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Privacy Preserving Product Analytics Metrics

This is a human-readable list of product analytics metrics collected. The list of metrics collected can also be found in the source code. The analytics reported are not exact numbers, but are collected into aggregate "buckets" or histograms. The process for this aggregation can also be verified in the source code.

Current Metrics

[D] = supported on Desktop (merged and enabled in 1.1.x)

[A] = supported on Android (merged in 1.19.x and enabled in 1.20.x)

Q1: How long has this browser been open for the last seven days?

Brave.Uptime.BrowserOpenMinutes [D]

  1. N/A -- seven days have not passed since first open
  2. 0 - 30min
  3. 30min - 5hrs
  4. 5hrs+

Q2: Have you made Brave your default browser?

_Brave.Core.IsDefault_ [D]

  1. No
  2. Yes

Q3: Did you follow the on-boarding process

Brave.Welcome.InteractionStatus [D]

  1. Did not click within welcome screen
  2. Clicked once
  3. Clicked twice or more but did not make it to the end
  4. Made it to end of on-boarding flow

Q4: Did you import settings and bookmarks, and if so from where?

Brave.Importer.ImporterSource [D]

  1. Did not import
  2. Imported from Brave
  3. Imported from Chrome
  4. Imported from Firefox
  5. Imported from Bookmarks HTML
  6. Imported from Safari (answer only possible on macOS)

Q5: How many bookmarks do you have?

Brave.Core.BookmarksCountOnProfileLoad.2 [D] [A]

  1. 0-5
  2. 6-20
  3. 21-100
  4. 101-500
  5. 501-1000
  6. 1001-5000
  7. 5001-10000
  8. More than 10000

Q6: How many open windows do you have?

Brave.Core.WindowCount.2 [D]

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 2-5
  4. 6+

Q7: How many open tabs do you have?

Brave.Core.TabCount [D] [A]

  1. 0-1
  2. 2-5
  3. 6-10
  4. 11-50
  5. 50+

Q8: What has been your interaction with the shields icon?

Brave.Shields.UsageStatus [D]

  1. Never clicked on shields icon
  2. Clicked on it, but never made a change
  3. Clicked on it, shut off shields for one or more sites
  4. Clicked on it, changed Shields defaults or per-site shield settings in addition to (or in place of) shutting off shields on one or more sites

Q9: Have you ever used a private window?

Brave.Core.LastTimeIncognitoUsed [D]

  1. Used in last 24h
  2. Used in last week but not 24h
  3. Used in last 28 days but not week
  4. Ever used but not in last 28 days
  5. Never used

Q10: Have you ever used a Tor private window?

Brave.Core.TorEverUsed [D]

  1. Yes
  2. No

Q11: What is the state of your Brave Rewards wallet?

Brave.Rewards.WalletState [D] (ANDROID?)

  1. No wallet created
  2. Wallet created; no grants claimed; no funds added
  3. Wallet created; grant(s) claimed; no funds added
  4. Wallet created: no grants claimed; funds added
  5. Wallet created: grant(s) claimed; funds added
  6. Wallet disabled after having been created (Brave Rewards switched off)

Q12: How much BAT, excluding grants, is in your wallet?

Brave.Rewards.WalletBalance.2 [D] [A]

  1. No wallet created
  2. Rewards Disabled
  3. Less than 10 BAT (0-9), excluding grants
  4. 10-50 BAT, excluding grants
  5. Over 50 BAT, excluding grants~~

Q13: Have you made use of Auto-contribute in Brave Rewards?

Brave.Rewards.AutoContributionsState.2 [D] [A]

  1. No wallet created
  2. Rewards Disabled
  3. Wallet created, Auto-Contribute off
  4. Auto-contribute enabled, no contribution so far
  5. Auto-contribute enabled, one successful contribution so far
  6. Auto-contribute enabled, more than one successful contribution so far

Q14: Have you made use of tips within Brave Rewards?

Brave.Rewards.TipsState.2 [D] [A]

  1. No wallet created
  2. Rewards Disabled
  3. Wallet created, no tips sent
  4. Wallet created, one-time tip sent
  5. Wallet created, at least one monthly tip queued up or sent
  6. Wallet created, one-time sent and at least one monthly tip queued up or sent

Q15: Have you enabled sync?

Brave.Sync.Status [D]

  1. No
  2. Sync enabled with two devices
  3. Sync enabled more than two devices

Q16: How many extensions have you installed?

Brave.Core.NumberOfExtensions (only queried on program start) [D]

  1. None
  2. One extension
  3. Two to four extensions
  4. Five or more extensions

Q17: Have you enabled Brave Ads? [BROKEN]

Brave.Rewards.AdsState.2 [D] [A]

  1. No wallet created
  2. Rewards Disabled
  3. Wallet created, ads not enabled
  4. Wallet created and ads enabled
  5. Wallet created, ads enabled, then disabled, while Brave Rewards remains on
  6. Wallet created, ads enabled, then disabled, Brave Rewards disabled

Q18: How many questions the browser was able to answer within a week?

Brave.P3A.SentAnswersCount [D] [A]

  1. None
  2. Between 1 and 4
  3. Between 5 and 9
  4. 10 or more

Q19: How many times did you search last week?

Brave.Omnibox.SearchCount [D] Note: we count only omnibox events that trigger a search.

  1. Never
  2. 1 to 5 times
  3. 6 to 10 times
  4. 11 to 20 times
  5. 21 to 50 times
  6. 51 to 100 times
  7. 101 to 500 times
  8. More than 500 times

Q20: Which is your currently selected search engine?

Brave.Search.DefaultEngine.4 [D] [A]

  1. Other
  2. Google
  3. DuckDuckGo
  4. Startpage
  5. Bing
  6. Qwant
  7. Yandex
  8. Ecosia

Q21: How much data did Brave save you last week?

Note: this is based on a predictive algorithm running strictly client-side

Brave.Savings.BandwidthSavingsMB [D] [A]

  1. 0
  2. >0-50mb
  3. 51-100mb
  4. 101-200mb
  5. 201-400mb
  6. 401-700mb
  7. 701-1500mb
  8. more than 1501mb

Q22: Is crash reporting enabled?

Note: Records the corresponding preference ("Help improve Brave's features and performance ") state during a startup.

Brave.Core.CrashReportsEnabled [D] [A]

  1. no
  2. yes

Q23: Have you used SpeedReader?

Brave.SpeedReader.Enabled [D]

  1. Never Used
  2. Used but not recently (in reporting interval)
  3. Used within the last week

Q24: Number of times user clicked on SpeedReader button to toggle the feature?

Brave.SpeedReader.ToggleCount [D]

  1. 0
  2. 1-5
  3. 5-10
  4. 10-20
  5. 20-30
  6. 30+

Q25: On average, how many New Tab Pages did you create per day?

Brave.NTP.NewTabsCreated [D] [A]

  1. 0
  2. 1 to 3
  3. 4 to 8
  4. 9 to 20
  5. 21 to 50
  6. 51 to 100
  7. More than 100

Q26: Is the sponsored new tab page option enabled?

Brave.NTP.SponsoredImagesEnabled [D] [A]

  1. Disabled
  2. Enabled

Q27: On average, how many of the New Tab Pages you saw per day were sponsored?

Brave.NTP.SponsoredNewTabsCreated [D] [A]

  1. 0%
  2. > 0% and < 10%
  3. 10% to < 20%
  4. 20% to < 30%
  5. 30% to < 40%
  6. 40% to < 50%
  7. 50% or more

Q28: On the New Tab Page, did you click the Customize Settings icon?

Brave.NTP.CustomizeUsageStatus [D]

  1. No
  2. Yes, but I didn't make any changes
  3. Yes, and I did make a change

Q29: Is IPFS Companion installed?

Brave.IPFS.IPFSCompanionInstalled [D]

  1. No
  2. Yes

Q30: How many lifetime times are IPFS detection prompts shown without installing

Brave.IPFS.DetectionPromptCount [D]

  1. 0 times
  2. 1 time
  3. 2-5 times
  4. 5+ times or more

Q30: How does IPFS resolve ipfs/ipns protocol?

Brave.IPFS.GatewaySetting [D]

  1. Ask
  2. Gateway
  3. Local Node
  4. Disabled

Q31: How long did the daemon run?

Brave.IPFS.DaemonRunTime [D]

  1. 0-5min
  2. 5-60min
  3. 1h-24h
  4. 24h+

Q32: Have you ever used Brave Today?

Brave.Today.HasEverInteracted [D]

  1. Yes

Q33: How many times did you use Brave Today in the last week that Brave Today was used?*

Brave.Today.WeeklySessionCount [D]

  1. Never (won't ever be sent)
  2. Once
  3. 2-3 times
  4. 4-7 times
  5. 8-12 times
  6. 13-18 times
  7. 19-25 times
  8. 26+ times

Q34: How many articles did you visit (or read) in your largest article-reading session in the preceeding week of the last time you visited a Brave Today article?*

Brave.Today.WeeklyMaxCardVisitsCount [D]

  1. None (won't ever be sent)
  2. 1
  3. 2-3
  4. 4-6
  5. 7-10
  6. 11-15
  7. 16+

Q35: How many rows of articles did you view in your largest row-viewing session in the preceeding week of the last time you used Brave Today?*

Brave.Today.WeeklyMaxCardViewsCount [D]

  1. None (won't ever be sent)
  2. 1
  3. 2-4
  4. 5-12
  5. 13-20
  6. 21-40
  7. 41-80
  8. 81+

* Refers to the issue whereby stats won't be reset or updated if the corresponding feature is not used in the next time period.

Q36: Was reset sync progress marker procedure ever done?

Brave.Sync.ProgressTokenEverReset [D] [A]

  1. 0-Normal reset of progress marker due to 7th failure
  2. 1-Reset progress marker due to 7th failure happening twice in a row in less than 30 minutes

Q37: Are you a daily user of brave wallet?

Brave.Wallet.UsageDaily [D] [A]

  1. Yes
  2. No

Q38: Are you a weekly user of brave wallet?

Brave.Wallet.UsageWeekly [D] [A]

  1. Yes
  2. No

Q39: Are you a monthly user of brave wallet?

Brave.Wallet.UsageMonthly [D] [A]

  1. Yes
  2. No

Q40: Did you switch search engines this week, and if so from what to what?

Brave.Search.SwitchEngine [D] [A]

  1. No
  2. Yes, from Brave to Google
  3. Yes, from Brave to DuckDuckGo
  4. Yes, from Brave to Other
  5. Yes, from Google to Brave
  6. Yes, from DuckDuckGo to Brave
  7. Yes, from Other to Brave
  8. Yes, from Other to Other

Metrics Proposed/Under Development

Metrics in various states of development can be found in the brave-browser issue log with the feature/new-metric label: