(Legacy) Manage Gitorious' merge requests (create, remove, show, ...)
Ruby Perl
Switch branches/tags


Create Gitorious' merge requests from command-line


gem install gitorious-merge-request

or from source:

bundle install

List of commands

  • new
  • show
  • rm
  • list
  • diff
  • checkout


gitorious-merge-request --help
gitorious-merge-request command --help

gitorious-merge-request new -e brauliobo@gmail.com -s 'test' -r '~brauliobo/noosfero/brauliobos-noosfero' -a easysafeinstall -b master -t 'noosfero/noosfero'
gitorious-merge-request show -c noosfero/noosfero:248

gitorious-merge-request rm -c eita/test:3 -e brauliobo@gmail.com

# will use remote origin to guess repo
gitorious-merge-request list
gitorious-merge-request list -r eita/test

gitorious-merge-request diff -c 5
gitorious-merge-request checkout -c 5