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Everything you need to build Brave.

Build Instructions

Install prerequisites

Follow the instructions for your platform:

Clone and initialize the repo

Once you have the prerequisites installed, you can get the code and initialize the build environment.

git clone
cd brave-browser
npm install

# this takes 30-45 minutes to run
# the Chromium source is downloaded which has a large history
npm run init

Build Brave

The default build is debug.

# start the debug compile
npm run build

To do a release build:

# start the release compile
npm run build Release

Speed up the builds

Running a release build with npm run build Release can be very slow and use a lot of RAM especially on Linux with the Gold LLVM plugin. To speed things up we recommend doing a build with debug symbols and without being an official build. Instead you'd run

npm run build -- Release --debug_build=true --official_build=false

You may also want to try using sccache.

Run Brave

To start debug build:

npm start

To start release build:

npm start Release

Staying up to date

You can run npm run sync -- --all to grab the latest source. It's important to note that this will overwrite your local changes, so please back up work before running this. This typically triggers a full rebuild. If you'd prefer to manually update, you can re-run the brave-core patches by running npm run sync -- --run_hooks.


See Troubleshooting for solutions to common problems.

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