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@brave-browser-releases brave-browser-releases released this Aug 20, 2019 · 392 commits to master since this release

Mac installation

Install Brave-Browser.dmg on your system.

Linux install instructions


BraveBrowserSetup.exe and BraveBrowserSetup32.exe will fetch and install the latest available version from our update server.

Release Notes

  • Added ability to tip Reddit publishers. (#4745)
  • Added ability to tip Vimeo publishers. (#4391)
  • Added ability for users to hide background images on the new tab page. (#4523)
  • Added ability to select default search engine during onboarding. (#1548)
  • Replaced adblock library with new Rust based library. (#4793)
  • Replaced PDF.js in favor of PDFium. (#3846)
  • Disabled field trials. (#4283)
  • Combined Trackers Blocked and Ads Blocked under the new tab page. (#5273)
  • Updated order of brave://settings sections for popularity and complexity. (#4108)
  • Updated labels on brave://settings/shields and Brave Shields panel for consistency. (#3589)
  • Updated macOS installer graphics. (#1105)
  • Updated dialog box text when installing extensions. (#3231)
  • Removed sliding notification animation in URL bar. (#3751)
  • Removed settings button from ad notification on Linux (Gnome). (#4231)
  • Fixed publisher "Thank you" banner not being automatically dismissed. (#4590)
  • Fixed ad notifications not being displayed until browser restart after toggling Brave ads off and on. (#4748)
  • Fixed dynamically generated PDFs not loading properly. (#884)
  • Fixed PDFs inside of popup windows not loading. (#3119)
  • Fixed unable to print from Google Drive. (#3694)
  • Fixed inability to fill out online PDFs. (#5033)
  • Fixed PDFs not loading in certain cases. (#4424)
  • Fixed inability to hide bookmarks bar on new tab page. (#1306)
  • Fixed URL bar not showing full URL. (#2192)
  • Fixed interception of media keys. (#3807)
  • Fixed display mismatch between main view and detailed view under Brave Shields when blocking scripts. (#4228)
  • Fixed cosmetic filter not working in certain cases. (#4417)
  • Fixed inability to play Amazon music. (#3308)
  • Fixed display issue on brave://downloads. (#5330)
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