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All parts of Pango other than modules should use the following formatting
style; for modules, it is up to the discretion of the module
author / maintainer, though they are encouraged to follow the following.
The Pango formatting style is basically the GNU style of formatting
(see, with a few additions.
In brief overview:
- Two character indents are used; braces go on a separate line, and
get a separate indentation level, so the total indent for an
enclosed block is 4 characters.
if (x < foo (y, z))
haha = bar[4] + 5;
while (z)
haha += foo (z, z);
return abc (haha);
- Spaces should be present between function name and argument block,
and after commas.
foo (z, z)
- In pointer types, the '*' is grouped with the variable name,
not with the base type.
int *a;
NOT: 'int* a'.
In cases where there is no variable name, for instance, return
values, there should be a single space between the base type
and the '*'.
- function and variable names are lower_case_with_underscores
type names are StudlyCaps, macro names are UPPER_CASE_WITH_UNDERSCORES
Documentation comments
All public API functions should have inline documentation headers
in the gtk-doc / gnome-doc style. For instance:
* pango_layout_get_line:
* @layout: a #PangoLayout
* @line: the index of a line, which must be between 0 and
* pango_layout_get_line_count(layout) - 1, inclusive.
* Retrieves a particular line from a #PangoLayout (or @layout.)
* Return value: the requested #PangoLayoutLine, or %NULL if the
* index is out of range. This layout line can
* be ref'ed and retained, but will become invalid
* if changes are made to the #PangoLayout.
* Since: 1.6
PangoLayoutLine *
pango_layout_get_line (PangoLayout *layout,
int line)
Choosing Function Names
- Don't abbreviate in unexpected ways:
pango_layout_get_line_count ()
pango_layout_ln_cnt ()
- function that retrieve a value in a side-effect free fashion, should
include "get" in the name.
int pango_layout_get_line_count (PangoLayout *layout)
pango_layout_line_count ()
- functions that set a single parameter in a side-effect free fashion
should include "set" in the name, for instance:
void pango_layout_set_width (PangoLayout *layout,
int width);
Other comments
- Avoid unsigned values for all but flags fields. This is because
the way C handles unsigned values generates bugs like crazy:
If width is unsigned and 10, then:
int new_width = MAX (width - 15, 1);
produces 4294967291, not 1.