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Wed Dec 15 23:49:14 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* === Released 1.8.0 ===
* Version 1.8.0
* NEWS: Update.
* README: Updates.
Wed Dec 15 23:13:57 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c (uniscribe_shape): Emergency
fix for #151068... if uniscribe shaping comes up with
no glyphs, fall back to non-uniscribe shaping.
Wed Dec 15 22:09:42 2004 Owen Taylor <>
Add pixel sizes for fonts (#119081, patch from Chris Lahey)
* pango/fonts.c pango/pango-font.h:
Add pango_font_description_set_absolute_size(),
* pango/pango-attributes.[ch]: Add pango_attr_size_new_absolute(),
change PANGO_ATTR_SIZE from PangoAttrInt to PangoAttrSize
(preserves compat because first component is identical)
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c (pango_win32_font_map_load_font):
For absolute sizes, convert pixels to points, before
calling pango_win32_font_new().
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.c pango/pangoft2.c pango/pangoxft-font.c:
Handle absolute sizes.
Wed Dec 15 18:50:18 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/indic/indic-fc.c modules/indic/indic-ot.h:
Force zero-width marks to glyph index 0 so they
won't be drawn. (#145233, Aniruddha Shankar)
Wed Dec 15 11:15:37 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/ modules/tibetan/*:
Add simple tibetan module. (#148566, G Karunakar)
Wed Dec 15 08:38:52 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/indic/indic-ot-class-tables.c: Split
U+DDE as U+DD9, U+DDF.
Tue Dec 14 20:44:53 2004 Owen Taylor <>
Sinhala support (#153517, Anuradha Ratnaweera)
* modules/indic/indic-ot.h modules/indic/indic-fc.c
modules/indic/indic-ot-class-tables.c: Add tables for Sinhala.
* modules/indic/indic-ot.c (indic_ot_reorder): Add handling
of Virama for two-part dependent vowels.
Tue Dec 14 18:36:57 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_copy): Copy
layout->auto_dir. (#153547, Morten Welinder)
Tue Dec 14 18:32:46 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ (libpangoft2_1_0_la_LIBADD): Add $(libm),
needed for no-undefined platforms like AIX. (#160773,
Vincent Berger)
Tue Dec 14 18:08:36 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-font.h: Add PANGO_WEIGHT_SEMIBOLD.
(#86957, Lars Clausen)
* pango/fonts.c: s/600/PANGO_WEIGHT_SEMIBOLD.
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.c (pango_fc_convert_weight_to_fc)
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.c (pango_fc_convert_weight_to_pango):
Handle PANGO_WEIGHT_SEMIBOLD, use additional weights added
in fontconfig-2.2.
2004-12-14 Dan Winship <>
* examples/ (INCLUDES): add XFT_CFLAGS
Tue Dec 14 17:27:14 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/indic/indic-ot-class-tables.c (guruCharClasses):
Add the correct char classes for Unicode-4.0 characters
U+A01, U+A03. (#158943, Sukhjinder Sidhu)
2004-12-14 Matthias Clasen <>
* Require gmodule-no-export
* Use gmodule-no-export-2.0.pc, require glib 2.5.7
2004-12-14 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_font_get_metrics): Set also
underline and strikethrough position and thickness. (#161205)
Mon Dec 13 14:44:40 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.[ch] pango/pango.def docs/pango-sections.txt:
Add pango_layout_get_font_description. (#153548, Morten Welinder)
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_set_font_description):
Guard against the same description being set back.
2004-12-12 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/modules.c (read_modules)
* pango/pango-utils.c (read_alias_file,read_config_file): Use
gstdio wrappers. (#16111, Robert Ögren)
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c: Remove unneded includes of <dirent.h>
and <windows.h>.
Fri Dec 10 16:30:40 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-render.c (draw_glyph): Fix problem
where the font would get unset after flushing at MAX_GLYPHS.
Thu Dec 2 15:47:44 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* === Released 1.7.0 ===
* NEWS: Update.
Thu Dec 2 15:31:33 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/break.c (pango_default_break): Ignore formatting
characters when determining word boundaries (Part of
#97545, Behdad Esfahbod)
2004-11-30 Matthias Clasen <>
* pango/pango-renderer.c (pango_renderer_default_prepare_run): Set
the background color instead of setting underline twice.
2004-11-28 Theppitak Karoonboonyanan <>
Add Lao support to Thai module. (#156781)
* modules/thai/ modules/thai/thai-shaper.[ch]
+modules/thai/thai-charprop.[ch]: Split WTT tables into a separate
source. Extend the tables for Lao. 3 new classes are added (AM for
SaraAm, AD4 for Nikkhahit, BCON for Lao semivowels). Now the range
0x00-0x7f in TIS is used to store Lao characters. Rewrite ucs2tis()
et al macros accordingly.
* modules/thai/thai-shaper.c (get_next_cluster): Rewrite the
clusterization code, so it's not specific to Thai-English texts. (Note
that the special case of SaraAm is now handled by the new WTT character
class. So, the extra checks are now eliminated.)
* modules/thai/thai-shaper.c (get_glyphs_list, add_cluster):
Add glyph calculation for Lao clusters.
* modules/thai/thai-shaper.c (ThaiShapeTable structs,
get_adjusted_glyphs_list): Generalize the shaping maps according to
the new 8-bit internal encoding scheme. Now the character ranges are
relocatable rather than hard-coded. Add Lao shaping table.
* modules/thai/thai-shaper.c (get_adjusted_glyphs_list): Add special
case for Lao, where clusters can be longer than those of Thai.
* modules/thai/thai-fc.c (get_glyph_index_tis): Add Lao glyphs lookup.
* modules/thai/thai-ot.c (thai_ot_shape, +lao_ot_get_ruleset): Add Lao
OT rulesets retrieval.
* modules/thai/thai-fc.c (PangoEngineScriptInfo thai_scripts[]):
Add Lao script entry.
Thu Nov 25 14:10:53 2004 Manish Singh <>
* rm autom4te.cache, since it might interfere with
differing autoconf versions.
Tue Nov 23 10:23:43 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-attributes.[ch]: Add underline_color
and strikethrough_color attribute types. (#147616, Morten
* pango/pango-markup.c docs/pango_markup.sgml: Add
corresponding 'underline_color' and
'strikethrough_color' attributes for <span>.
* pango/pango-renderer.c (pango_renderer_default_prepare_run):
Implement underline and strikethrough colors.
* pango/pango-renderer.c: Fix some bigs with updating
underlines/strikethrough state.
* pango/pango-renderer.c (get_total_matrix): Fix a const
* docs/pango-sections.txt: Update
Mon Nov 22 15:53:37 2004 Manish Singh <>
* modules/thai/ Remove stray 'x' character.
Mon Nov 22 18:30:14 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/opentype/ pango/
modules/*/ Set G_LOG_DOMAIN (#151923,
Hans Breuer)
Mon Nov 22 15:21:11 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/syriac modules/
modules/makefile.msc: Add Syriac module by Emil
Soleyman-Zomalan. (#147779)
* examples/ examples/syriac.utf: Syriac
example text.
2004-11-21 Hans Breuer <>
* pango/makefile.msc : updated
* pango/pangowin32.[ch] pango/pangowin32.def : implement
pango_win32_render_transformed() by using the transformation
capabilities of GDI (not available on win9x)
Sun Nov 21 11:43:00 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/break.c: Turn off backspace-deletes-character behavior
for Kana and Hangul. It's wrong for Kana, and for Hangul it's
theoretically right but interacts badly with current input
methods. (#155897, Leon Ho)
Sun Nov 21 11:40:03 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_get_log_attrs): Return n+1
logical attributes not n logical attributes (#155912)
Sun Nov 21 10:52:03 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-context.c: Don't just call pango_fontset_get_metrics()
to implement pango_context_get_metrics(), since that skips our
normal font selection algorithm. Rather itemize the sample string
and get the metrics from that. (#149438, Felipe Heidrich)
Sun Nov 21 10:46:34 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_set_text): Fix UTF8 => UTF-8
in warning and doc comment. (#153551, Morten Welinder)
Sat Nov 20 23:50:40 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (get_glyph_extents_missing): Fix double
multiplication by PANGO_SCALE. (#157419, Matthias Clasen)
* pango/pangoxft-render.c (box_in_bounds): Fix sign typo.
* pango/pangoxft-render.c (pango_xft_renderer_draw_glyphs):
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (get_glyph_extents_missing):
Adjust vertical positioning so that we get integral positioning of
the box without a transform.
Fri Nov 19 18:45:24 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-renderer.c (pango_renderer_default_draw_error_underline):
Fix crash when renderer->matrix is NULL.
Fri Nov 19 17:44:33 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-renderer.[ch]: Remove color_set() virtual
function ... it's not absolutely necessary for chaining
renderers, and it's not clear that chaining renderers
is actually useful, anyways.
* pango/pango-renderer.[ch] (pango_renderer_set_color): Constify
color argument.
* pango/pango-render.c: Fix various bugs.
* pango/pango-attributes.[ch] (pango_attr_shape_new_with_data):
Add the ability to create a shape attribute with user data.
* pango/pango-renderer.[ch] (PangoRendererClass): Add a draw_shape
virtual function, to draw content for PangoAttrShape.
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c (pango_xft_shutdown_display):
Add note to docs that XCloseDisplay() will automatically take care
of releasing Pango's allocated resources for the display.
* docs/ (SCAN_OPTIONS): Add the appropriate
--deprecated-guards option.
* docs/tmpl/xft-fonts.sgml: Add long description.
* docs/tmpl/x-fonts.sgml: Document as dead.
2004-10-26 Matthias Clasen <>
* docs/tmpl/text-attributes.sgml: Document PANGO_UNDERLINE_ERROR
as a 1.4 addition. (#156533, Morten Welinder)
2004-10-12 Theppitak Karoonboonyanan <>
* modules/thai/thai-shaper.h (thai_get_glyph_tis,
thai_make_glyph_tis): Use guchar instead of gchar as argument type.
* modules/thai/thai-fc.c (thai_get_glyph_tis, thai_make_glyph_tis):
Make *_tis functions wrappers to *_uni functions.
2004-10-09 Theppitak Karoonboonyanan <>
Explicitly handle dangling upper/lower marks by optionally using
dottedcircle as base, rather than requiring it.
* modules/thai/thai-shaper.h: Explicitly declare make_glyph and
get_glyph functions for 8-bit and Unicode chars as separate functions.
* modules/thai/thai-shaper.c (get_adjusted_glyphs_list): Rename
function calls to the new ones. Conditionally use dottedcircle glyph
as base for dangling upper/lower marks if available; simply expand
width to that of inkrect otherwise.
* modules/thai/thai-fc.c: Implement those new functions declared in
thai-shaper.h. Remove 0x25cc from tis620_2 glyph set.
2004-10-08 Theppitak Karoonboonyanan <>
* modules/thai/thai-ot.c (thai_ot_get_ruleset): Return NULL if ruleset
is empty, to indicate the lack of OT features.
* modules/thai/thai-fc.c (tis620_1): Fix the PUA glyph table, after
actually checked with sample OSX (Jaguar) fonts. This actually turns
on PUA-based shaping with Thai OSX fonts in Pango.
2004-10-07 Theppitak Karoonboonyanan <>
* modules/thai/thai-shaper.c (groups, group1_map, group2_map):
Remove unused data for XTIS.
* modules/thai/thai-shaper.[ch] (enum ThaiFontSet, get_glyphs_list),
modules/thai/thai-fc.c (thai_get_font_info, thai_make_glyph):
Remove THAI_FONT_ISO10646 font set, as it's already covered by
Sat Oct 2 10:08:13 2004 Manish Singh <>
* modules/thai/thai-ot.c (thai_ot_get_ruleset): Use
g_return_val_if_fail() instead of g_return_if_fail() since this
function returns a value.
2004-10-02 Theppitak Karoonboonyanan <>
Make Thai module prefer OpenType tables, if available, to PUA
substitutions. (#153927)
* modules/thai/thai-ot.[ch]:
Merge get_gsub_ruleset() and get_gpos_ruleset() into an exported
function thai_ot_get_ruleset(). Rearrange thai_ot_shape() to call
it properly.
* modules/thai/thai-fc.c:
Try OT ruleset before PUA glyph sets.
2004-09-25 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pango.def: Add the new pango_renderer_* symbols.
* modules/basic/basic-win32.c (basic_engine_covers,
basic_engine_win32_class_init): Remove the implementation of the
covers method. It was wrong anyway, and unnecessary. No need to
override the default implementation. (#152997)
Fri Sep 24 15:05:02 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-renderer.c (pango_renderer_draw_glyphs):
Activate the renderer.
* pango/pango-renderer.c (pango_renderer_get_color,
pango_renderer_draw_rectangle, pango_renderer_draw_trapezoid,
pango_renderer_draw_error_underline, pango_renderer_draw_glyph):
Require the renderer to be active.
Fri Sep 24 12:59:22 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* Up version to 1.7.0.
* pango/pango-renderer.[ch] pango/pango.h pango/
Add PangoRenderer, a base class that is subclassed to produce
rendering drivers for different backends and purposes.
* pango/pangoft2-private.h pango/pangoft2-render.c
pango/pangoft2.c: Move rendering into pangoft2-render.c,
use PangoRenderer.
* pango/pangoft2-fontmap.c pango/pangoft2-private.h: Add
_pango_ft2_font_map_get_renderer() to retrieve a singleton
fontmap for the fontmap.
* pango/pangoxft-render.[ch] pango/pangoxft.c pango/
Make Xft rendering use PangoRenderer, add publically
visible, subclassable PangoXftRenderer.
* pango/pangoxft-fontmap.c pango/pangoxft-private.h: Add
_pango_xft_font_map_get_renderer() to retrieve a singleton
fontmap for the fontmap.
* examples/xftview.c examples/ Add a test program
using the Xft backend.
* docs/*: Update minimally for PangoRenderer.
Wed Sep 22 16:15:40 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangoxft-font.c (pango_xft_font_get_glyph_extents): Use
get_glyph_extents_raw() when hinting is disabled as well
as when we are transforming. (#152529, Vincent Noel)
* pango/pangofc-font.c (pango_fc_font_get_raw_extents): Duplicate
the fix for non-scalable fonts from get_face_metrics() here as
Wed Sep 22 15:57:30 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-layout.c (pango_layout_get_ellipsize): Fix
typo in docs. (#153390, Paolo Borelli)
Wed Sep 22 14:07:47 2004 Owen Taylor <>
Cleanups from 'sparse', #149922, Kjartan Maraas
* pango/pango-utils.c (read_config): () => (void) in
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.c (pango_fc_font_map_list_families):
Initialize *n_families, not n_families.
* pango/pangofc-fontmap.c pango/pangoft2.c opentype/ftxgdef.c
opentype/ftxgpos.c opentype/ftxgsub.c: : Fix various 0/NULL
Mon Sep 20 13:57:35 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* modules/indic/mprefixups.c (indic_mprefixups_apply):
Fix various bugs, make more robust. (#151689, Arun M)
Mon Sep 13 11:06:47 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/ellipsize.c (init_state): Initialize
ellipsis_is_cjk (#151901, Christian Persch)
Mon Sep 13 10:18:51 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pango-context.c (itemize_state_process_run):
Except ideographic spaces from the !g_unichar_isgraph() test.
(#145275, Federic Zhang)
Mon Sep 20 12:17:37 2004 Owen Taylor <>
* pango/pangofc-font.c (get_face_metrics):
Don't use face->ascender/descender for non-scalable fonts,
since they aren't set. (#Enrico Scholz,
2004-09-18 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pango.def: Add pango_context_set_matrix. (#152883, Ivan
2004-09-15 Tor Lillqvist <>
* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c (pango_win32_insert_font): Ignore
fonts in SYMBOL_CHARSET. They don't have any Unicode mapping
table. (#149643)
* pango/querymodules.c (string_needs_escape, escape_string):
Escape also backslashes. (#152607, Kazuki Iwamoto)
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