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@brave-browser-releases brave-browser-releases released this May 12, 2019 · 460 commits to master since this release

Mac installation

Install Brave-Browser.dmg on your system.

Linux install instructions


BraveBrowserSetup.exe and BraveBrowserSetup32.exe will fetch and install the latest available version from our
update server.

Release Notes

  • Added a manual refresh button to fetch new version of the verified publishers list. (#3339)
  • Added new proxy endpoint for Safe Browsing. (#4328)
  • Added switch under brave://settings for IPFS companion extension. (#3918)
  • Added notification for monthly tip contribution. (#3637)
  • Added horizontal scrolling under Brave Shields on read-only detailed views. (#1892)
  • Added regional filters in brave://adblock. (#1931)
  • Added custom filter selection in brave://adblock. (#403)
  • Enabled certificate revocation. (#518)
  • Disabled Safe Browsing in Tor. (#4335)
  • Updated Brave Shields colors and label UI. (#2565)
  • Fixed theme under Brave Shields not being changed when switching themes. (#3870)
  • Fixed "Reset settings" feature under brave://settings. (#2708)
  • Fixed notifications not being dismissible under reward panel in certain cases causing performance issues. (#4344)
  • Fixed updating from older versions of Brave fails to enable Brave ads. (#4224)
  • Fixed "Brave Ads has arrived!" notification not being displayed when updating on Linux. (#4202)
  • Fixed blank drop down menu under Brave Shields in certain cases. (#2488)
  • Fixed not being able to enable Brave Rewards in certain cases. (#3851)
  • Fixed incorrect attention percentage being displayed under auto-contribution table in certain cases. (#3668)
  • Fixed attention data for publishers not being removed when removing publishers from auto-contribution table. (#3459)
  • Fixed several resizing issues by making rewards panel height dynamic based on content. (#2874)
  • Fixed IPFS companion options page not being displayed. (#4218)
  • Fixed "This is a secondary installation of Brave" error when attempting to set Brave as default. (#3817)
  • Fixed autofill popup for credentials unexpectedly being displayed in odd locations upon page load. (#1713)
  • Fixed brave://crash not crashing brave:// tabs. (#4111)
  • Fixed visiting and several other websites triggering warning due to the lookalike url navigation feature. (#4304)
  • Fixed not loading due to default Brave Shields settings. (#4149)
  • Limited JavaScript set cookie lifetime to seven days. (#3443)
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