the fourth argument
whne checking for fontconfig, xft, so we don't error out
if they aren't found. (#84333, HideToshi Tajima)
Tue Jun 4 11:52:10 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* (Cflags): Fix to have @XFT_CFLAGS@
Mon Jun 3 22:16:35 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (pango_xft_font_get_coverage):
Don't open the font unecessarily, we already have
the FcCharSet.
Mon Jun 3 18:56:09 2002 Owen Taylor <>
Xft2 and fontconfig conversion, based largely on a patch
from Keith Packard.
* acconfig.h: Add checks for fontconfig, switch
Xft checks to switch for Xft2 using pkg-config.
pango/ Reflect new Xft/fontconfig dependencies.
* pango/pangoxft-private.h pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c
modules/arabic/arabic-xft.c modules/indic/indic-xft.c:
Switch over to using Xft2 and fontconfig.
* pango/pangoft2.c pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c pango/pangoft2-private.h
pango/pango/ Remove usage of mini-xft in
favor of fontconfig.
* pango/pango-ot.h pango/opentype/pango-ot-info.c pango/pangoxft.h
modules/arabic/arabic-{xft,ft2}.c modules/indic/indic-xft.c:
Attach OpenType information directly to the FT_Face
structure using FT_Generic.
* modules/tamil/ modules/tamil/tamil-xft.c Remove this module, no longer needed.
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (pango_xft_real_render): Coalesce
calls to Xft rendering functions.
2002-06-03 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_better_match): Typo fix.
* pango/pango-color.c (pango_color_parse):
* docs/pango-docs.sgml: Replace homegrown "nbsp", "hash"
and "mdash" entities by standard ISO entities "nbsp", "num" and
2002-06-03 Sven Neumann <>
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (pango_ft2_font_map_list_families): set
n_families, fixes bug #83746.
2002-05-28 Matthias Clasen <>
* docs/*: Produce XML, not SGML.
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_family_list_faces): Docs typo fix.
* pango/pango-color.c (pango_color_parse): Fix markup to reduce
spurious <link>s.
2002-05-26 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Use complete PANGO_VERSION in zip file
* pango/ (Win32) Compile resource files and link with
* pango/
* pango/
* pango/ Include also the micro version number.
* pango/pangowin32-fontcache.c (logfont_hash): Use absolute value
of lfHeight.
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c (pango_win32_font_map_for_display):
Instead of HORZSIZE which is Windows idea of physical monitor
width (but which can be *very* wrong), use LOGPIXELSY (the
"logical" dpi). This can be set by the user by choosing "small
fonts", "large fonts", or a custom dpi in the Display Settings.
Thanks to Joaquin Cuenca Abela.
(pango_win32_make_matching_logfont): Set lfHeight to the negative
of the requested size. Positive lfHeight indicates "cell height",
negative "character height" (?), which is closer to what we want,
says Joaquin Cuenca Abela.
Tue May 21 15:27:41 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/basic/tables-big.i: Fix C++ comment.
(#82035, David L. Cooper II)
Tue May 14 12:02:13 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c:
Report standard aliases as uppercase, fix
pango_*_face_describe() for aliases.
Mon May 13 15:56:29 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c: Fake sans,serif,monospace
in the list of fonts.
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c: Fake aliases here as well.
(#78714, Xavier Cho.)
Mon May 13 14:58:12 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox.c Add a implementation
of strtok_r (copied from glibc) for machines that don't
have it. (#79472, Jacob Berkman.)
* pango/querymodules.c: Use printf() rather than
g_print, since we don't want encoding conversion.
Fri May 10 14:41:27 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/opentype/ftxgdef.c (TT_Load_GDEF_Table): Fix acess
outside of a loaded frame and some memory leaks
on failure.
Tue May 7 19:20:05 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/tamil/ (EXTRA_LTLIBRARIES): Temporarily
remove tamil-xft from the build until we figure out
what to do with it. (Obscures the OpenType Tamil engine.)
* examples/HELLO.utf8: Fix spelling of Punjabi, removing
stray vowel.
Mon May 06 15:07:39 2002 Eric Mader <>
* Add modules modules/indic/indic-xft.c, indic-ot.c, indic-ot.h, indic-ot-class-tables.c
* pango/opentype/ftxgdef.c: Compute full offset for mark attachment class table
* pango/opentype/ftxgpos.c: Only return TTO_Err_Not_Covered if nothing matches
* pango/opentype/pango-ot-ruleset.c: enable GPOS processing
2002-05-02 Matthias Clasen <>
* docs/ (GTKDOC_CFLAGS, GTKDOC_LIBS): Set these.
* docs/pango.types: Add some types here.
Tue Apr 23 16:15:07 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/opentype/fterrcompat.h: Add compatibility
defines for changes in FreeType 2.1.0.
Tue Apr 23 15:21:34 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* README: Fix typo. (#79574)
Wed Mar 27 19:30:35 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Released 1.0.1
* NEWS: Updates.
* Version 1.0.1, interface, binary age 1.
Tue Mar 26 18:22:07 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/basic/basic-*.c modules/basic/basic-common.h: Move
ZERO_WIDTH_CHAR() macro into a common header file, add
* modules/basic/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add basic-common.h.
2002-03-26 Alex Larsson <>
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c (pango_ft2_font_map_load_font):
Free pattern after using it.
2002-03-26 Sven Neumann <>
* pango/pangoft2-private.h
* pango/pangoft2.c (pango_ft2_font_get_metrics): calculate
average_char_width and average_digit_width by measuring sample layouts
and cache font metrics per language just like PangoX does, #53425.
* pango/pangoxft-font.c
* pango/pangoxft-private.h: the same approach for average_char_width
and average_digit_width as in PangoFT2, #53425.
Mon Mar 25 15:53:17 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/modules.c (read_modules): Remove warning about
opening modules file... in some cases (included modules)
it isn't needed, and the warning about no modules that
was added recently should let people know what is going
on. (#73834, Arnaud Charlet)
Mon Mar 25 15:46:54 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/basic/basic-*.c: Convert U+00A0 (NON BREAK SPACE)
to U+0020 (SPACE). (#73279, Mikael Hallendal)
* modules/basic/basic-xft.c (basic_engine_shape): Remove
some dead code.
Mon Mar 25 15:31:17 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_font_get_metrics): Set
the right font when computing the average digit width.
Mon Mar 25 14:52:29 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_font_get_metrics): Rewrite
average_digit_width computation to go through the same
shaping hack as the average_char_width code.
(Part of #53425)
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_font_describe): Implement
except for results of pango_x_font_load().
* pango/pangox.c (pango_x_load_font): Document as
"don't use".
* pango/pangox.[ch] (pango_x_load_font): Add missing const.
2002-03-25 Sven Neumann <>
* pango/fonts.c (pango_font_description_from_string): this function
may never return NULL, so we shouldn't say so in the comment.
Wed Mar 20 18:40:34 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/modules.c (build_map): Add an informative
warning if no modules at all were found. (#74982,
suggestion from Dan Winship.)
Wed Mar 20 15:22:54 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Error out if no backends found. (#74880)
Wed Mar 20 15:14:15 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-markup.c (text_handler): Dummy-initialize
gsize variable to 0, not -1. (#73899, Erwann Chenede)
Wed Mar 20 14:57:48 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/basic/basic-x.c modules/basic/tables-{big,small}.i:
When loading an iconv converter fails, recover gracefully
and warn rather than aborting. (#73861, report about problems
on IRIX from Soeren Sandmann)
2002-03-18 Changwoo Ryu <>
* modules/basic/tables-big.i: Enabled ksc5601 fonts for the Hangul
compatibility jamos, the CJK unified ideographs, and the CJK
compatibility ideographs areas.
2002-03-17 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangowin32-private.h: Add pango_win32_os_version_info
variable, an OSVERSIONINFO struct.
* pango/pangowin32.c: Initialise it.
* pango/pangowin32.h: Set _WIN32_WINNT to 0x0501 before including
<windows.h> to get the ClearType-related macros defined (if recent
enough headers are used).
* pango/pangowin32-fontcache.c (pango_win32_font_cache_load): Set
desired font quality to CLEARTYPE_QUALITY if on XP (or later), and
the system settings ask for ClearType.
2002-03-16 Sven Neumann <>
* (GLIB_CFLAGS): use CFLAGS from gthread-2.0 to assure
pango behaves correctly in a threaded environment.
Fri Mar 15 12:25:26 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/basic/tables-big.i: Prefer ksc5601 fonts to
unicode fonts for "ko" locales.
Fri Mar 15 01:35:56 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/opentype/ftxgsub.c pango/opentype/ftxopen.c
pango/opentype/ftxopenf.h: In Load_ChainContextSubst2,
handle the case where an empty class definition
is represented by an offset of 0.
* pango/opentype/ftxgpos.c: Same for Load_ChainContextPos2.
* pango/opentype/{ftxopen.c,ftxgpos.c,ftxgsub.c,ftgdef.c}:
Fix pervasive bug where on cleanups on failure of loading
an array element, all array elements were freed, not
just the ones that had been succesfully loaded.
Thu Mar 14 23:05:18 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/opentype/ftxopen.c: Uncomment GPOS parts.
* pango/opentype/disasm.c: Start adding some GPOS
Thu Mar 14 20:28:59 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* Check for FT_Get_First_Char from
* pango/pangoft2.c pango/pangoxft-font.c: Use
FT_Get_First_Char/Get_Next_Char to accelerate coverage calculation.
Thu Mar 14 20:02:58 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* examples/ (EXTRA_DIST): Remove (#74725)
Wed Mar 13 10:31:07 2002 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-coverage.c (pango_coverage_max): Fix typo
when computing maximums of sub-byte fields. (Stefan Israelsson,
2002-03-12 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/pangowin32-fontcache.c, pango/pangox-fontcache.c: Minor doc edits.
* docs/tmpl/win32-fonts.sgml: Document PangoWin32FontCache.
* docs/tmpl/x-fonts.sgml: Document PangoXFontCache.
* docs/tmpl/glyphs.sgml: Document PangoGlyphInfo.
* docs/tmpl/opentype.sgml: Document PangoOTInfo, PangoOTTag,
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